Scope and Job Opportunities for Facility Management Certification in 2024 in the UAE

The UAE’s rapidly expanding real estate and construction industries have increased need for qualified Facility Management (FM) specialists. Those who enroll in a facility management course in Dubai will gain the skills and information necessary to efficiently oversee every facet of a building’s operations, guaranteeing its sustainability, safety, and smooth running.

The UAE’s job market for 2024 is projected to remain robust, with a growing demand for qualified professionals across various industries.  Facility Management is one such sector experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing number of commercial buildings, hotels, and residential complexes.

Understanding the Scope of Facility Management Certification

Completing a Facility Management Course in Dubai provides a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects involved in managing a facility. This includes:

  • Operations and Maintenance: Ensuring the smooth functioning of all building systems, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Space Management: Optimizing workspace utilization and maintaining a safe and productive environment.
  • Sustainability: Implementing sustainable practices to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • Budgeting and Finance: Managing the facility’s budget effectively and overseeing financial operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring the facility adheres to all relevant health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Exploring Job Opportunities in Facility Management

Current Trends in Facility Management Jobs:

The FM industry is witnessing a shift towards

  • Technology Integration: Leveraging technology to automate tasks and improve operational efficiency.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Using data analytics to optimize resource allocation and facility management strategies.
  • Focus on Sustainability: Implementing green building practices and promoting environment-friendly operations.

Demand for Certified Professionals in Dubai:

The Dubai government emphasizes building management practices aligned with international standards. This has led to a growing demand for certified Facility Management professionals who can manage complex facilities effectively.

Benefits of Pursuing a Facility Management Course in Dubai

  • Increased Career Opportunities: A Facility Management Course in Dubai opens doors to a wider range of career options within the FM sector.
  • Higher Earning Potential: Professionals with Facility Management training often command higher salaries compared to their non-trained counterparts.
  • Professional Recognition: Completing a Facility Management Course in Dubai demonstrates your expertise and commitment to the field, enhancing your professional credibility.
  • Preparation and Training for Facility Management

In today’s competitive landscape, a Facility Management Course in Dubai is a valuable asset for anyone seeking a career in this dynamic field.  The UAE, with its thriving real estate market, offers excellent opportunities for Facility Management professionals.

YourOwn Institute , a leading institute for professional development, offers an exclusive Certified Facility Management (CFM) program.  Our program, designed by industry experts, provides comprehensive training and support to help you achieve your Facility Management goals.

Enroll today in our Facility Management Course in Dubai and initiate a rewarding career in Facility Management!

What are the different career paths in facilities management?

Facilities management (FM) is a vibrant and diversified field that provides people with a range of interests and skill sets with a rewarding career path. Facilities specialists are essential in building cozy, effective, and sustainable spaces. Their work ranges from keeping a hospital running smoothly to preserving a business office’s productivity. Navigating the several FM employment opportunities, however, choosing the best Financial Management Course in Dubai  . This blog post is your road map, examining the fascinating opportunities and providing you with the information you need to start your perfect FM adventure.

Overview of Facilities Management courses in Dubai:

The field of facilities management includes several different tasks, such as:

  • Building upkeep and operation: plumbing, electrical, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, etc.
  • Space management is the art of using available space as efficiently and productively as possible.
  • Sustainability is the application of Eco-friendly techniques to cut waste and energy use.
  • Health and safety: Providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Compliance: Following applicable laws and guidelines.

Training Courses relating to Facility Management courses in Dubai:

  • Certificates: The Certified Facility Management (CFM) credential, offers a strong foundation.
  • Associate’s and diplomas degrees: Provide managerial and technical expertise in particular FM domains.
  • Bachelor’s degrees: Offer a thorough comprehension of FM concepts and position them for leadership positions.

