The Benefits of the CPIM (Certified in Planning & Inventory Management) Certification for Supply Chain Professionals.

Supply chain management systems have been under constant evolution. The increasing customer demands, increased global connectivity, the availability of advanced digital technology, and augmented online shopping subsequent to the pandemic have been the core reasons behind this phenomenon. Logistics and supply chain management courses have been the gateway for joining this field.

A leading academy in Dubai, we have been offering Certified in Planning and Inventory Management or CPIM certification to individuals aspiring to join this sector. Extensive career prospects have been the basic factor for more youngsters picking CPIM courses in Dubai. Our target has been to educate and train our students to shoulder higher responsibilities and perform tasks meticulously. So that, they can grow in their career and become successful in life.

How Does CPIM (Certified in Planning & Inventory Management) Certification Benefit the Candidates?

Logistics and supply chain management courses, especially CPIM, offer a promising career path to youngsters. They can gain exceptional acceptance around the world by getting the CPIM certification or any other relevant qualification from the logistics and SCM sectors. The benefits that a CPIM-certified candidate can have, include:

  • Inventory management is a key element in the SCM perspective. Maintaining a proper track of items available, the details of the incoming and outgoing inventory, etc. are essential for keeping seamless supply support. A person with the CPIM certification would have a keen knowledge, understanding, and ability for effective inventory management and planning.
  • Supply Chain Management is a constant process that necessitates the implementation of measures to maintain the momentum of supply. Delays due to unforeseen circumstances can affect the image of the logistics company. Therefore, the person handling the section, as well as, the team should have the skills and efficiency. The logistics and supply chain management courses have been a key element in ensuring the availability of qualified individuals for the job.
  • Operation of a logistics entity is an intricate thing, with several activities going on simultaneously. Those in the management should have a focused approach, along with the ability to multi-task. Supply and distribution of items, monitoring of transportation, keeping a record of the inventory, and recruiting new manpower are some of the tasks assigned to those in responsible positions. The Certified in Planning and Inventory Management course will instill capability, knowledge, and efficiency in aspirants to perform well while on the job.
  • Poor material, time, and man management are detrimental to the logistics business. The CPIM course would cover topics that would impart comprehensive management skills that would aid the candidate professionally.
  • Procurement and planning are two integral parts of supply chain management, as well as, logistics operations. Imagine an erroneous procurement process or planning that does not predict possible roadblocks. The business is going to doom if the management is unable to undertake these two activities properly. Logistics and supply chain management courses at Your Own instill knowledge and insights, besides teaching the advisable techniques, to the students.
  • Forecasting and a foresighted approach are necessary to shine in the logistics and SCM sector. The Certified in Planning and Inventory Management certification will make the aspirants capable enough to forecast the tasks and proceed accordingly. A person not undergone the coaching or qualified in the CPIM course may not be able to organize or coordinate the intricate logistics activities including procurement, planning, transportation, distribution, manpower planning, and inventory management.
  • Logistics and supply chain management courses, as well as, CPIM have finance and accounting included in the curriculum. The students will also be given practical training that would aid them in facing real situations.

The Observation

CPIM and logistics and supply chain management courses are essential for those looking to build a career in this sector. A prominent coaching center can assure you methodical coaching that would be useful in obtaining the CPIM and SCM certifications. By offering advanced courses, Your Own has become the torch bearer for many aspirants.

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Importance of supply chain management that helps business to grow in 2023

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the life and soul of logistics and transportation companies. They cannot compete in the sector, or even survive, without rendering seamless supply. Passionate and knowledgeable professionals are the core behind a successful logistics firm. Therefore, qualified individuals have extensive career prospects in this industry. A logistics and supply chain management course is the first step for entering this highly rewarding career path.

How Supply Chain Management Helps Business to grow in 2023?

SCM is the key element that connects a business with its suppliers as well as customers. Imagine the scenario wherein you are unable to deliver the goods in the promised time. Or recurrent delays are happening in the supply of products. The client would think of alternatives. Resulting in the loss of business that may lead to the closing down of the company.

Let’s see how all supply chain management helps businesses to grow.

  • Enhanced Efficiency – Supply Chain Management is a complex process that explores multiple methodologies including digital technology to deliver the best result. This is significant for business growth. Logistics and supply chain management courses would educate the students on such aspects and make them efficient enough to perform their duties.
  • Increased Profit – Reduced expenses mean increased profit. Companies worldwide constantly look for cost-effective techniques that would aid them in extending optimum services at reduced expenditure. SCM is the key element in this regard.
  • Alleviate Risks – SCM’s objective is not only to maintain the supply chain but also to alleviate possible risks. A professional with SCM knowledge would be having a comprehensive view of the logistics system. In fact, a logistics and supply chain management course would comprise all such topics. The qualified professionals would implement measures to alleviate risks and ensure constant growth.
  • Strong Client Relations – A healthy supply chain system would concrete the confidence the client has in the service provider. The logistics company would constantly get orders with this strong client relationship. Moreover, the word-of-the-mouth publicity generated through this would be instrumental in business growth.
  • Improved Credibility – Credibility and reputation are earned through consistent performance. A company cannot expect to have a prominent identity unless they maintain a reliable service record. Proper supply chain management would be a significant factor in establishing credibility thereby aiding the business to grow in 2023.
  • Agile Decisions – Quick decisions are vital in this pacey world. Any delay can reduce the chances of growth and success. Agile decision-making has become one of the main traits of a leader nowadays. The swift response and corrective measures can guide the business toward constant growth. In the case of the logistics industry, the logistics and supply chain management courses induce the quality of agility in the students. So that they can perform their best while on the job.

