Job opportunities on completing IATA Cargo Introductory Diploma

IATA offers courses for different jobs in the air travel sector. The aviation industry has been on the path of growth for the past couple of decades. Even though the pandemic slowed down the development, the industry rebound with added energy. The number of air passengers has been increasing rapidly worldwide. Similarly, the air cargo sector has also been registering growth, with more people opting for it.

It is estimated that more than 50 million tons of air cargo are shipped every year. The air cargo industry assures great career opportunities to candidates aspiring to join the sector. IATA courses in Dubai are the first step if you want to try your hands in the field. There are various courses for the candidates to choose from, including the IATA cargo introductory diploma.

What Does IATA Cargo Introductory Diploma Course Comprise?

Your Own has been the top institution that provides IATA courses in Dubai. Other than the IATA cargo introductory diploma course, we have also been delivering other courses offered by IATA. The IATA cargo course comprises all the topics related to air cargo operations including:

  • A comprehensive study of the air cargo sector
  • Rules and regulations guiding the air cargo industry
  • Procedures for different types of air cargo operations
  • How freight forwarders function
  • What are the processes undertaken by cargo units

IATA Cargo Introductory Diploma Course Format

It follows the processes of almost all the other IATA courses in Dubai. The IATA cargo introductory diploma course format is:

  • The candidate can use both printed and online study materials, as comfortable, for undergoing the course.
  • The enrolment validity for the course is twelve months. That means the aspirant should complete the course within twelve months from the date of registration. Amplifying the necessity to join a proven academy for IATA courses in Dubai.
  • The candidate must qualify for the exam at the end of the course to get the certificate.
  • The IATA cargo introductory diploma course is recognized across the world. Therefore, the candidate with the qualification can opt for a job at the location of his or her choice.

Benefits of IATA Cargo Introductory Diploma

The IATA cargo introductory diploma is a well-formulated course. We have been offering this course as well as other IATA courses in Dubai. Making Your Own the number one in the field.

The benefits of the IATA cargo course are:

  • A worldwide recognized course, it presents a great career opportunity.
  • The high standard of training in IATA courses in Dubai works in favor of the students. Those with the subject qualification are opted for by airline and air cargo firms.
  • The student will receive a keen knowledge of the air cargo terms, rules, regulations, procedures, and processes. Helping him or her to perform excellently in the field.
  • The candidate with the qualification would be well aware of the aviation terminologies, abbreviations, geography, air cargo-related aspects, principles, and so on.
  • The IATA courses in Dubai would strengthen the person to perform the duties diligently. And to shoulder greater responsibilities. Paving the way for career progression.

IATA Cargo Introductory Diploma Syllabus

The syllabus of the IATA cargo introductory course is:

  • Operations at cargo agencies and freight forwarders
  • Procedures pursued by the airline industry for acceptance, scheduling, and transportation of cargo
  • Air cargo rating principles and guidelines
  • Airway bill preparation and relevant factors
  • Air cargo industry-related principles, abbreviation, and terms
  • Geography, TACT, OAG, and other cargo manuals, booklets, and directives

You may talk to us if you are dreaming to join the highly promising aviation sector. We offer all the IATA courses in Dubai including IATA cargo introductory diploma. For more info on this course, call us now.

Elevating Your Corporate Tax Knowledge in the UAE with Our Training Program

The UAE is all set to introduce a corporate tax on businesses with effect from 01 June 2023. Aimed at strengthening the economic structure of the country, all the business entities that earn a profit of AED 3,75,000 or more should pay tax at the rate of 9%. In the case of multinational companies, the rate of corporate tax is 15%.

Companies are seeking knowledgeable professionals for implementing the new tax regulations. Professionals with UAE corporate tax training in Dubai can expect great career prospects in the present scenario. Joining Your Own Academy for corporate tax training would be beneficial if you are looking for a career in the finance and tax sector.

We have given a brief about the UAE corporate tax training in Dubai, in this article. Those interested to join the course may give us a call. To obtain further details regarding the course, including the course schedule.

Who All Can Join UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai?

Personnel aspiring to join the financial sector may opt for corporate tax training. The qualification would be an added advantage while applying for jobs. Further, better career growth can be expected with the additional knowledge and skills you have.