Different Career Paths in Facilities Management:

  1. Facility Manager:Overseeing all aspects of a facility’s functioning, including budgetary control, space management, and maintenance.Demanding excellent problem-solving, communication, and leadership abilities.
  2. Property Manager:Oversees the upkeep, administration of leases, and tenant relations for residential or commercial properties.The role requires outstanding financial management, legal knowledge, and customer service.
  3. Maintenance Supervisor:Oversees the upkeep and repair of building systems and equipment by a group of technicians.The role possesses strong communication abilities, technical knowledge, and the capacity to inspire others.
  4. Energy Manager:Creates and puts into action plans to lower building energy expenses and consumption.The role requires project management expertise, familiarity with energy-efficient technologies, and analytical ability.
  5. Space Planner/Coordinator:Optimizes space utilization to meet evolving needs and improve efficiency.The Role requires strong analytical and design skills, combined with an understanding of space management principles.
  6. Sustainability Manager:Minimizes the influence on the environment by developing and implementing sustainable procedures inside a facility.
  7. The role possesses expertise in project management, data analysis, and green building concepts.
  8. Health and Safety Manager:Establishes and upholds safety regulations to stop mishaps and guarantee occupant welfare.The role demands a great capacity for leadership, risk management, and communication.

Skills and Qualifications:

Essential Skills across All FM Roles


  • Clearly convey information to diverse audiences (written and verbal).
  • Actively listen and understand stakeholder needs.
  • Collaborate effectively with team members and external partners.

Analytical Thinking:

  • Identify problems and analyze root causes.
  • Interpret data and draw insightful conclusions.
  • Make informed decisions based on evidence and analysis.


  • Develop creative solutions to complex challenges.
  • Think strategically and anticipate potential roadblocks.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances and find effective solutions.


  • Build strong relationships and foster collaboration.
  • Motivate and support team members towards shared goals.
  • Delegate tasks effectively and leverage individual strengths.

Assets for Career Advancement :

  • Leadership: Ability to inspire, motivate, and guide others.
  • Budgeting: Efficiently allocate and manage resources.
  • Project Management: Plan, execute, and control projects to achieve goals.
  • Lifelong Learning: Stay updated on industry trends and new technologies.

Education and Training:

Formal education and training play a crucial role in preparing for and advancing in FM careers. YourOwn Institute of Training and Professional Development offers a comprehensive Facility Management Courses in Dubai, including the Certified Facility Management (CFM) course, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

Advancement Opportunities in Facilities Management:

The FM field offers diverse opportunities for growth and advancement. With experience and additional qualifications, you can progress to supervisory, managerial, or even executive roles. Specialization in areas like sustainability or healthcare facilities management can further enhance your career prospects.

Factors Accelerating your Advancement:

  • Experience: You stand a better chance of winning if you have a variety of experiences from various settings and roles.
  • Education and Certifications: Pursuing postsecondary education and obtaining the Certified Facility Management (CFM) accreditation are indications of dedication and proficiency.
  • Networking: Creating relationships within the FM community leads to the exchange of knowledge and new opportunities.
  • Communication and Leadership Skills: Developing your leadership, motivational, and communication skills will prepare you for more senior leadership jobs.
  • Flexibility and Ongoing Education: Staying abreast of emerging technologies and market trends ensures your relevance and value.

Dubai’s thriving FM landscape awaits your expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring talent, YourOwn Institute empowers you to take the next step.

Our industry-leading Certified Facility Management (CFM) course equips you with the Certification, knowledge and practical skills to excel in any FM role. Gain in-demand expertise, build a powerful network, and unlock exciting career opportunities in Dubai’s dynamic market.

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Two Skills to Future-proof Your Facility Management Career | Facility Management Course in Dubai

In the fast-paced world of facility management, it is important to stay competitive and relevant. The industry is always changing because of new technologies and how people work together. Two essential skills for future-proofing your facility management career stand out: adaptability and resilience, as well as technological literacy. Taking a Facility Management Course in Dubai can not only help you survive in this fast-paced industry but also help you do well in it.

Adaptability and Resilience

The first skill you need to be successful in facility management is the ability to change and bounce back from setbacks. As the business world changes, facility managers must be ready to deal with new challenges, new rules, and changing client needs. Those who can change their plans and strategies quickly without losing their footing show that they are adaptable. Resilience also helps facility managers keep going even after setbacks or crises. Professionals who are flexible and strong can lead their teams through changes and keep the business going, even when things are uncertain.

