Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Top Exam Tips and Advice.

How often has the idea of advancing your career crossed your mind? multiple times? And if you currently hold a position as a facility manager and looking forward to a promotion and growth in your field of expertise you need to crack your Certified Facility Manager CFM Exam. The certified course is offered by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) immediately.

Why a Certified Course in CFM?

You have it all, the skill, the expertise, and the experience quotient to lead the team. So what difference can it make with the CFM certification? Here is what you need need to know:

The CFM exam is an evaluative assessment exam that validates the expertise, credibility, and commitment in you as a manager. The areas of competencies that the exam encompasses are facility planning and design, operations and maintenance, finance and budgeting, sustainability practices, leadership and strategy, and more.You may have it all but the certification reassures and improves your chance to hit the list of the top facility manager.

CFM Exam All You Need to Know 

As a requirement to appear for the exam, you need to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Finance management with a minimum of 3 years of experience or if you are from an engineering or business management background IFMA expects a minimum of five years of experience.

The exam covers 11 core competencies of facility management as

  • Communication
  • Risk management
  • Sustainability finance & business
  • Occupancy & human factors
  • Leadership & strategy
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Project management
  • Real estate performance & quality
  • Facility information management & technology management.

Things to Take Care of While Doing the Exam 

Exam preparedness is the key to being successful in the CFM exam. CFM is not any other exam but one that is the toughest and the most prestigious to crack. The exam demands significant preparedness and expertise from candidates. Have a perfect strategy that breaks down the syllabus and equally splits the time for every other subject. You have to start familiarizing yourself with the structure and pattern of the exam. Also, be aware of the time constraints. Four hours is all that you get to prove your knowledge. A smart methodology is to get familiarized with the pattern. And the only way to do that is to ‘Practice, Practice, and Practice’ until you gain the confidence to smash the exam. You can also get help from the best professional training center.

Study Resources

It’s very important to not have to muddle your head with a bunch of resources. Keep your resources limited and holistic. Have a look at the syllabus before you think of investing in study materials. For reference materials, you can go through the IFMA website. They offer resources that are tailored to navigate you. Also, invest in a test series and devote maximum hours to practice.

Main Focus Areas

The CFM exam is undoubtedly demanding. The CFM Exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions, including 20 non-scored questions from 11 major competency areas. The exam is computer-based and lasts for four hours. To become a Certified Facility Manager, you need to score at least 70%, which is not easy to achieve. However, with persistent effort and consistent practice with well-advanced guidance, you can crack the exam.

Time Management Strategies

The exam demands efficient time management skills to cover all essential topics and handle 180 questions within four hours. Start sharpening your tool of practice from day one of preparation.

  • Seek Assistance from an Institute: It’s beneficial to be associated with an institute that provides study schedules, helps identify priorities, and ensures comprehensive coverage of essential areas, especially with a vast syllabus to avoid getting lost in heaps of content. 
  • Avoid Multitasking: Concentrate on one area at a time, as multitasking can hinder productivity and comprehension during exam preparation.
  • Embrace Mock Tests: Include ample mock tests in your preparation to enhance efficiency and familiarize yourself with the exam format and time constraints.

Why Mock Tests are the Game Changer

Practice and mock tests have a significant impact on exam preparation. They revolutionize the way you approach your studies. The mock test gives you a real exam-like environment, and also it aids in getting familiar with the format, time constraints, and level of difficulty. Through these simulated exams, you can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to concentrate on areas that need improvement. What’s more? repeated practice boosts your confidence, reduces exam anxiety, and enhances overall performance on the actual test day.

Exam Day Tips

Staying calm and composed is the prime key essence. Get sufficient rest and have a healthy breakfast before the exam.

  •  Arrive early at the exam center to avoid unnecessary stress. 
  • Manage your time wisely, allocating it to each section based on the number of questions and complexity.
  •  Stay calm and confident throughout the exam. 
  • Pace yourself while answering questions, avoiding rushing or spending too much time on any single question. 
  • Attempt all questions, even if you’re unsure about some answers. 
  • If you finish early, review your answers for mistakes or overlooked questions, and 
  • Be mindful of time warnings.

Bottom Line

The CFM undoubtedly serves as a lucrative gateway to corporate success. What truly matters to crack the exam is the effort you put in. Perfect strategy along with consistent effort and the right guidance can make the exam a breeze for you. Also always remember to take one step at a time without overwhelming yourself. 

CAMS Course: How do I become CAMS certified In Dubai?

Why CAMS in Dubai?

The way the world economy works right now is very much complex as compared to previous eras and it works through an intertwined network of business and technology. At the same time, financial crimes are on the rise in this new era of digital transactions. hence the relevance of CAMS is more than ever. Especially the opportunity and necessity of professionals who are CAMS certified in Dubai is high, as Dubai is a global investment hub.

