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The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) is the pinnacle achievement in facility management certification.The CFM Exam is competency-based, testing what a candidate can do compared to standards that define the practice of facility management.

The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers as the most respected global credential in fcility management.


The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) is the pinnacle achievement in facility management certification. Widely regarded as the industry standard in facility management certification.
• Gain credibility in your professional network
• Showcase your knowledge of 11 core competencies
• Grow as a leader in facility management
• Proudly join a distinguished group of FM professionals


1. Determine Eligibility

Option 1

Option 2


Bachelor’s or Masters level Facility Management degree

No FM degree

FM work experience

3 years

5 years

ETHICS REQUIREMENT: An Ethics Assessment is required for all CFM credential applicants. Those holding the CFM credential are required to complete an Ethics Assessment every other renewal cycle or every six (6) years.

2. Prepare For The Exam

Take Exam Preparation Training from YourOwn Institute

3. Apply For The Exam

  • Complete your CFM Application in the CAMP platform

  • Complete the CFM Application Payment Form

  • Sit for the exam within three months (90 days) of approval

After you are approved, schedule your exam at a testing centre(Prometric) or test remotely with a virtual proctor.


The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) certification exam topics include 11 competencies

Occupancy and Human Factors

  • Workplace environment

  • Occupant services

  • Occupant health, safety, & security

Operations and Maintenance

  • Buildings, building systems, infrastructure, & grounds

  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment

  • Physical safety and security

  • Operations and maintenance processes

  • Work management support systems

  • Renewals and renovations


  • Energy management

  • Water management

  • Materials and consumables management

  • Waste management

  • Workplace and site management

Facility Information Management & Technology Management

  • Data collection and information management

  • Information protection & cyber-security

  • Technology needs assessment and implementation

  • Maintenance and upgrade of technology systems

Risk Management

  • Risk management planning

  • Emergency preparedness, response, and recovery

  • Facility resilience and business continuity


  • Planning

  • Delivery

  • Evaluation

Performance and Quality

  • Quality management

  • Performance management

Leadership and Strategy

  • Strategic planning and alignment with the demand organization

  • Policies, procedures, & compliance

  • Individual and team management

  • Leadership

  • Relationship & conflict management

  • Change management

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Political, social, economic, and industry factors affecting facility management

Finance and Business

  • Operational and capital budgeting

  • Evidence-based decision-making process (e.g. business case)

  • Procurement (e.g. purchasing, sourcing of goods and services)

  • Contracting

  • Financial analysis and reporting

Real Estate

  • Firstly, Real estate strategies

  • Secondly, Real estate assessment, acquisition, and disposal

  • Thirdly, Real estate asset management

  • Space management

  • Major projects and new construction

Project Management

  • Planning and design

  • Execution and delivery

  • Evaluation


Exam Name: Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Total Number of Questions: 180

Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions Exam Duration: 4 Hour

Exam Type: Computer-based Exam Language: English

  • Calculators and glossaries are prohibited

  • No books/No notes

  • Scratch paper and pencil available

Exam Fees: IFMA Member – $550 USD

Non-Member – $815 USD