Technological Literacy

The second required skill is technological literacy. Facility management is being changed quickly by technology, and managers who can use its power to their advantage will have a big advantage. It is important to know about new technologies like smart building systems, data analytics, and integrated management software. When facility managers know this much about technology, they can streamline operations, make them more efficient, and come up with new ideas for their clients. Also, keeping up with technology trends puts you at the forefront of industry changes, which is becoming an increasingly important way to stand out.

Importance of These Skills

Adaptability, resilience, and technological literacy are critical for future-proofing your facility management career for a variety of reasons. To begin with, the industry’s landscape is constantly changing. Economic changes, global events, and technological breakthroughs can all have an impact on how facility management operates. Adaptable and resilient professionals can quickly pivot their strategies, ensuring that their services remain relevant and effective.

Second, technological advances are changing the way facility management is done. Smart buildings, IoT devices, and advanced analytics are increasingly becoming standard features of modern facilities. Technology-savvy facility managers can use these tools to optimize processes, improve tenant experiences, and drive sustainability initiatives. In an era where efficiency and innovation are critical drivers, technological literacy is non-negotiable.

YourOwn Institute of Training and professional development is a pioneering school of management and finance in Dubai. Their courses cover all types of management including financial, digital, and facility management training.

The skills that you learn through the YourOwn Institute are crucial not only for individual career advancement but also for organizations’ overall success. Facility managers who are adaptable and technologically literate are better positioned to lead their teams, navigate complexities, and drive positive change. They become agents of transformation, assisting their organizations in remaining competitive and responsive.


As the field of facility management continues to evolve, professionals must be equipped with the skills that allow them to thrive amidst change. The Facility Management Course in Dubai offers a platform to cultivate these skills, empowering individuals to future-proof their careers.

Adaptability and resilience enable facility managers to navigate uncertainties and setbacks while remaining steadfast in their commitment to excellence. Technological literacy ensures that facility managers harness the power of innovation to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and tenant satisfaction. Embracing these skills through dedicated learning and training is not just a choice; it’s a strategic move that ensures you remain a dynamic and indispensable force in the ever-evolving field of facility management.


What is the scope of facilities management?

Facilities management is responsible for overseeing building operations, maintenance, space utilization, safety, and services in order to ensure efficient and productive environments.

What is the future of a facility manager?

In an increasingly dynamic and environmentally conscious world, the future of a facility manager entails embracing technology, sustainable practices, and strategic planning to create adaptable and user-centric spaces.

What are the 4 main functions of a facility manager?

A facility manager’s four primary responsibilities include strategic planning for space and resources, maintenance and operations management, regulatory compliance, and enhancing occupant experiences.

Certified Facility Manager (CFM) Top Exam Tips and Advice.

How often has the idea of advancing your career crossed your mind? multiple times? And if you currently hold a position as a facility manager and looking forward to a promotion and growth in your field of expertise you need to crack your Certified Facility Manager CFM Exam. The certified course is offered by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) immediately.

Why a Certified Course in CFM?

You have it all, the skill, the expertise, and the experience quotient to lead the team. So what difference can it make with the CFM certification? Here is what you need need to know:

The CFM exam is an evaluative assessment exam that validates the expertise, credibility, and commitment in you as a manager. The areas of competencies that the exam encompasses are facility planning and design, operations and maintenance, finance and budgeting, sustainability practices, leadership and strategy, and more.You may have it all but the certification reassures and improves your chance to hit the list of the top facility manager.

CFM Exam All You Need to Know 

As a requirement to appear for the exam, you need to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Finance management with a minimum of 3 years of experience or if you are from an engineering or business management background IFMA expects a minimum of five years of experience.

The exam covers 11 core competencies of facility management as

  • Communication
  • Risk management
  • Sustainability finance & business
  • Occupancy & human factors
  • Leadership & strategy
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Project management
  • Real estate performance & quality
  • Facility information management & technology management.