The following professionals may join UAE corporate tax training in Dubai and elevate their corporate tax knowledge, as well as, gain an upper hand over the others from the profession:

  • Professionals working in the finance department of business firms.
  • Mid-level supervisory or managerial staff from the financial sector.
  • Personnel working in the audit department of companies that fall into the corporate tax regime.
  • Individuals aspiring to take up a career in the financial sector.

Even if you do not belong to any of the groups above, but want to join the course, you are most welcome. It would improve your knowledge regarding UAE corporate tax, which would be of great benefit if you plan to take up this career in the future.

Topics Covered in UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai

The UAE corporate tax training at Your Own, Dubai covers all the relevant aspects, including regulations and policies. The individual would be knowledgeable and efficient to handle the entire corporate tax requirements post the course.

The topics covered in UAE corporate tax training include:

  • Introduction to taxation, tax regimes, and tax-related policies.
  • Objectives of UAE corporate tax and relevant factors.
  • Scope of corporate tax.
  • Functionalities and authority of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the UAE.
  • How to file UAE corporate tax returns.
  • How to evaluate the tax liability
  • Computation of Alternative Minimum tax (AMT).
  • Judicial aspects of UAE corporate tax and related regulations.
  • Methods to limit tax liability and save on tax optimally exploring the legal means.
  • Practical sessions and tests to cement the concept into the candidate’s mind, besides enhancing the skills.

Why Your Own for UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai?

Your Own has been the top academy offering different professional courses and training. Our UAE corporate tax training in Dubai follows a formulated coaching process. The features that make us the best coaching institute in Dubai include:

  • Systematic training program derived after a diligent study.
  • Experts with years of experience in the field for teaching each subject.
  • A comprehensive coaching program that would help the students and professionals understand everything about the UAE corporate tax.
  • Practical sessions to enhance confidence and train students on different scenarios.
  • The personnel will be able to shoulder higher responsibilities subsequent to the course. Paving the way for career growth for them.

The candidates will be capable of handling everything related to corporate tax post successful completion of the course. We are proud to have provided UAE corporate tax training in Dubai for professionals from leading firms, multinational companies, and commercial enterprises.

You may get in touch with us for joining the next batch of UAE corporate tax training in Dubai. For more info, call us now.

Taking Your Facility Management Skills to the Next Level with Our Course.

Facility management is a vital requirement for every organization. The facility manager and the efficient team under him or she maintains equipment, undertake servicing needs, plan the relevant activities, and upkeep the premises with the help of a specific team. The FM must have a keen focus on the schedule and should maintain it methodically.

Nowadays, facility management uses advanced software solutions. For planning, scheduling, implementing, and other associated activities. The FM field has been a promising sector with phenomenal job prospects. Facility management courses in Dubai, under a known academy, can open the gateway to opportunity for you.  

Firms, companies, and organizations look for individuals with a positive perspective to handle their FM divisions. Since a well-maintained organization is the first thing to attract a client. Our facility management course in Dubai has been instrumental in shaping the future of many youngsters. Hence, you may reach out to us if you are aspiring to pursue a career in facility management.

Benefits of Facility Management Course in Dubai

Whether you opt for a facility management course in Dubai at our institution or any other place, it offers several benefits. However, make sure that you choose the right academy, with a credible image, for the course. The center where you qualify for the facility management course also matters when it comes to job opportunities.

The benefits of facility management courses in Dubai include:

