Is digital marketing a good career option in Dubai?

Digital Marketing is one of the rapidly growing and evolving career options. The internet penetration growth which has led to the growth of online streaming platforms and linear TV has forced the brands to shift from traditional advertising to digital marketing. Digital Marketing brings advertisements to the consumer’s mobile or computer screens which include email marketing, blogging, online banner advertising, social media marketing, video marketing, etc.

There are several career options you can explore in Digital Marketing. YourOwn offers Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai which helps the students to adapt to the concerned role and importance of digital marketing in a rapidly changing business landscape. The Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai by YourOwn also help the students to understand the critical elements of a digital marketing strategy and illustrate the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign.

Let’s talk about the career options one can choose after the completion of Digital Marketing Courses in  Dubai from YourOwn institute.

Digital Marketing Manager- the prime role is to plan, develop, implement, and head the all-inclusive Digital Marketing strategy of an organization. The national average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in the UAE  is AED 25K which will vary depending on the experience of the candidate.

SEO Specialist- The key responsibilities that have to be performed by an SEO Specialist after the completion of Digital Marketing Courses in  Dubai from YourOwn institute include analyzing, suggesting, implementing, and reviewing changes to the website of an organization and that it is optimized for search engines. Their other key responsibilities include implementing keyword research strategies, maintaining performance reports, and more.

Search Engine Marketer ensured that the organization is given the right kind of exposure to its prospective customers on search engines. Their responsibilities include the promotion of the company website’s visibility through the means of paid search, contextual advertising, organic search rankings, and other ways.

On completion of Digital Marketing Course in Dubai by YourOwn, one can take up jobs like Social Media Marketer, Web Analyst or Data Analyst, Content Marketer, Email Marketer, etc.

This Digital Marketing course in Dubai by YourOwn will help you to get equipped with the entire  Digital Marketing universe. YourOwn’s Digital Marketing course in Dubai helps the students to be expert digital marketers and also become an expert in the top digital marketing domains namely search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing.

Accelerate your career in digital marketing today with Digital Marketing Course in Dubai by YourOwn.

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