Things to Take Care of While Doing the Exam 

Exam preparedness is the key to being successful in the CFM exam. CFM is not any other exam but one that is the toughest and the most prestigious to crack. The exam demands significant preparedness and expertise from candidates. Have a perfect strategy that breaks down the syllabus and equally splits the time for every other subject. You have to start familiarizing yourself with the structure and pattern of the exam. Also, be aware of the time constraints. Four hours is all that you get to prove your knowledge. A smart methodology is to get familiarized with the pattern. And the only way to do that is to ‘Practice, Practice, and Practice’ until you gain the confidence to smash the exam. You can also get help from the best professional training center.

Study Resources

It’s very important to not have to muddle your head with a bunch of resources. Keep your resources limited and holistic. Have a look at the syllabus before you think of investing in study materials. For reference materials, you can go through the IFMA website. They offer resources that are tailored to navigate you. Also, invest in a test series and devote maximum hours to practice.

Main Focus Areas

The CFM exam is undoubtedly demanding. The CFM Exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions, including 20 non-scored questions from 11 major competency areas. The exam is computer-based and lasts for four hours. To become a Certified Facility Manager, you need to score at least 70%, which is not easy to achieve. However, with persistent effort and consistent practice with well-advanced guidance, you can crack the exam.

Time Management Strategies

The exam demands efficient time management skills to cover all essential topics and handle 180 questions within four hours. Start sharpening your tool of practice from day one of preparation.

  • Seek Assistance from an Institute: It’s beneficial to be associated with an institute that provides study schedules, helps identify priorities, and ensures comprehensive coverage of essential areas, especially with a vast syllabus to avoid getting lost in heaps of content. 
  • Avoid Multitasking: Concentrate on one area at a time, as multitasking can hinder productivity and comprehension during exam preparation.
  • Embrace Mock Tests: Include ample mock tests in your preparation to enhance efficiency and familiarize yourself with the exam format and time constraints.

Why Mock Tests are the Game Changer

Practice and mock tests have a significant impact on exam preparation. They revolutionize the way you approach your studies. The mock test gives you a real exam-like environment, and also it aids in getting familiar with the format, time constraints, and level of difficulty. Through these simulated exams, you can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to concentrate on areas that need improvement. What’s more? repeated practice boosts your confidence, reduces exam anxiety, and enhances overall performance on the actual test day.

Exam Day Tips

Staying calm and composed is the prime key essence. Get sufficient rest and have a healthy breakfast before the exam.

  •  Arrive early at the exam center to avoid unnecessary stress. 
  • Manage your time wisely, allocating it to each section based on the number of questions and complexity.
  •  Stay calm and confident throughout the exam. 
  • Pace yourself while answering questions, avoiding rushing or spending too much time on any single question. 
  • Attempt all questions, even if you’re unsure about some answers. 
  • If you finish early, review your answers for mistakes or overlooked questions, and 
  • Be mindful of time warnings.

Bottom Line

The CFM undoubtedly serves as a lucrative gateway to corporate success. What truly matters to crack the exam is the effort you put in. Perfect strategy along with consistent effort and the right guidance can make the exam a breeze for you. Also always remember to take one step at a time without overwhelming yourself. 

­­Key Skills and Qualities for Excelling as a Facilities Manager

The role of the Facility Manager is vital for the smooth functioning of the built environment. The built environment can be anything from a hospital, stadium, office, or any type of functional building and its related space. For the efficient functioning of a facility, the facility manager has to make multiple-level interactions. For that, a facility manager should be efficient in problem understanding, addressing, and solving.

Especially in a Post-COVID scenario, the relevance of the Facility Manager in providing a safer space for the operation of the organization is more than ever. The area of expertise required for facility managers ranges from Infrastructural planning, and budget planning to knowledge on environmental sustainability. Facility Management requires knowledge in divergent areas and the interesting part is that each and every day as a Facility Manager, work of different nature has to be performed. The Facility Management Course in Dubai can give a detailed idea about the key skills.

The key skills for a Facility Manager

1.Technical Knowledge and Expertise

As Facility Management is getting more entangled with different services, the best way to organize the operations and work seamlessly is by using apt software. To work efficiently according to the industry trends, software applications that assist the day-to-day functioning have to be used and the knowledge of software solutions should be updated according to industry trends.

