A Quick Facility Management Guide for Beginners

This quick Facility Management (FM) guide for beginners is intended for giving you an overview of the field. It would be useful for those who want to explore this promising field or firms looking to implement facility management divisions. At the same time, facility management courses in Dubai would be important if you want to take up a job in the sector.

Let’s begin the topic with the basic thing, what is facility management?

Facility management is the division that looks after the complete maintenance, servicing, and day-to-day requirements of an organization. The facility manager or the facility management team is responsible for monitoring and handling everything including servicing of equipment, maintenance of defective items, monitoring of workforce and assigning them with duties, administrative support to the company, and maintaining the record of employees under him/ her.

The facility manager would focus on improving the productivity of the team, ensuring the premises are well kept and all the hygienic conditions are properly monitored. Facility management courses in Dubai would train and educate the subtle elements and theories of facility management. It would enable the aspirants to shoulder responsibilities that would offer a prospective career path.

Why Facility Management is Important?

Facility Management creates an atmosphere conducive to functioning. The employees from different departments in the organization can work without bothering about the servicing and maintenance of the components. They simply have to report the defect if any equipment or accessory becomes defective prematurely.

FM would help the company to present itself in the best light to the client. A properly maintained and tidy office, where everything happens in clockwork precision, gains instant acceptance from the customers. It simply reflects how optimistic and productive the company is.

The facility manager is instrumental in improving the productivity of the employees as well as the trouble-free functioning of the firm. In fact, the facility management courses in Dubai and other regions train the students to calculate, observe and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Facility Management: A Constantly Evolving Field

The effect of digitization is evident in the field of facility management as well. It has been constantly evolving for years. The integration of a software-based management system is the latest factor that enhanced the FM field.

Standardization of FM practices is undertaken based on directives and policies from approved international bodies. Even the facility management course in Dubai and other locations are also based on the curriculum determined by such organizations. Some of them are:

  • The International Facility Management Association of IFMA
  • The International Standards Organization (ISO)
  • The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM)

These organizations’ contributions are the key factors in deciding the amendments in the facility management courses as well as in the functioning of the FM team.

The Qualities Expected of a Facility Manager

A facility manager is supposed to have some skills and qualities that are vital for disbursing his or her duties effectively.

  • Leadership traits
  • Time, space, and man management skills
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving
  • Quality control skills
  • Project management tact
  • Risk identification and risk management
  • Communication skills 

The facility management course in Dubai offered by Your Own is aimed at instilling all these qualities in the candidates. Perfect coaching at our academy would enable the aspirants to shoulder greater responsibilities and perform well on the job. Opening their way for better performance and career growth.

Future scope and opportunities of Supply Chain Management in 2023

A seamless supply of replenishments and materials is the mainstay for every business. Disruptions in supply due to geopolitical and climatic scenarios can affect performance. Leading to customer dissatisfaction, thereby impacting the growth of the company.

That is the main reason for entities looking for applicants with knowledge and skills in logistics and supply chain management. Healthy logistics support and unhindered provision of goods necessitate a team with ample talent and the support of digital technologies.

Academies offering logistics and supply chain management courses have been witnessing a quantum leap of students, with organizations and businesses opting only for candidates with the requisite qualifications.

Reasons for the Expected Rise in Opportunities for Supply Chain Management in 2023

Logistics and supply chain management is eyeing significant growth in 2023. It is already on the expansion track with higher acceptance than before. The reasons that would lead to the rise in opportunities in the sector are:

  • Increased connectivity around the world, makes it possible to obtain any product from any part of the world.
  • Advanced digital technology that assures boundless connectivity.
  • Technology that provides real-time info and seamless input regarding the status of logistics supply.
  • requiring qualified manpower to handle the operations.
  • Quality is a bigger priority than quantity. Instead, more men and entities are looking for aspirants with the required qualifications (Logistics and supply chain management courses can be the gateway to fulfilling the criteria laid down by the companies).

What are the Future Scope and Opportunities of Supply Chain Management?

Digitalization has revolutionized the logistics and transportation industry. The availability of advanced logistics and supply chain management courses has elevated the possibility of getting into the sector without much difficulty. Obtaining the qualification from a recognized academy like Your Own can place the candidate ahead of the others competing for the job.

The future scope and opportunities of supply chain management include:

  • Real-time visibility of cargo supported by digital technology that updates the info constantly. Unlike earlier days, wherein only data was updated when the shipment touches the port or specific location, the exact position even while on move can be obtained nowadays. This also mandates qualified professionals for managing the info.
  • Constant automated notifications to the consignee regarding the whereabouts of the consignment. Avoiding the need for contacting the shipment or logistics company for the same. Therefore, the company representatives do not have to involve in tele conversations with the client as before.
  • With firms around the world opt only for qualified candidates who have completed the logistics and supply chain management courses successfully. Of late, Your Own has been receiving an increased number of students, owing to this factor.
  • Observing the scenario, we are confident that a bright and prosperous future awaits those in the supply chain management sector. Not only the year 2023 but also the subsequent years would be highly positive for all in the field.