  1.  Leadership Traits, Attitude, and Skills: Leadership trait is the first thing a facility manager should possess. He or she would be leading a team of professionals from different sections. Different qualifications and expertise, ambiguities, and rifts may arise among them. The FM should handle the men and maintain harmony for working forward as a team. The facility management course and training will offer guidance and practical classes for inducing leadership traits, attitudes, and skills in the candidate.
  2. Certifications and Experience: The facility manager is expected to take up responsibility and go ahead strongly. The overall productivity of the organization depends on how efficiently the FM team maintains it. Excluding a micro minority, others may not have the talent to render effective support to the organization. That is where the facility management course in Dubai comes in. The course would make the person capable enough to manage a team and do the needful for the organization. The certification, subsequent to the course, proves the individual’s abilities.  
  3. Usage of Technology: Technology has infiltrated every sector. You cannot imagine any field surviving without the support of digital technology. The arrival and availability of state-of-the-art digital solutions have transformed the FM sector too. Now it is quite convenient to handle manpower, schedule tasks, assign duties, and plan activities. Nonetheless, individuals need requisite training and practice for exploring technology optimally. The facility management course in Dubai, at Your Own, has specific sections for the same.
  4. Practical Training: A person needs to undergo necessary practical training to perform his or her duties efficiently. It may not be possible for an individual to deliver the best service without having practical knowledge. That is why the concept of the internship was introduced. Similarly, the facility manager would need real practice for undertaking the duties and performing the responsibilities. The top academies offering facility management courses in Dubai have practical training included in the course program.

Once you have undergone the course and obtained the qualification, you will be confident enough to manage any quantum of work. Therefore, you can approach any organization or company for a job. An efficient and capable facility manager can expect great status and career growth.

You may talk to us if you are looking for a facility management course in Dubai. We can help you with the best course on facility management.

Becoming a Credit Documentary Specialist: Why the Certificate Matters

The CDCS certification has been creating waves among international trade practitioners. Developed by the London Institute of Banking and Finance in association with experts from the trading sector, the CDCS Certification (Certificate for Credit Documentary Specialists) has become a yardstick for the competence of professionals from the field. The International Chamber of Commerce is a partner in the management of the training and certification.

Now you can get the best CDCS training in Dubai, under expert professionals having in-depth knowledge in the field. Those with CDCS certification are silently stating their skills and understanding of trading and related aspects. An intricate sector that necessitates analytical competence and assessment capabilities, documentary credit specialists are sought after by firms globally.

Key Areas Focused During CDCS Certification Program

CDCS training in Dubai at Your Own, the leading coaching center for CDCS, will strengthen your capabilities and opt for the job confidently. The core areas covered in the CDCS curriculum include:

  • Types, characteristics, and other relevant data about documentary credit.
  • Lessons on standby credits.
  • Incoterms, rules, trade terms, and other associated concepts.
  • Roles, responsibilities, and obligations of parties involved in documentary credit transactions.
  • Risk analysis, probability of risks, types of risks involved in credit transactions, methodologies to alleviate risks, etc.
  • After-effects of rules breaking and antisocial activities like money laundering and financing terrorists.·        
  • Comprehensive coaching of documentation.

You would be a thorough professional after the successful completion of CDCS training in Dubai.

Benefits of CDCS Certification

CDCS certification offers matchless benefits for those in this profession, as well as, to the aspirants desiring to enter the documentary credit transaction sector. The benefits of CDCS training in Dubai and CDCS certification include:

  • CDCS certification allows suffixing “CDCS” to the name. This states the knowledge and skills the person has, as a professional in the field.
  • The certification offers growth prospects professionally.
  • CDCS-licensed professionals are assets to banks, financial institutions, and other relevant firms. They can attract potential clients with professionals having CDCS certification. This enhances the job prospects of candidates with the qualification.
  • Application of knowledge and skills at the right time in the right manner is the ability CDCS-certified professionals possess.
  • Optimal performance from the professionals with CDCS certification helps firms to grow abundantly. Hence, they are desirous of getting such specialists on their team. Boosting job opportunities worldwide.       
  • CDCS training in Dubai helps in risk assessment, risk management, risk aversion, and risk handling.

Why Should You Get CDCS Certification?

CDCS certification is the gateway to a highly prospective career. In the world of growing risks and complicated credit trading scenarios, every firm in the field is looking for qualified and certified CDCS professionals.

The key takeaways of undergoing CDCS training in Dubai, at prominent like Your Own, are:

  • Expertise as a competitive documentary credit score specialist.
  • Deep knowledge of the complex elements of documentary credit score.
  • Updated data and info on credit transactions.
  • Exhibit the skills and talent you have as a documentary credit specialist.
  • Apply the knowledge you have acquired in the right manner, to aid the firm in growth.
  • Recognize the possible risks and undertake corrective measures accordingly.
  • Management and handling of documentary credit transactions and deals methodically. Besides identifying discrepancies and irregularities.      
  • Enhance functional knowledge and shoulder higher responsibilities. Thus earning an essential identity in the firm.

