What are the job opportunities after the completion of the IATA course in Dubai?

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada- the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a global trade organization for air transport. With over 250 member airlines in both passenger and cargo sector- this association leads, represents and serves the aviation industry. Apart from this, the association also runs several courses in the field of travel and tourism which are globally accepted and give an added advantage while in search of job opportunities. An IATA-certified professional can claim employment at the front line or entry-level operations of airlines and travel agencies across the world.

Employment opportunities after the completion of IATA Courses in Dubai

IATA qualified professionals have enormous employment opportunities even at the entry-level and airlines and travel agencies’ front level operations. Once you complete an IATA Course in Dubai from a renowned IATA Training institute in Dubai like YourOwn, it is easy for you to grab a job as ground handling staff, travel agency officer, airline city office representative, reservation and ticketing officer, international ticketing officer, and more. The Graduates and postgraduates who complete the IATA course in Dubai from YourOwn can directly enter mid-level management and choose job roles as operations manager, billing and settlement officer, travel agency manager, etc. Highly efficient professionals can rake in salary up to Rs 2,00,000 per month depending on their performance and capability.

The IATA Course structure in Dubai by YourOwn contains a broad range of topics that educates students about the benefits of ascending customers’ expectations and equips them with practical knowledge about the industry. Professionals by equipping themselves with extensive knowledge after getting trained in the course can widen their professional scope in several other domains namely Airlines, Ticketing Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines, Tour Operators, Car Rentals, and Hotels. The global acceptance of the IATA Training Course makes it the most sought after course for professionals who are aspiring to climb professional ladders in the travel and tourism industry.

IATA Courses in Dubai by YourOwn

The aspirants who like to build a strong career in the travel and tourism industry should also choose the right institute which inculcates all the basic and advanced knowledge about the industry. That’s where IATA Courses in Dubai by YourOwn plays a major role, apart from the curriculum-based course structure, the IATA training experts at YourOwn equips the students with deep knowledge of the English language and do a specialised personality training session. YourOwn offers IATA Courses in Dubai both online and offline.

Scope and job opportunities of UAE labor law training course in Dubai

The new Labor Law which concerns the regulation of labor relations came into effect on 2 February 2022. Though it is the first of its type of amendment that has been brought into the Labor law since its establishment in 1980, the New Law and the Executive Regulations will not apply to employment relations in the Dubai International Financial Center or the Abu Dhabi Global Market as they have their labor law regimes.

The establishment of the new law and the ever-evolving workplace culture makes it very important to large, small businesses and even start-ups to be experts in UAE Labour Law. With an objective to educate the executives and business owners with the changed regulations, YourOwn Education offers UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai.

YourOwn’s UAE Labor Law Training Course in Dubai helps the professionals to understand deep knowledge in the fundamental principles of UAE Labor Law, key articles of the labor laws of the UAE, and the regulatory and enforcement trends at the Ministry of Labor. UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai by YourOwn helps in attaining a better understanding of the employment disputes and the resolution process involved through the local court from the Ministry of Labour.

UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai by YourOwn provides the professionals with in-depth knowledge about different government organizations namely Tas-heel, Taw-teen, Amer, Visa-Medical, Taw-jeeh etc. With the in-depth knowledge and skills acquired through the UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai by YourOwn- professionals can exhibit advanced professional talents and strategies which will help them to obtain a unique positioning among the other professionals of their level. Thinking of who can enroll for the UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai? HR Managers, Project Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Legal Managers, CAs, CFAs, Accountants, managing the contractors and contract laborers, and managers handling contract and implementation etc. With the labor law certificate course in Dubai by YourOwn, the candidates get high job opportunities to work with top-level companies in Dubai.

In short, by pursuing YourOwn’s UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai one can expect to attain deeper knowledge and expertise in labor, industrial and employment laws, Obtain an accurate understanding of contemporary perspectives in the existing and upcoming laws, Expand the skill set to interpret the Law in a suitable way to resolve day to day issues, and more.

Know Everything about IATA Courses in Dubai

There is rarely anyone in this world who doesn’t want to pursue a career in the aviation and travel industry, and the courses offered by International Air Transport Association abbreviated as the IATA courses in Dubai will let you explore your passion which will turn into a career opportunity for you.

