How YourOwn became the Best IATA Training Institute in Dubai

If you are someone who aspires to travel around the globe as part of your job, then IATA Courses can help you choose the best career option. The International Air Transport Association or IATA- the global trade organization for air transport headquartered in Montreal in Canada provides a broad range of courses in travel and tourism. The IATA-certified courses offered by IATA are accredited and honored by all the airlines and travel offices across the world.

Several institutes offer IATA Courses in Dubai. YourOwn Education stands out for the unique proposition they offer students.

Let us see some of the top courses IATA Courses in Dubai offered by

Foundation course in travel and tourism- This course is perfect for students who are keen on acquiring deep knowledge in travel and tourism, for airline reservation agents, for tour operators, and sales and marketing staff of travel agencies. The course duration is 177 hours.

Diploma in travel and tourism consultant- The course is designed for travel and tourism Graduates, travel agents, reservations, and salespersons, and the duration of this course is 154 hours.

Upon the completion of the course, you will be to consult on international travel and Tourism destinations provide advice on travel and tourism products; interpret IATA resolutions that apply to accredited travel agencies, etc.

Apart from this YourOwn offers courses namely Travel Sales & Operations Diploma, Passenger Ground services, IATA cargo Introductory Diploma, and more.

How YourOwn became the Best IATA Training Institute in Dubai

IATA-certified courses from YourOwn allow a candidate to work in any part of the world. The Courses offered which are taught by well-experienced teaching faculties at YourOwn lay a strong foundation and in-depth knowledge and insights into the tourism and the travel industry.

The IATA certification courses in Dubai by YourOwn help the students to broaden their will professional scope in different domains like hotels, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, airlines, ticketing travel agencies, car rentals, etc.

The IATA courses in Dubai by YourOwn cover IATA city codes, World geography, Flight bookings, and PNR creations, Airfare, and ticketing fare constructions, Facilitation management. Within a short period of time, YourOwn has risen to become one of the sought-after IATA training institutes in Dubai. What makes YourOwn unique is the teaching methods and the individual attention given to the students. Apart from providing deep knowledge about the travel and tourism industry, YourOwn takes a special interest in inculcating English speaking skills.

What makes YourOwn unique?

  • Well Structured classroom training up to 60 hours covering the entire syllabus depending on the course
  • Full-time IATA Certified and Industry Experienced instructors
  • Online and On-site classes
  • Regular practice tests
  • Personalized doubt clearing sessions with the Trainer
  • Mock tests
  • Free seminars and workshops by industry experts

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How do you score 8 bands in IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is regarded as one of the widely acknowledged international standardized tests of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers across the globe. It is managed jointly by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English. IELTS is an imperative eligibility condition set by English-speaking countries to permit international immigrants and students in their respective countries. IELTS is accepted by most academic institutions in Australian, British, Canadian, European, Irish, and New Zealand and over 3,000 academic institutions in the United States. It is accepted by various professional organizations across the world. The English language proficiency of the non-native English speakers is tested by measuring their ability to perform in four sections namely writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills. The IELTS is categorized on a scale of 0-9. Important to note that the students get separate scores for all four categories, and then the total IELTS score is calculated taking the average of all these scores. Attaining a band of 8 in IELTS simply substantiates that the applicant has a good hold on the English language and is an expert. This will help them in securing admission to the desired educational institutions or working or settling abroad in English Speaking Countries.

If you keep in mind the below points and IELTS training in Dubai from a renowned institute like YourOwn, scoring an 8 band in IELTS is a cakewalk.

Develop the English Vocabulary

The foundation of IELTS exams lies in the advanced usage of a broad range of vocabulary. Having a strong grasp of the English vocabulary in reading, speaking, and writing is always an advantage of IELTS aspirants who are planning to crack the 8-band score. It is an added advantage when it comes to the reading segment which makes use of a wide variety of words, the understanding of content and answering the questions that will follow is only can be achieved if you have a stronghold on the vocabulary and take special efforts in mastering it.

Possessing poor vocabulary will lead to confusion regarding the content which will dampen the confidence. Working persistently on the vocabulary is one way to achieve the 8-band score.

Those candidates who are not confident with their vocabulary skills can enroll themselves in IELTS Coaching in Dubai by YourOwn. The IELTS Training Courses in Dubai by YourOwn helps the students to polish their English Language skills and the beginners will be provided special attention to crack the desired score to success. YourOwn is considered as one of the best IELTS training institutes in Dubai for the consistent success acquired by the students.