What is CAMS?

A certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist is a professional who is equipped to understand the source of fraudulent money and can detect financial crimes. Money laundering is an illegal activity that alters the money or profit from criminal or unlawful activities to clean money. The CAMS certification is given to applicants who register and pass the test conducted by the ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists).

Fields of Opportunities for CAMS Professionals

There are lots of opportunities and chances for CAMS-certified professionals in Dubai. To list few

  • Anti-Money Laundering Officers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Law Enforcement/Intelligence Agents
  • Compliance Officers
  • Government Regulators
  • Internal & External Auditors
  • Risk Management Specialists
  • Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants
  • Intelligence Officers
  • Real Estate Compliance Specialists
  • Consultants

 CAMS Exam Pattern

The CAMS exam has 120 Multiple Choice Questions Each question carries 1 mark and there is no negative mark and to pass the exam a candidate should score 75%. The exam lasts 3.5 hours and there is no negative mark. To pass the exam the candidate should score 75/120. On completion of 3.5 hours, the exam gets automatically submitted. The exam will be conducted online at Pearson Vue Center globally. If you are an employed person and it is recommended to get professional assistance for your CAMS Course.

Eligibility for CAMS Certification

An applicant must have 40 eligibility credits for applying for CAMS certification, which can be obtained by considering higher education, training programs, or professional experience.  For educational qualifications, you need to submit a copy of your diploma or degree from an accredited college or university.Application for CAMS can be done online and enrolling for the certification is a simple process that can be done by following simple online steps. For that first and foremost have to get an ACAMS account.

CAMS Course Structure and Content

The main study resource for the test is the CAMS Study Guide. It contains a lot of ideas that will be helpful for planning. The guide begins by outlining the dangers and strategies of money laundering, including how it supports terrorism. Following this are compliance requirements for countering money laundering and terrorism financing. Programs for compliance are also revealed.

CAMS Exam Preparation

To crack the exam on the first try, make a clear plan for the exam, and also familiarize yourself with the study material. Try to completely understand the concept of the exam and apply a study technique that can help to approach the exam with a high chance of success. Revise and take mock tests before appearing for the exam. This can improve the chances of clearing the exam on the first try itself.

 Yourown offers an intensive training program for CAMS certification In Dubai those who want to appear for the examination. To clear an exam, the most important quality one must possess is dedication and determination. At YourOwn the team is dedicated to supporting you with the help of experts who are dedicated to extending their support for your success, they will introduce the subject in a convenient way and can make you confident to face the exam.

Exploring the Different Career Paths for CMA Certification Holders in 2023

A Certified Management Accountant represents expertise in finance and accounting. CMA Certification gives credibility to the person and guarantees that the person has knowledge of financial matters. For any organization, it is important to manage its finances. The CMA provides the comprehensive financial knowledge necessary for financial management. The CMA certification is one of the fastest-growing global certifications.

Overview of CMA Certification

The Certified Management Accountant course is a professional certification program specifically designed for management accountants. It is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and is globally recognized as a mark of excellence in the fields of management, accounting, and financial management.

Eligibility for CMA Certification Requirements

  • To get a CMA certificate, the basic eligibility requirement is to have a degree from an accredited institution.
  • Professional experience, as mentioned by IMA.

Growing Demand for CMA Professionals

  • CMA is advantageous for anyone looking for a skill update and who is ready to expand their career options in financial accounting.
  • The expansion in business transactions and the evolution of the world economy into a more complex and complicated one broaden the scope of CMA professionals.
  • For handling dynamic managerial roles to develop a sustainable business.
  • CMAs play a vital role in shaping the financial strategy of companies.

A few of the most common career paths for which CMA-certified individuals can apply are listed below. There is a high demand for CMA professionals in various financial segments, especially in this era of ever-expanding business.

Management/Accountant: Management accountants are employed in a variety of settings, including public companies, private businesses, and government agencies. Their responsibilities encompass a range of tasks such as recording and analyzing financial data, assisting in investment selection and management, risk assessment and management, budgeting, strategic planning, and decision-making support.

Financial Analyst: Another area that is promising for people with CMA certification is the role of a financial analyst. A financial analyst is responsible for making investment strategies and investment decisions.

Cost Accountant: A cost accountant oversees the smooth operation of an organization’s finances. They concentrate on creating and maintaining adequate budgets that account for operational costs like employee benefits and marketing initiatives.

Accounting Manager: Accounting managers design, oversee, and assess financial systems for their companies. In order to document businesses’ financial performance and put them in a position to make wise financial decisions, they gather, analyze, verify, and report financial information.

