Elevating Your Corporate Tax Knowledge in the UAE with Our Training Program

The UAE is all set to introduce a corporate tax on businesses with effect from 01 June 2023. Aimed at strengthening the economic structure of the country, all the business entities that earn a profit of AED 3,75,000 or more should pay tax at the rate of 9%. In the case of multinational companies, the rate of corporate tax is 15%.

Companies are seeking knowledgeable professionals for implementing the new tax regulations. Professionals with UAE corporate tax training in Dubai can expect great career prospects in the present scenario. Joining Your Own Academy for corporate tax training would be beneficial if you are looking for a career in the finance and tax sector.

We have given a brief about the UAE corporate tax training in Dubai, in this article. Those interested to join the course may give us a call. To obtain further details regarding the course, including the course schedule.

Who All Can Join UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai?

Personnel aspiring to join the financial sector may opt for corporate tax training. The qualification would be an added advantage while applying for jobs. Further, better career growth can be expected with the additional knowledge and skills you have.

The following professionals may join UAE corporate tax training in Dubai and elevate their corporate tax knowledge, as well as, gain an upper hand over the others from the profession:

  • Professionals working in the finance department of business firms.
  • Mid-level supervisory or managerial staff from the financial sector.
  • Personnel working in the audit department of companies that fall into the corporate tax regime.
  • Individuals aspiring to take up a career in the financial sector.

Even if you do not belong to any of the groups above, but want to join the course, you are most welcome. It would improve your knowledge regarding UAE corporate tax, which would be of great benefit if you plan to take up this career in the future.

Topics Covered in UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai

The UAE corporate tax training at Your Own, Dubai covers all the relevant aspects, including regulations and policies. The individual would be knowledgeable and efficient to handle the entire corporate tax requirements post the course.

The topics covered in UAE corporate tax training include:

  • Introduction to taxation, tax regimes, and tax-related policies.
  • Objectives of UAE corporate tax and relevant factors.
  • Scope of corporate tax.
  • Functionalities and authority of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the UAE.
  • How to file UAE corporate tax returns.
  • How to evaluate the tax liability
  • Computation of Alternative Minimum tax (AMT).
  • Judicial aspects of UAE corporate tax and related regulations.
  • Methods to limit tax liability and save on tax optimally exploring the legal means.
  • Practical sessions and tests to cement the concept into the candidate’s mind, besides enhancing the skills.

Why Your Own for UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai?

Your Own has been the top academy offering different professional courses and training. Our UAE corporate tax training in Dubai follows a formulated coaching process. The features that make us the best coaching institute in Dubai include:

  • Systematic training program derived after a diligent study.
  • Experts with years of experience in the field for teaching each subject.
  • A comprehensive coaching program that would help the students and professionals understand everything about the UAE corporate tax.
  • Practical sessions to enhance confidence and train students on different scenarios.
  • The personnel will be able to shoulder higher responsibilities subsequent to the course. Paving the way for career growth for them.

The candidates will be capable of handling everything related to corporate tax post successful completion of the course. We are proud to have provided UAE corporate tax training in Dubai for professionals from leading firms, multinational companies, and commercial enterprises.

You may get in touch with us for joining the next batch of UAE corporate tax training in Dubai. For more info, call us now.

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