2. Problem-solving and Analytical Skills

In Facility Management, the nature of day-to-day work varies, so as the group to be interacted with. Only by developing strong leadership skills, different teams can be made to work efficiently under the facility manager. Management skills are crucial to integrate different groups. In overseeing tasks, the Facility Manager must have a strict approach.  The Facility Management Course in Dubai can provide a deeper understanding to develop analytical skills.

3. Effective communication

There are different wings in Facility management, and each one of them requires a different level and type of communication. Efficient and effective communication is an essential part of the smooth functioning of the organization. In order to put the idea in a proper framework to be conveyed effectively and effectively sound communication skill is essential. There will be intra as well as inter-organization communication and also external communication.

4. Attention to Detail and Organizational Skills

It is necessary to not miss details, to avoid any kind of mishap or malfunctioning it is essential to have an eye for details and not to miss even the minutest thing that needs attention. As a Facility Manager is answerable to any incident.

5. Adaptability and Flexibility.

Key kill is to be capable of facing any kind of threat related to the facility and most importantly there should be a knack to avoid such instances. The ability to handle emergencies, address unexpected issues, and to come out with solutions are part of this job.

6. Financial Management and Budgeting Skills

Financing is a very difficult part of Facility management. The income-expense balance is the key to a successful budget plan. But there are always chances for unexpected expenditure, for that it is necessary to keep a buffer. A tactical approach to managing money is the key responsibility in budgeting.

7. Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Encourage a commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends.  There are different areas of work involved and there are always updates happening. so it is necessary to keep up with the changes in the system.


To understand the details of Facility Management and to develop practical as well as Theoretical knowledge yourown institute can offer training to become a Certified Facility Manager then it is necessary to take the CFM exam. To keep up with the industry standards make sure to get the right training from Youown Institute, CFM is an important certification in the facility management area provided by IFMA.

Facility management course – Is facility management a promising career?

Facility management is the mainstay for the flawless functioning of an organization. The operations, maintenance requirements, man management, etc. would turn haphazard without an efficient facility manager. Due to this reality, companies, businesses, and organizations have been choosing qualified and skilled facility managers. A facility management course in Dubai is the first step for joining this promising sector. If you have been looking for a field with optimal job opportunities.

Basic Requirements to Become a Successful Facility Manager.

A facility manager would be handling multiple operations simultaneously. He or she should be capable, knowledgeable, and qualified to undertake the tasks without any errors or confusion. In a responsible position, employers choose well-qualified facility managers only. A prominent institution for years, Your Own has been offering facility management courses in Dubai besides many other courses that offer extensive career opportunities.

The basic requirements to become a successful facility manager include:

  • Knowledge: The facility manager should have knowledge and information regarding different aspects related to the field. Then only s/he will be able to manage the team, allot work, and plan activities. A facility management course in Dubai will help in understanding the factors relevant to this field.
  • Management: Time, material, and man management are essential for obtaining optimal outputs. The facility manager cannot achieve success in the job without these management traits. Facility management courses in Dubai, or any other place, will be useful in gaining knowledge regarding management theories and understanding the practical scenario.
  • Stress Handling: The facility manager is one of the persons responsible for the effective functioning of the organization. With such a workload, there are possibilities of stress. Therefore, those who are planning to choose this field should be capable of stress handling.

Is Facility Manager a Promising Career?

The single-word answer to this question is “yes”. Facility management is definitely a promising career. The increasing number of aspirants itself indicates that youngsters also have understood the job prospects of a facility manager. Our facility management course in Dubai has been witnessing a rise in students joining the course.

Every company, organization, and business needs a facility manager for handling day-to-day maintenance, housekeeping, man management, and other related operations. It is not possible to use an automated system for the job. Only a qualified, knowledgeable, and efficient person can handle the activities meticulously.

In the case of large organizations, there would be a facility management team for managing different tasks. The raised level of competition has forced every company to be highly competent. And efficient facility management is an unavoidable factor for competency.

Imagine a client visiting an industrial facility, office, or commercial space. What would be the client’s reaction if a particular machinery is not working, or the office space is not maintained properly? It will create a negative image of the company. Consequently, the client may discontinue the association, leading to bad word-of-mouth publicity that would impede the company’s growth. Facility management has a strong role in the success of a company.