Corporate Controller: Corporate controllers oversee each organization’s accounting and financial operations. They create and carry out financial policies, assess financial risks, and create annual forecasts and budgets.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): The chief financial officer’s responsibilities include monitoring cash flow, planning the company’s finances, identifying its financial strengths and weaknesses, and making recommendations for improvement. A CFO performs similar duties as a treasurer.

To do CMA certification there are enough reasons for a finance professional, from a good salary to possibilities in several sectors of finance and to divergent options in career. To understand the course structure, syllabus, and exam pattern and to get thorough training to write the exam and prepare for the exam, Yourown Institute can ensure proper guidance to get successful in CMA exam and get CMA Course course in Dubai(secondary).

UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai: Opportunities and Future Scope in 2023

For HR professionals, and business heads with a labour interface in Dubai, UAE labour law certification gives them a better position and knowledge to deal with the intricacies of labour Recruitment. A thorough understanding of labour law can be developed with UAE Labour Law Certification. A qualified employee can manage those aspects with ease, as it may provide an additional benefit of knowledge and also certification raises a professional’s credibility. To ensure that business practices are in line with the Labour Law and that actions are compliant with UAE law, certified professionals can also ensure that the management works in abidance of the law.

 Understanding UAE Labour Law

  • The UAE Labour Law, officially known as Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 Regarding the Regulation of Employment Relationship and its amendments, defines the relationship between employers and employees in the private sector. This law, which came into effect on February 2, 2022, replaces the previous Federal Law No. 8 of 1980.
  • The UAE Labour Law aims to ensure fairness and protection for both employers and employees in their employment relationship. It covers various aspects, including the hiring of minors, employee monitoring, safety regulations, minimum wage requirements, termination of employment, end-of-service gratuities, and work-related injuries. Additionally, it addresses matters such as working hours, overtime, leaves, vacations, and public holidays.
  • It eliminates the use of ‘unlimited’ contracts and mandates the use of limited or fixed-term contracts instead. Furthermore, the law introduces new types of leaves and addresses issues related to harassment, bullying, physical violence, and psychological abuse in the workplace that affect employees.
  • All businesses, employees, and employers operating in the private sector must comply with the provisions outlined in the UAE Labour Law. Its implementation seeks to create a balanced and conducive environment for employers and employees to exercise their rights appropriately.
  • The law prohibits forced labour and discrimination on the basis of gender, race, colour, sex, religion, national or social origin or disability. It also spells out employers’ obligations towards employees.

Benefits of UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai

• Enhancing knowledge and understanding of labour laws

UAE has a firmly established set of rules and regulations when it comes to labour law. Labour Law training can broaden the knowledge level of the professionals and can ensure the functioning of the company or organization in compliance with the UAE labour law.

• Improved decision-making and compliance

Understanding labour law can foster good employee-employer relationships. By getting Labour Law training the efficient function, recruitment, payment and other aspects related to the employer-employee relationship will be able to execute efficiently. In an organization, there will be regular cases of confrontation with nuances of Labour Law in its function. Only thorough knowledge can help to make a clear decision.

Overview of job market trends in UAE and Dubai

Certification in Labour Law in UAE can enhance opportunities in different fields such as

  • Labour Law Consultant
  • Legal Advisor
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Industrial Relations Manager

Demand for professionals with updated Labour Law Knowledge

As there are changes made in the existing labour laws, professionals with updated knowledge are in much demand. By joining YourOwn Institute for UAE Labour Law Training Courses in Dubai, you can be a step ahead in the field.

There is a growing demand for professionals with labour law expertise in HR Management, Payroll Practitioners, Lawyers and labour rights activists. It can enhance your knowledge of Labour law and certification can give credibility to your functions.

YourOwn Institute for UAE Labour Law Training Courses in Dubai

At YourOwn Institute, we believe in providing world-class UAE Labour Law Training Courses in Dubai for candidates to face the challenges of intricacies in labour law. Our esteemed faculty members are experts in their fields, passionate about sharing knowledge and committed to ensuring a smooth completion of Labour Law certification in UAE.

Cracking the CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) Exam on the First Try: Key Tips for Success

To become an anti-money laundering specialist one has to clear the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist exam. The CAMS certification exam is a tough exam that can be cracked only by dedicated learning and proper practice. Money laundering is a criminal practice that involves tampering with funds or using proceeds from illicit or criminal activity to clean up money. One needs a thorough understanding of how various financial systems operate to identify such a complex financial crime, especially in the complicated era of digital transactions. To get the CAMS certification you must apply online and can schedule your exam online.

If one intends to clear CAMS on the first try, then one should get proper guidance, from expert trainers from this field. The only way to crack an exam on the first try is clearly make a study plan. The syllabus of the exam should be made familiar and then should understand the question pattern. Moreover, it is necessary to understand the objective of the exam. This basic idea can help to clear the exam on a first try. YourOwn provides expert CAMS training in Dubai.

