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Why this Course?

English is the language of international communication and the internet. Learning English is very important for socializing, increasing knowledge and developing a better career. English is the official language of business in most countries. Learning English will also give you exposure to multicultural and different opportunities.

Who needs this Course?

Spoken English Course is required by students, parents, professionals, blue-collar working force and anyone interested to communicate in English. YourOwn Institute offers you different levels of English classes according to your requirement. Our language experts will do a proper assessment of the current level before suggesting the Course.

Course Outcome or Course Benefits 

The students who undergo training in spoken English will understand and communicate in the language very quickly. Most of the common vocabulary will be covered, and they will manage the situations very quickly.

 Course Structure

Primary level – Level 1

This course is for students who are unable to speak or understand essential English communication. The students will be taught the language in a very systematic and practical way. Basic grammar will be covered.

This is for candidates who are not having the basic vocabulary and speaking skills.

Duration: 8 weeks

 Intermediate level -Level 2

This course is for the students who speak English at an intermediate level. . The students will be taught the conversational skills in a very systematic and practical way with a lot of group discussion with pre-decided situations.

Duration: 8 weeks

Advanced Conversation-Level 3 (Business Conversation)

Business English conversation is designed for candidates who are working professionals and need to interact with businesspeople and native speakers. This will cover the advanced vocabulary and speaking skills. Various situations in management will be covered as case studies and group discussions. Presentations will be conducted on management case studies.