The above-mentioned facts underscore the importance of facility management. Now you can decide for yourself whether facility management is a promising career or not.

The Conclusion

Facility management is a promising career option nowadays. Joining a facility management course in Dubai can open the gates of a great career. Further, the qualification has career options across the world. Therefore, you can have boundless options to choose from.

We would be happy to help you with the best facility management course in Dubai. If you are looking for a facility management course, do contact us now. We wish you all the best for a great career.

Taking Your Facility Management Skills to the Next Level with Our Course.

Facility management is a vital requirement for every organization. The facility manager and the efficient team under him or she maintains equipment, undertake servicing needs, plan the relevant activities, and upkeep the premises with the help of a specific team. The FM must have a keen focus on the schedule and should maintain it methodically.

Nowadays, facility management uses advanced software solutions. For planning, scheduling, implementing, and other associated activities. The FM field has been a promising sector with phenomenal job prospects. Facility management courses in Dubai, under a known academy, can open the gateway to opportunity for you.  

Firms, companies, and organizations look for individuals with a positive perspective to handle their FM divisions. Since a well-maintained organization is the first thing to attract a client. Our facility management course in Dubai has been instrumental in shaping the future of many youngsters. Hence, you may reach out to us if you are aspiring to pursue a career in facility management.

Benefits of Facility Management Course in Dubai

Whether you opt for a facility management course in Dubai at our institution or any other place, it offers several benefits. However, make sure that you choose the right academy, with a credible image, for the course. The center where you qualify for the facility management course also matters when it comes to job opportunities.

The benefits of facility management courses in Dubai include:

  1.  Leadership Traits, Attitude, and Skills: Leadership trait is the first thing a facility manager should possess. He or she would be leading a team of professionals from different sections. Different qualifications and expertise, ambiguities, and rifts may arise among them. The FM should handle the men and maintain harmony for working forward as a team. The facility management course and training will offer guidance and practical classes for inducing leadership traits, attitudes, and skills in the candidate.
  2. Certifications and Experience: The facility manager is expected to take up responsibility and go ahead strongly. The overall productivity of the organization depends on how efficiently the FM team maintains it. Excluding a micro minority, others may not have the talent to render effective support to the organization. That is where the facility management course in Dubai comes in. The course would make the person capable enough to manage a team and do the needful for the organization. The certification, subsequent to the course, proves the individual’s abilities.  
  3. Usage of Technology: Technology has infiltrated every sector. You cannot imagine any field surviving without the support of digital technology. The arrival and availability of state-of-the-art digital solutions have transformed the FM sector too. Now it is quite convenient to handle manpower, schedule tasks, assign duties, and plan activities. Nonetheless, individuals need requisite training and practice for exploring technology optimally. The facility management course in Dubai, at Your Own, has specific sections for the same.
  4. Practical Training: A person needs to undergo necessary practical training to perform his or her duties efficiently. It may not be possible for an individual to deliver the best service without having practical knowledge. That is why the concept of the internship was introduced. Similarly, the facility manager would need real practice for undertaking the duties and performing the responsibilities. The top academies offering facility management courses in Dubai have practical training included in the course program.

Once you have undergone the course and obtained the qualification, you will be confident enough to manage any quantum of work. Therefore, you can approach any organization or company for a job. An efficient and capable facility manager can expect great status and career growth.

You may talk to us if you are looking for a facility management course in Dubai. We can help you with the best course on facility management.

Facilities Management Innovations: Top 08 Trends to Watch in 2023

An efficient facility manager is of paramount importance for every organization. The lack of coordination in varying activities, inappropriate allotment of manpower, irregular maintenance schedules, etc. can not only impact productivity but also affect growth prospects adversely.

Companies look for qualified facility managers and facility management specialists with adequate qualifications and experience. A facility management course in Dubai is crucial for gaining access to this rapidly growing career sector. 2023 is expected to induce momentum in different sectors including facility management. We are discussing facility management innovations and the top 08 trends to watch in 2023.

