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Air cargo transportation dates back to the year 1910. Since then it has been an integral part of business connectivity across the globe. Air cargo industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that needs great planning and execution along with focusing on safety and security. A well-experienced and knowledgeable air cargo agent can minimize errors and delays thereby supporting Airlines and business organizations to achieve their targets. IATA Air Cargo Introductory Course helps learners to identify various types of cargo, identify dangerous goods, cargo acceptance procedures, Aircraft loading procedures, reading and interpreting Airway bill etc. This course is mandated for IATA Cargo Agents in accordance with the IATA Cargo Agency Resolutions.


On course completion candidates will have the skills to:

  • History of Air Cargo, Objectives of International Aviation Organizations like ICAO, IATA, FIATA

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of an IATA Air Cargo Agent

  • List continents of the world, city codes, airport, airline codes

  • Understand how to read and interpret The Air Cargo Tariff(TACT)

  • Calculate Air Cargo Rates and Charges for various categories of shipments like general cargo, specific cargo, human remains etc.

  • Read, interpret and complete Airway Bill

  • Understand Aircraft bulk loading limitations and air cargo acceptance procedures


  • Operations at cargo agencies, airlines, and freight forwarders

  • Air cargo acceptance basic rating principles

  • Air waybill completion

  • Industry terminology and abbreviations

  • IATA geography, TACT, and other cargo manuals


  • Anyone who would like to pursue a career in Aviation industry

  • Cargo agent and air freight forwarder sales and marketing staff

  • Airline and manufacturer sales, reservations, and acceptance staff

  • Junior-level managers at cargo agents, airlines, and manufacturers


  • Online exam with remote supervision (OERS) – Open Book exam – TACT can be used

  • Total Number of Questions                                        : 100

  • Exam Format                                                                  : Multiple Choice Questions

  • Duration                                                                           : 3 hours

  • Passing Grade                                                                : 60%

  • Distinction                                                                      : 90%

  • Number of exam Attempts                                       : 2