Develop and understand English Grammar

Another important factor that will evaluate the success of an IELTS aspirant as the vocabulary is their proficiency in English Grammar. If an aspirant is well-versed with the English Grammatical usage, then cracking the 8-band score is an easy task for them. One can crack the writing segment easily with a good hold on English grammar. Having extensive knowledge in English Grammar can also help the aspirants while attempting the Reading and Listening sections. One will be able to understand the fundamental sentence structure and meaning conveyed most effortlessly.

As one of the best IELTS training institutes in Dubai, YourOwn Provides the best IELT Coaching in Dubai. The language experts at YourOwn help the students develop English Language skills which provide them with better and vast career opportunities. The mock tests conducted at YourOwn help the students to get a fair idea about the IELTS examinations which will enhance their skills to crack the 8-band score.

Is digital marketing a good career option in Dubai?

Digital Marketing is one of the rapidly growing and evolving career options. The internet penetration growth which has led to the growth of online streaming platforms and linear TV has forced the brands to shift from traditional advertising to digital marketing. Digital Marketing brings advertisements to the consumer’s mobile or computer screens which include email marketing, blogging, online banner advertising, social media marketing, video marketing, etc.

There are several career options you can explore in Digital Marketing. YourOwn offers Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai which helps the students to adapt to the concerned role and importance of digital marketing in a rapidly changing business landscape. The Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai by YourOwn also help the students to understand the critical elements of a digital marketing strategy and illustrate the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign.

Let’s talk about the career options one can choose after the completion of Digital Marketing Courses in  Dubai from YourOwn institute.

Digital Marketing Manager- the prime role is to plan, develop, implement, and head the all-inclusive Digital Marketing strategy of an organization. The national average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in the UAE  is AED 25K which will vary depending on the experience of the candidate.

SEO Specialist- The key responsibilities that have to be performed by an SEO Specialist after the completion of Digital Marketing Courses in  Dubai from YourOwn institute include analyzing, suggesting, implementing, and reviewing changes to the website of an organization and that it is optimized for search engines. Their other key responsibilities include implementing keyword research strategies, maintaining performance reports, and more.

Search Engine Marketer ensured that the organization is given the right kind of exposure to its prospective customers on search engines. Their responsibilities include the promotion of the company website’s visibility through the means of paid search, contextual advertising, organic search rankings, and other ways.

On completion of Digital Marketing Course in Dubai by YourOwn, one can take up jobs like Social Media Marketer, Web Analyst or Data Analyst, Content Marketer, Email Marketer, etc.

This Digital Marketing course in Dubai by YourOwn will help you to get equipped with the entire  Digital Marketing universe. YourOwn’s Digital Marketing course in Dubai helps the students to be expert digital marketers and also become an expert in the top digital marketing domains namely search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing.

Accelerate your career in digital marketing today with Digital Marketing Course in Dubai by YourOwn.

Best Spoken English Classes in Dubai

English is a universal language, from science to aviation to diplomacy to tourism, it is used everywhere on a daily basis. Being an expert in English upsurges the probabilities of getting a good job in a multinational company within the home country or of finding work abroad in places like Dubai. If you are planning to get into the next level of your career growth, the English language is inevitable for this purpose.

Lack of knowledge in the English language should never stop you from dreaming about a secured career in a foreign country. Learn English at your own pace through YourOwn’s Spoken English Classes in Dubai. There is a myth that English is a very difficult language to grasp and master, but through the Best-Spoken English Classes in Dubai offered by YourOwn, one can effectively speak and write in English.

Spoken English Course is required by students, parents, professionals, blue-collar working force and anyone interested to communicate in English. YourOwn Institute offers different levels of English classes according to the student requirements. The language experts at YourOwn- the Best-Spoken English Classes in Dubai conducts an extensive assessment of the student’s current level of English Speaking and Writing skills before suggesting the Course level.

 As one of the Best-Spoken English Classes in Dubai, YourOwn offers three levels of Spoken English Classes in Dubai- the primary level which is offered for the students who are unable to speak or understand the basic English language. During this course, the students are taught the language in the most systematic and practical methods. The duration of this Spoken English Class in Dubai is 8 weeks.

The level 2 or intermediate level Spoken English Classes in Dubai are for students who speak English at an intermediate level. During these Spoken English Classes in Dubai, students will be taught conversational skills in a very systematic and practical way with a lot of group discussion with pre-decided situations. The duration of this Best- Spoken English class in Dubai is 8 weeks.

Level 3 also known as Advanced Conversation or Business Conversation  Spoken English in Dubai is and requires you to interact with business people and native speakers. This will cover the advanced vocabulary and speaking skills. Various situations in management will be covered as case studies and group discussions. Presentations will be conducted on management case studies.

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