The Conclusion

The basic factor you need to consider is the institute you choose for CDCS training in Dubai, as it has an undeniable role in developing you into a keen skilled professional. You need to pick the right academy for CDCS certification.

For more guidance regarding CDCS training in Dubai and CDCS certification, contact us now.   

IELTS Test Preparation: How to know your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Scoring a grade of 7+ in the IELTS exam necessitates methodical preparation, along with an optimistic attitude. Studying and memorizing will not be sufficient when it comes to this intricate exam. IELTS preparation you undergo must be a systematic one with a focus on the core elements. Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses can make way for a productive IELTS exam preparation.

The academies that provide IELTS training in Dubai are supposed to look into this aspect. They should assess each student and evaluate his or her capabilities. Just providing a generic training program may not be enough. By rendering tailored IELTS training in Dubai and proper feedback for ensuring improvement, Your Own became one of the most successful IELTS coaching centers in Dubai.

How to Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Finding one’s strengths and weaknesses is not an easy task. As we would be blind to our flaws most of the time. Especially in the case of the IELTS exam. A general presumption on this may not be correct most of the time. A definite assessment is necessary for productive IELTS preparation. Of course, experienced teachers offering IELTS preparation in Dubai can help with recognizing your strong areas and flaws. You may also try to find the strengths and flaws.

1. Sit, relax, and contemplate how your mind feels about the IELTS exam. How was your approach during IELTS preparation? Were you concerned during the preparation of any of the specific sections? Did you feel confident with any of the areas?

The test sections in which you felt concerned are your weak areas. And in which you felt confident are your strengths. This is the generic analysis you can derive.

2. What is your score on the practice tests? The score during the practice sessions and mock tests can be considered a tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses. The coaching centers providing IELTS coaching, Dubai also use this as a yardstick to formulate further coaching of the student.

If the performance is down due to a lack of enough IELTS preparation, you may attempt a mock test after sufficient preparation next time. The grades are low even after necessary preparation, it means just only one thing; you are weak in that section.

3. Is the IELTS preparation going smoothly? Is any particular test of the IELTS exam worrying you more than the others? Are you disinterested in the preparation of a specific test section (s)? Students lack interest in the subject or test section when he or she is weak in that one.

Hence, this is a direct indication of your weakness. Allocating more time to the preparation of that section would be highly effective. Furthermore, you may discuss the issue with the tutors providing IELTS training in Dubai. They can offer tips and tricks to overcome this dilemma.

How to Go Ahead About IELTS Preparation?

The IELTS exam comprises four tests viz. IELTS Speaking, IELTS Writing, IELTS Reading, and IELTS Listening. The exam is formulated in such a way as to evaluate the English proficiency of the candidate meticulously. Therefore, memorizing things will not be effective, if you are desiring to score a grade above 7.

The methods you can use for the preparation of each section of the IELTS exam are:

 IELTS Speaking: A person’s confidence and language proficiency are reflected in the way he or she speaks. The IELTS speaking test is for analyzing how fluently the individual can converse and how efficiently the person can convey ideas. The methods for IELTS speaking test preparation include:

  •  Improve word power by reading more English books, listening to conversations, etc.
  • Prepare by talking in front of a mirror. Avoid unwanted body language that may come up while speaking.
  • Guidance during IELTS training in Dubai would be helpful for improving English speaking skills.

IELTS Writing: IELTS Writing test necessitates you to prepare by writing more and more. The flow of information and the way ideas are shared are important. The known IELTS training centers in Dubai use exclusive methods for IELTS writing test preparation.

  • Write more on different topics 
  • Practice writing tests as much as possible

IELTS Reading: Fast reading can help you in scoring well on the reading test in the IELTS exam. There are no ways, other than reading more and more, for preparing for this test.

  •  Read more and grasp ideas with a single reading
  • Read on different subjects

IELTS Listening: IELTS listening can be improved by watching more English movies and shows, and undergoing methodical IELTS training, Dubai.

  • Try to understand the core concept discussed
  • Make a mental note of important points
  • Practice listening more

For more help on IELTS exam preparation, contact us now.