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What is LSCM?

The process of managing the movement and storage of goods (or other resources) is called Logistics. Supply Chain deals with all the steps and resources involved in moving goods or services from the point of origin to the end consumer. Logistics & Supply Chain Management are essential aspects of any business. Career opportunities in this field are available in almost any type of organization. Due to the growth of the global economy, the opportunities in this field are also increasing.

Who should enrol?

  • Professionals who wish to enhance their career in the Logistics & Supply Chain field like Logistics & Supply Chain Coordinator/ Manager, Purchase and Procurement Professionals, etc.
  • Professionals involved in performing logistics and distribution-related activities.
  • Candidates who want to Pursue a Career in Logistics Supply Chain.
  • Professionals who run business in trading and Distribution

 Course Benefits or Course Outcome

  • Improve the organization’s profitability. There are numerous job opportunities within supply chain management.
  • Logistics as well as decision making.
  • Proper system implementation.
  • Keep up with challenges and trends.