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WordPress Training

WordPress is a free, open-source blogging tool and content management system. WordPress can be used to create a traditional blogging site; however, it can also be used to create a standard website for business or personal use.

This course focuses on building websites using WordPress. No previous experience is needed. This course is structured to help all students, regardless of their knowledge, learn WordPress.

Who should enrol? 

One should have an elementary knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript. The concepts, elements, and PHP methods should be known and understand PHP and MySQL connectivity.

This course offered by YourOwn is suited to anyone who wants to learn WordPress and implement it on their website for their professional and personal works.

Course Benefits or Course Outcome 

WordPress Course is the best way to learn how to use WordPress to build a website, blog, or eCommerce site. YourOwn course is designed for beginners with no experience in HTML or programming and will help you learn quickly how to use WordPress.

Course Structure

  • Getting started with WordPress
  • WordPress Installation
  • Post Management
  • Page Management
  • Media Management
  • Appearance Management
  • Widget
  • Plugin Management
  • Slider
  • User Management
  • WordPress Photoblogs and Galleries
  • Content Management System
  • Woocommerce