Understanding the CAMS Exam

Exam format, structure, and duration

  • The CAMS certification is given to applicants who register and pass the test by the ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists).
  • The duration of the CAMS exam is 3.5 hours and there will be 120 questions.
  • To pass the exam the candidate should score 75/120.
  • The exam will be conducted online at Pearson Vue Center globally.
  • On completion of 3.5 hours, the exam gets automatically submitted.
  • Each question has 1 mark and there is no negative mark.

Preparing for the CAMS Exam

Develop a study plan

To crack the exam on the first try, a clear plan is necessary. To understand the nature of the exam and to get an overall idea, go through the ACAMS study guide. It can give a comprehensive idea about the approach you have to develop for the exam.

Gather study materials

The most important resource to be used is ACAMS official study guide. After going through the study material do a detailed search for related content. For CAMS Training in Dubai, YourOwn Institute provides exemplary training.

Utilize effective study techniques

The key to cracking an exam on the first try is completely understanding the concept of the exam and applying a study technique that can help to approach the exam with a high chance of success. According to person the way to approach the exam varies.

Mastering the CAMS Exam Content

Key concepts and terminology

There are lots of concepts and terminology related to CAMS. The terms have to be mastered to understand different concepts. A vivid search on topics given in official study material has to be made and a glossary of the jargon has to be kept handy for learning and revising. CAMS Training from YourOwn can give you unparalleled mentorship which can unburden the process of self-preparation.

Test-Taking Strategies

Effective exam preparation and taking the mock test is the proven way to clear the exam. Making notes, revising them in frequent intervals, and taking mock exams is the way to systematically prepare and clear exams on the first try.

While answering multiple-choice questions, time management is one important factor that should be focused on. As mentioned in the above section there are 120 questions that have to be completed within 3.5 hours, which means only 1.75 minutes should be dedicated for each question. That level of pace in answering can be achieved only by continuous practice.

Final Tips and Conclusion

If you are planning and approaching the exam systematically, and with a daily study routine and determination, the exam can be easily cracked on the first try. Understanding, preparing, revising, and practicing mock tests is the simple way to clear the exam.

Start your CAMS certification journey today with YourOwn Institute training in Dubai by ensuring expert training. With proper guidance, the process can be made easy and simple.

Mastering Social Media Strategy for the Travel Industry: IATA Course Overview

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) offers a range of professional diploma courses for specialized knowledge and skills in various areas of the aviation industry. The vision of IATA is to build a sustainable world where people are connected and enriched. IATA is a globally reputed organization and its courses are of value. These courses can enrich your professional credentials.

IATA offers programmes in a number of specialized fields, including airline management, cargo operations, airport operations, travel and tourism, revenue management, and aviation law. Each course focuses on specific aspects of the industry, providing in-depth knowledge and practical skills related to the chosen field.

 Importance of Social Media in the Travel Industry

  • Social Media is simply the easiest way to reach customers. Social Media has immense influence; it is the main source of entertainment, information, and advertisement. 
  • Plans are made on the basis of Social Media content. Even travel plans are made by families and individuals only after surfing for hours on Social Media.
  • Choices are made according to the opinions expressed on social media. The decision regarding the places to be traveled, the transportation mode, and also hotels for accommodation all depend upon Social media.
  • Social Media plays a significant role in promoting tourist destinations. There are many places and locations that are being explored by tourists just because of Social Media listings.

What is the IATA Course in Mastering Social Media Strategy for the Travel Industry?

The IATA course helps you create a strategy that converts leads into sales. The course is all about creating social media content that is designed to reach the target audience and also about how to design the content according to the trend. The course can help you to customize social media strategies for various social media platforms, create captivating content, and interpret the analytics. 

Discuss the duration, curriculum, and structure of the course.

Social Media Strategy is an e-learning course that requires approximately 2.5 hours of study to be completed within 6 months from enrollment validity. This course is designed for travel agents, tour operators, independent travel agents, students of travel and tourism, and travel agencies.

Key Modules and Topics Covered

  • A complete guide to creating a social media strategy
  • Proven ways to use keywords and hashtags to get good reach
  • Creating a branding guide
  • Social media platform tips and best practices
  • Articulate customized content
  • Analytics and ROI

Benefits of Enrolling in the IATA Course

  • IATA certification helps you complete the course in compliance with international regulations, standards, and best practices.
  •   IATA Certifications are developed with in-depth research and offer good exposure to aviation industry responsibilities.

Conclusion and Role of Yourown

YourOwn Institute (YOI) is approved by the Government of Dubai through DED and KHDA-Dubai. YourOwn Institute is dedicated to institutional training in the UAE with advanced professional development courses that are designed to improve an individual’s intellectual and cognitive skills. Yourown institute has a team of dedicated faculty who are experts in training corporate professionals according to industrial standards.