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Working as an Airline Cabin Crew on-board needs broad understanding of various aspects of on-board emergencies, safety and security responsibilities and extensive customer service skills.  A cabin crew has to be patient enough to deal with every unforeseen situations and circumstances that may arise during a flight. IATA Airline Cabin Crew Training course describes cabin crew responsibilities in terms of passenger handling, dealing with on-board emergencies, understanding cabin crew life style, types of aircraft, catering and meal types etc. This course is customized for aspiring Airline Cabin Crew candidates.


On completing the course candidates will have the skills to:

  • Understand the evolution of the Airline industry as a Global Industry

  • Describe Airport and Passenger processing formalities, Understand aircraft turnaround activities

  • Understand Crew Resource Management and Threat Error Management

  • List Cabin Crew duties in normal operations

  • Understand managing abnormal and emergency situations during a flight and response measures to be undertaken by a cabin crew on-board

  • Describe medical emergencies on-board

  • List catering equipment’s and special meal types

  • Understand Cabin Crew professional development


  • Introduction to the airline industry

  • Cabin Crew member coordination and communication

  • Customer service and managing passenger interactions

  • Safety and emergency procedures (with virtual cabin walkthrough – narrow and wide body aircraft)

  • General philosophy of for the carriage of dangerous goods and the risks associated with their transport on board an aircraft

  • Awareness on security-related issues

  • Security and dangerous goods carried by passengers


IATA Airline Cabin Crew Training course is recommended for:

  • Anybody willing to be an Airline Cabin Crew

  • Aged between 18 and 35


  • Online exam with remote supervision (OERS)

  • Total Number of Questions                          : 100

  • Exam Format                                                     : Multiple Choice Questions

  • Duration                                                              : 3 hours

  • Passing Grade                                                    : 60%

  • Distinction                                                          : 90%

  • Number of exam Attempts                           : 2