Now you can also enter this promising sector of logistics and supply chain management. Contact us now to know more about logistics and supply chain management courses.

Advantages of IATA certification in the Travel Industry

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a widely recognized and approved body in the aviation sector. It has the lion’s share of global air traffic, besides being associated with more than 260 airline firms internationally. Catering to all the air sector fields, they also have a strong representation in aviation careers. IATA courses are recognized by almost all the companies in the arena. Making it ideal for those seeking a job in the aviation industry.

Here we are looking into the advantages of IATA certification. Do not delay in joining an IATA course in Dubai, in the field you are interested in if you are aspiring to enter this well-paid and highly sought-after field.

Specialties of IATA Courses

IATA certification is issued to only those successfully complete the course. The course curriculum is well-researched and developed. The IATA courses in Dubai and other locations would offer:

  • Training on establishing a positive client relationship
  •  Basic knowledge regarding the aspects of the aviation industry
  • A comprehensive idea about the services, facilities, and technical aspects of the airline sector
  • Marketing skills for booking and selling products through Global Distribution Systems
  • Planning and preparation of air travel itineraries are also taught in IATA courses
  • Communication skills to interact with clients and passengers in a pleasant and optimistic manner

What are the Advantages of IATA Courses?

IATA certification subsequent to the IATA courses in Dubai (or any other location) by approved academies like Your Own would offer the following advantages. You may join only a recognized and acclaimed aviation academy for the IATA certification program. To prevent any unwanted problems later.

  • A wide variety of IATA courses are available for students to choose from
  • All the IATA certifications are developed after in-depth research offering good exposure and ample knowledge to shoulder responsibilities
  • IATA courses in Dubai and other regions are recognized by all the entities in the aviation industry, generating an optimal career possibility for those with IATA certification
  • It offers authorization to enter the business of selling domestic and international air tickets
  • An IATA-certified agent can get a credible reputation with the IATA Numeric Code
  • Reliability gained through IATA’s assurance will get the company/ agent/ business a matchless upper hand in the sector
  • Optimum growth prospects for the aspirants with IATA certification
  • Option to work anywhere in the world
  • A reputed job that guarantees a satisfying and pleasant life

You can join the IATA course in Dubai if you have 10+2 or any similar level qualification from an approved board. Get in touch with Your Own to learn more about IATA certification, as well as, for joining this promising sector.

Who All Can Join IATA Courses in Dubai?

Reach out to us for joining an IATA course in Dubai. You can join the course if you are:

  •  A student who aspires to join the aviation sector
  • Travel specialists thinking to try their hand at the airline industry
  • Representatives of airlines or any other firm in the aviation field
  • Travel agents planning to offer airline ticketing, air tourism, and other services
  • Team members from multinational companies and other firms undertake the task of preparation of air travel itineraries, planning travel, booking air tickets, etc.

Why Your Own for IATA Courses in Dubai?

Your Own has been rendering credible IATA-approved aviation courses in Dubai for years. We are happy to find our alumni in responsible and prestigious positions at various aviation firms. Their growth and success are what make us proud more than anything does.

Our expert faculty members provide meticulously prepared classes based on the IATA-approved curriculum. The subsequent IATA certification enables the students to seek well-paid jobs that have excellent growth prospects. The course simply transforms one’s life.

For joining an IATA course, you may reach out to us today.

5 Time-Tested Ways to Improve Your CMA Exam Score

Scoring the best grade in the CMA course is what every aspirant aims for. Although wholehearted preparation is the right approach, following tips, tricks and tested ways can improve your preparedness. Being an experienced academy offering CMA courses in Dubai for years, we can help you succeed in the exam scoring the best marks.

Here are 5 time-tested ways to improve your CMA exam score. We tabulated these techniques after evaluating the changing scenarios, exam patterns, and growing popularity of the CMA course keenly.

1. Understand the Concepts and Imbibe Those, Rather than Just memorizing

The CMA exam consists of 75% of multiple-choice questions. Viewing this exam pattern, many students believe it would be better to memorize the questions. It is not. Memorizing the answers is not going to help you score. The CMA exam evaluates the candidate’s understanding of the core concepts. Therefore, you may not find the same or similar questions as in the practice materials. The experts preparing the exam questions can change the format or style to trick the students. To assess their capability.