1. Digitization and Integration of Futuristic Technology

Facility management is not like the earlier days anymore. The availability of digital resources, including facility management software, has transformed the scenario entirely. The functioning of the organization can be systematically streamlined with advanced technology. The facility managers must have adequate knowledge to operate the systems and obtain the intended results. The trend is expected to peak in 2023. The facility management courses in Dubai have also been modified accordingly.

2. Smart Management of the Systems and Manpower

Expenses are increasing day by day. Conflicts between nations and adverse geopolitical conditions are heavily impacting the healthy functioning of companies. The facility management team must understand the scenario and act accordingly. A seamless supply chain, meticulous usage of man and machinery, and incorporation of state-of-the-art methods are essential to steer healthy through the testing time. 2023 might witness modifications in the facility management functionalities to meet the requirements.

3. Versatility is the Key

The facility management team should be adaptable to varying situations. The pandemic that shook the world had been devastating for every sector across the world. Introducing changes with such conditions and maintaining the momentum necessitates versatile facility managers. The coaching offered through facility management courses in Dubai by renowned academies like Your Own includes both theoretical and practical aspects to handle the situations professionally.

4. Effective Usage of Hybrid Work Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many things. Hybrid work culture is one among those. The workspace can be used effectively by adhering to hybrid work conditions. People can work in shifts or opt to work in the time slot convenient. The facility management has to be agile to meet the requirements of both the employees and the management. It should not happen that workspace, machinery, or equipment is not ready. The year 2023 will see more companies changing hybrid work cultures.

5. Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance practices must be induced by all the firms. The facility manager has an undeniable role in ensuring that the team is following proactive maintenance practices.

6. Digitized Facility Management Services

Both the company and the employees must have access to digitized facility management services. A proper channel of communication and transparent setup is vital for meeting this objective. Companies are slowly, but steadily, shifting to this functioning methodology. Facility management courses in Dubai have included this in the syllabus.

7. Sustainability

Every entity eyeing optimal growth must incorporate futuristic concepts. Otherwise, let alone growth, even sustainability would become difficult. The methods chosen must be helpful for meeting the production and business requirements cost-effectively.

8. Upskilling of the Team

Every sector necessitates constant learning and integration of the latest techniques. Companies are also considering this possibility seriously. Many firms have turned to upskilling their employees instead of hiring or recruiting manpower. Upskilling is crucial for remaining in competition in this highly competitive world. For the same reason, we suggest aspirants join only proficient academies for facility management courses in Dubai. No use in undergoing a facility management course that follows an obsolete syllabus.

Do you have any queries regarding the facility management course in Dubai?

We can help you. Call us now.

A Quick Facility Management Guide for Beginners

This quick Facility Management (FM) guide for beginners is intended for giving you an overview of the field. It would be useful for those who want to explore this promising field or firms looking to implement facility management divisions. At the same time, facility management courses in Dubai would be important if you want to take up a job in the sector.

Let’s begin the topic with the basic thing, what is facility management?

Facility management is the division that looks after the complete maintenance, servicing, and day-to-day requirements of an organization. The facility manager or the facility management team is responsible for monitoring and handling everything including servicing of equipment, maintenance of defective items, monitoring of workforce and assigning them with duties, administrative support to the company, and maintaining the record of employees under him/ her.

The facility manager would focus on improving the productivity of the team, ensuring the premises are well kept and all the hygienic conditions are properly monitored. Facility management courses in Dubai would train and educate the subtle elements and theories of facility management. It would enable the aspirants to shoulder responsibilities that would offer a prospective career path.

Why Facility Management is Important?

Facility Management creates an atmosphere conducive to functioning. The employees from different departments in the organization can work without bothering about the servicing and maintenance of the components. They simply have to report the defect if any equipment or accessory becomes defective prematurely.

FM would help the company to present itself in the best light to the client. A properly maintained and tidy office, where everything happens in clockwork precision, gains instant acceptance from the customers. It simply reflects how optimistic and productive the company is.

The facility manager is instrumental in improving the productivity of the employees as well as the trouble-free functioning of the firm. In fact, the facility management courses in Dubai and other regions train the students to calculate, observe and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Facility Management: A Constantly Evolving Field

The effect of digitization is evident in the field of facility management as well. It has been constantly evolving for years. The integration of a software-based management system is the latest factor that enhanced the FM field.

