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Telephone communication skills and call handling etiquette are essential for every person who answers the phone or calls customers since this specialist creates a particular organization’s image. You want this image to be as good as possible. The ability to solve problems and tasks effectively determines professionalism in your organization and a person who interacts with customers. Your call centre specialist must know how to control a conversation over the phone. Telephone skills are one of the most in-demand ones in the business world. However, undertrained people who handle calls poorly can cost your business a significant amount of money.

This telephone skills course provides the necessary knowledge required for everyone who makes and answers calls on behalf of the organization. Throughout this phone skills training, attendees will learn how non-verbal impacts their voice, use it to their advantage and master their voices to get the results they want from this type of communication. Participants will explore how they should structure a call and ultimate techniques to control conversation over the phone. Handling incoming calls and making outbound calls will no longer be an issue after this telephone skills training. At the end of the course, we cover the best practices of coping with concerns, objections, and complaints accompanied by techniques on how to deal with anger and prevent escalation of the conflict.


  • Front Desk Executives and other Personnel

  • Receptionists

  • Administrative Professionals

  • Customer Service Agents and Staff

  • Call Centre Staff

  • All staff who communicate with internal and external customers

  • Anyone who wants to improve telephone skills and learn how to handle calls professionally


  • Learn how to handle calls of any difficulty with professionalism and confidence

  • Practice the voice techniques to improve the effectiveness of your communication over the phone

  • Know how to structure your telephone communication to handle a call with professionalism

  • Improve your questioning techniques for better control of the conversation

  • Become a master of coping with caller’s objections and complaints