If you are a CMA aspirant, dreaming to score the best marks, you must learn each topic thoroughly. The tutors offering CMA courses in Dubai also would be reiterating the same thing to you. A complete and thorough knowledge of the subject is what can get you exemplary grades.

2. Practice is the Mainstay of CMA Preparation

360 out of 500 is the pass mark for CMA. That means you should get at least 72% of the marks even to qualify for the exam. This is not possible without having a deep knowledge of the subject. As you might know, the CMA question paper consists of 75% of multiple-choice questions and 25% of essay-type questions. One can attend the essay part only if he or she scores a minimum of 50% of the marks in the MCQ section.

Considering this factor, students normally give more priority to multiple-choice questions. Eventually missing out on preparing properly for the essay part. Note that, both sections are equally important. You need to practice previous years’ question papers, attend mock tests, and undertake repeated revisions to ensure perfect preparation for the CMA exam.

3. Attend All the Questions

You might be wondering reading this point. The first concern one would have would be about the negative marks on the exam. There is no negative marking in the CMA exam! You can answer all the questions, even if you are not sure about their accuracy. Go ahead and attend all the questions.

Instead of attending to the questions blindly, we suggest you think and try to recall the answers. For all those questions, for which you are not sure about the answers.

4. Attend Difficult Questions at the End

Attend the questions that you are not sure about, at the end. Do not waste time trying to remember the answers. Return to those difficult questions only when you have covered all the questions. Moreover, you are free to change the answers if your instinct says that the answer you picked the first time is not correct.

We would like to add another important thing. You must read all the questions carefully before answering. Never hurry through the questions. You might end up doing a blunder.

5. Utilize Time Effectively

Strategize the CMA exam, with the help of your tutors offering CMA courses in Dubai. Utilize the time effectively and attend to all the questions. Mock tests would be useful for ascertaining the time required, as well as, planning it effectively.

For more guidance on the CMA course and CMA exam, call us.

IELTS Band Score Requirement for Study Visa and Immigration

IELTS is a hurdle that every student aspiring to study abroad must cross. Although there are many educational institutions that do not ask for IELTS, it is a mandatory requirement for most elite universities and colleges. IELTS band score is of paramount importance for obtaining admission to the top institutions as well as for completing immigration formalities.

It is essential to undergo IELTS training in Dubai, or wherever you are located, before attending the IELTS exam. Self-preparation has several limitations and it would not be sufficient to crack this comprehensive test.

Minimum IELTS Band Score for Study Visa

Scoring a minimum of 6 IELTS band scores is mandatory for most of the top international educational institutions. The performance in the IELTS exam simply reflects the English language proficiency of the candidate. Therefore, the universities and colleges are affirmed that the student would be able to follow the lectures and classes in the English medium effectively.

The study permit visa for countries like Canada would be issued only if the applicant has at least a 5.5 band score in each section. The score requirement would depend on the institution one is applying to. Nonetheless, it is compulsory to have a score of 5.5 in each of the bands viz. reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  

If you are aspiring to undergo a graduate or post-graduation course abroad, the IELTS band score requirement is different. It would be either a minimum of 6 or 6.5 for gaining admission. Even if you are good at English, it may not be a simple feat to score 6.5 or above. Understanding the English coaching requirements of students, dreaming to study overseas, we commenced IELTS training in Dubai. We have been one of the most successful academies offering excellent training for the IELTS exam.

Minimum IELTS Band Score for Immigration

Studying in renowned international educational institutions is a life-changing step. Recognized in every corner of the world, the qualification can enhance career prospects. A positive and successful life is what everyone yearns for. That is exactly what is promised by overseas education. IELTS band score is one of the difficult hurdles for those trying for abroad admission.

IELTS band score is considered for immigration as well, in countries like Canada. You cannot expect the process to be smooth if the score is not in the preferred range. Of course, IELTS training in Dubai can elevate the knowledge level, and language skills to help you score 6.5 or above.

Immigration means that the person can opt to stay back in the country of education after gaining a work visa, work permit, or resident visa. The minimum IELTS band score sought by countries like Canada is 7 for immigration. The student must score a minimum of 6 to get an overall score of 7. Now imagine the efforts one must put to reach that level of proficiency.

The Tail End

You might be one of the aspirants dreaming to study abroad since you have searched for this topic. Do not worry even if you are not so good at English. We offer comprehensive IELTS training in Dubai, to help aspirants like you.

We have a team of expert teachers with years of experience in training candidates for the IELTS exam. They would assist, guide and support you to score an IELTS band score of 7 or above. The only thing you need to do is to enroll with us and put in your best efforts. Remember that the abroad education would present you with optimal growth possibilities.

Do not delay. Join us for IELTS training in Dubai today.