The International Air Transport Association is a global trade organization for air transport and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It runs several courses in the travel and tourism sector which are internationally recognized globally. Because of this global acceptance, the professional who has an IATA recognized and accredited course certificate can easily earn a job at the front line or entry-level operations of airlines and travel agencies around the world. The IATA courses in Dubai by YourOwn Education- which are one of the most trusted prominent institutes which offer IATA courses in Dubai would add some extra merits to your resume. 

Few of the IATA course in Dubai offered by YourOwn includes,

  1. Foundation course in travel and tourism
  2. Diploma in travel and tourism consultant
  3. Diploma in Advanced Cargo rating
  4. IATA Aviation Security Awareness
  5. Air Cargo Advanced Marketing Course
  6. Airport Operations Fundamentals
  7. Airline Revenue Management

One of the major benefits offered by IATA courses in Dubai by YourOwn offers enormous job and career opportunities to aviation students. Once the candidates get the IATA accredited certificate they can work with Domestic and International Airlines. The candidates can also choose to work at the Reservation Desk, as airport check-in staff, in Airline Offices across the world. They have vast job options in multi-national travel companies, Travel Agencies, tour operators, and more.

The IATA course in Dubai by YourOwn makes the students eligible for worldwide recognition. The IATA courses in Dubai by YourOwn also offer the students rewarding careers which in turn give them glamorous and luxurious high paying jobs. They have endless scope to grow and also get to travel and work with global offices of the airlines. It also helps you in availing of special offers or discounts for their family members while travelling. Aspiring entrepreneurs can start a business venture of their own with the experience they garnered all over the world.

What makes YourOwn’s IATA Courses in Dubai Unique?

  • Well Structured classroom training up to 60 hours covering the entire syllabus depending on the course
  • Full-time IATA Certified and Industry Experienced instructors
  • Online and On-site classes
  • Regular practice tests
  • Personalized doubt clearing sessions with the Trainer
  • Mock tests
  • Pass guarantee (based on full-attendance)
  • Free seminars and workshops by industry experts
  • Free CV Writing and Interview Technique Classes

IELTS Academic vs IELTS General Tests: What are the differences?

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is one of the major and the golden standard tests for English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. It is accepted by academic institutions and several professional organisations across the globe. There are two formats of the IELTS exam namely called IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The Academic version of IELTS is for those test takers who want to study at the tertiary level in an English-speaking country or are planning to seek professional registration. The General Training version of the IELTS exam is for test-takers who are planning to work, train, study at a secondary school or want to migrate to an English-speaking country.

The Academic version of the IELTS exam and the General Training version of the IELTS exam are similar in format but vary in content in the Writing and Reading sections of the test.

Purpose of General Training IELTS vs Academic IELTS

As mentioned above, the Academic IELTS exam is for potential university students who are intending to apply for admission to universities and other academic programs where English is the medium of instruction. At the same time, those professionals and job applicants may also have to provide scores for the Academic IELTS exam.

General Training IELTS Course is considered by those potential candidates who are planning to study, work or train or intend to migrate to an English-speaking country like Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK.


Both the Academic and General Training exam have four parts namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. Both versions of the IELTS course have the same general format where the candidate’s English writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills are tested separately.

In the Academic and General Training IELTS exam, Writing and Reading tests are different. The Academic IELTS exam will include topics that are suited for anyone who is planning to do higher studies and enter into a university or any other professional institution. The General Training IELTS exam will include topics that are built on general interest and the candidates are tested on everyday use of the English language, where the content and questions are focused on workplace and social situations.

Another difference between the Academic and General IELTS exam versions is the way that they’ve scored. IELTS Listening, Speaking, and Writing are scored the same way on both IELTS exams. But IELTS Reading, which represents a full 25% of the candidate’s score, is rated very differently on IELTS academic vs. IELTS general training.

Planning for IELTS Training in Dubai? YourOwn Education provides the best online and offline IELTS Training in Dubai. The well experienced IELTS training experts at YourOwn who boasts of a high success rate provides extensive IELTS training which helps you in getting top scores. The IELTS course offered by YourOwn helps the candidates’ specially designed study schedule which helps you crack the IELTS exam in the first attempt. YourOwn offers IELTS Courses at an affordable fee.