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What is GRE (Graduate Record Examination)?

The GRE General Test is designed to test the skills you need to excel in graduate programs, including business and law. It also allows you to put more of your test-taking strategies to work to try and do your best. Within each section, you can skip questions and go back, change answers and more.

Who needs to take this Course?

Prospective graduate and business school applicants from all around the world interested in pursuing a master’s, specialized master’s in business, MBA, J.D. or doctoral degree take the GRE General Test. Applicants come from varying educational and cultural backgrounds, and the GRE General Test provides schools with a standard measure for comparing candidates’ qualifications.

GRE scores are used by admissions or fellowship panels to supplement your undergraduate records, recommendation letters and other qualifications for graduate-level study.

 Training Outcome or Training Benefits

GRE test is widely accepted in more than 1300 Business schools and other professional graduate programs in 94 countries. It is also taken in around 50 law schools in the U.S. Chances of admission may increase with a high GRE score, and several graduate schools also provide scholarships to admitted candidates with a good GRE score.

 Exam Structure 

  • Verbal Reasoning — Measures the ability to analyze and draw conclusions from discourse, reason from incomplete data, understand multiple levels of meaning, such as literal, figurative and author’s intent, summarize text, distinguish primary from minor points, understand the importance of words, sentences and entire texts, and understand relationships among terms and concepts. There is an emphasis on complex verbal reasoning skills.
  • Quantitative Reasoning — Measures the ability to understand, interpret and analyze quantitative information, solve problems using mathematical models, and apply the basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis. There is an emphasis on quantitative reasoning skills.
  • Analytical Writing — Measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills, including articulating and supporting complex ideas with relevant reasons and examples and examining claims and accompanying evidence. There is an emphasis on analytical writing skills.