Standardization of FM practices is undertaken based on directives and policies from approved international bodies. Even the facility management course in Dubai and other locations are also based on the curriculum determined by such organizations. Some of them are:

  • The International Facility Management Association of IFMA
  • The International Standards Organization (ISO)
  • The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM)

These organizations’ contributions are the key factors in deciding the amendments in the facility management courses as well as in the functioning of the FM team.

The Qualities Expected of a Facility Manager

A facility manager is supposed to have some skills and qualities that are vital for disbursing his or her duties effectively.

  • Leadership traits
  • Time, space, and man management skills
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving
  • Quality control skills
  • Project management tact
  • Risk identification and risk management
  • Communication skills 

The facility management course in Dubai offered by Your Own is aimed at instilling all these qualities in the candidates. Perfect coaching at our academy would enable the aspirants to shoulder greater responsibilities and perform well on the job. Opening their way for better performance and career growth.

Want to work in Facility Management? Know your certifications

A Facility Manager is a responsible position for handling multiple tasks simultaneously. He or she will have all the data regarding systems, equipment, workforce, and facilities. Working in association with the management, the FM will help plan, develop, promulgate and monitor several activities. Pursuing a facility management course in Dubai is the first step toward joining this career.

Steps for Becoming a Facility Manager

Facility management courses in Dubai are essential for shaping your career. Obtaining qualifications from a reputed educational institution can elevate your chances of getting selected by renowned firms and multinational companies.

The steps for becoming a successful facility manager include:

Graduation Relevant to the Field: You cannot pinpoint a specific bachelor’s degree program for facility management. The job requires you to have diverse managerial capabilities. Man management, time management, and material management are a few of the necessary skills that would help you perform better. Accordingly, the suitable degree programs for a facility manager include accounting, business administration, and operation management.

Choose the Training Module: Specialised facility management sectors necessitate specific training. Choose the training module depending on the job profile you seek. Professional teachers at academies offering facility management courses in Dubai can guide you in this regard.

Get the Apt Certification: Certification courses are available with task-oriented coaching. Sustainability within the workplace, facility management supervisor, and overall facility management facilitator is the commonly chosen certifications. The certifications offered by the facility management course in Dubai include:

  • Facility Management Certified Professional Program: The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) also offers this highly valued certification program. The facility management professional certificate program has a comprehensive curriculum for instilling knowledge of various facility management aspects. Highly valued and recognized across the globe, the certification can get you a job in top organizations. The aspirants with the requisite education qualification can join this course.
  • Certified Facility Manager Credential: Certified facility manager credential provides in-depth knowledge and learning experience to professionals. Comprising industry-standard topics, this coaching program assesses the person’s skills and knowledge. And imparts knowledge on core concepts and vital fields. General management, risk assessment, and management, planning and promulgation, formulation of methodologies, etc are included in this program. With the digital and physical badges and certificates the course offers, the aspirant can boost the chances of career growth.
  • Sustainability Facility Professional Certificate Program: This is another facility management course in Dubai. The IFMA certification course imparts knowledge on workplace sustainability aspects. By undergoing this course, the professional would become extremely capable facility managers to introduce novel methodologies, working practices, and managerial techniques.

How to Become a Successful Facility Manager?

Facility management is a career that promises decent pay and perks. Only able personnel with optimistic traits and managerial skills can perform well in this job. Professional educational institutions providing facility management courses in Dubai can help you earn the knowledge, skill, and capabilities for becoming successful in this field.

The traits a facility manager must have are:

  • Man, material, and time management: You will be handling multiple jobs simultaneously. Limited manpower, time constraints, and material shortage impede the smooth functioning at times. Only a person with management skills would be able to handle such scenarios.
  • Stress management: Managing stress and remaining cool and composed is of paramount importance to becoming a successful facility manager. Practice methods to control your emotions even while encountering unforeseen scenarios. 
  • Leadership: A facility manager is the leader of a large team. S/he must guide, motivate and lead the team. No one likes a demotivated leader. Your success lies in your capability to remain positive always.

Do you think you can become a successful facility manager? For more info on the facility management courses in Dubai, contact us now.