Supply Chain Management is the mainstay of a company. The strength and sustenance of an entity rest mainly on how it meets client requirements and how reliable they are. No firm can maintain a trusted relationship with a client if they fail to ensure a seamless SCM. Professionals with apt qualifications like logistics and supply chain management courses are instrumental in keeping supply chain management intact. 

Future scope and opportunities of Supply Chain Management in 2023

A seamless supply of replenishments and materials is the mainstay for every business. Disruptions in supply due to geopolitical and climatic scenarios can affect performance. Leading to customer dissatisfaction, thereby impacting the growth of the company.

That is the main reason for entities looking for applicants with knowledge and skills in logistics and supply chain management. Healthy logistics support and unhindered provision of goods necessitate a team with ample talent and the support of digital technologies.

Academies offering logistics and supply chain management courses have been witnessing a quantum leap of students, with organizations and businesses opting only for candidates with the requisite qualifications.

Reasons for the Expected Rise in Opportunities for Supply Chain Management in 2023

Logistics and supply chain management is eyeing significant growth in 2023. It is already on the expansion track with higher acceptance than before. The reasons that would lead to the rise in opportunities in the sector are:

  • Increased connectivity around the world, makes it possible to obtain any product from any part of the world.
  • Advanced digital technology that assures boundless connectivity.
  • Technology that provides real-time info and seamless input regarding the status of logistics supply.
  • requiring qualified manpower to handle the operations.
  • Quality is a bigger priority than quantity. Instead, more men and entities are looking for aspirants with the required qualifications (Logistics and supply chain management courses can be the gateway to fulfilling the criteria laid down by the companies).

What are the Future Scope and Opportunities of Supply Chain Management?

Digitalization has revolutionized the logistics and transportation industry. The availability of advanced logistics and supply chain management courses has elevated the possibility of getting into the sector without much difficulty. Obtaining the qualification from a recognized academy like Your Own can place the candidate ahead of the others competing for the job.

The future scope and opportunities of supply chain management include:

  • Real-time visibility of cargo supported by digital technology that updates the info constantly. Unlike earlier days, wherein only data was updated when the shipment touches the port or specific location, the exact position even while on move can be obtained nowadays. This also mandates qualified professionals for managing the info.
  • Constant automated notifications to the consignee regarding the whereabouts of the consignment. Avoiding the need for contacting the shipment or logistics company for the same. Therefore, the company representatives do not have to involve in tele conversations with the client as before.
  • With firms around the world opt only for qualified candidates who have completed the logistics and supply chain management courses successfully. Of late, Your Own has been receiving an increased number of students, owing to this factor.
  • Observing the scenario, we are confident that a bright and prosperous future awaits those in the supply chain management sector. Not only the year 2023 but also the subsequent years would be highly positive for all in the field.

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Supply Chain Management Vs Logistics: Key differences & similarities

Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics appear similar. Making many misconstrues between the two. They are services focussing on procurement and supply of goods. Requiring meticulous planning, management, and coordination, the services require skilled manpower and technical support.

We are looking into this article’s key differences and similarities in logistics and supply chain management. At the same time, if you are an aspirant looking for a career in the field, you can consider joining logistics and supply chain management courses.

What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Supply chain management is a series of activities including manufacturing of products from raw materials to delivering them to the retailer or customer. It has different layers of activities like processing, planning, scheduling, managing, and procuring. Logistics and supply chain management courses in Dubai are intended to offer a better understanding of the concept and make capable employees.

What is Logistics?

Logistics is basically the process of planning and delivering cargo from point A to point B. Planning and execution are the key steps in the case of logistics services. Smooth movement of goods and seamless delivery services are vital for maintaining logistics support to the clients.

Differences Between Logistics and Supply Chain Management

For clients, both activities are the same. Nonetheless, a professional must understand the key differences, to offer the right services to them. Logistics and supply chain management courses are designed methodically to induce the correct knowledge and skills in the aspirants.

Let’s look into the differences between SCM and logistics:

  • SCM is a comprehensive activity that comprises planning, labor management, material management, provision of facilities, and supply activities. Logistics is a part of SCM.
  • Logistics function with the sole intention of fulfilling customer requirements. On the other hand, supply chain management looks at improving the methods and procedures to ensure more effective customer service. Besides gaining a competitive advantage over the opponents.
  • Logistics has a single aim, i.e. to deliver the cargo efficiently in a budget-friendly manner.
  • SCM process begins with raw materials that undergo production processes at the entity and finishes at the end customer.

Similarities Between Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Even though different, they both share some common characteristics as well. The logistics and supply chain management courses would teach you about both in detail. The elaborative classes would offer insights into the subtle aspects of SCM and logistics. The similarities between SCM and logistics are:

  • Cargo service, procurement, and product support are common features of SCM and logistics.
  • The services aim to maintain the availability of raw materials, goods, and products. To keep the firm functioning as per the schedule.
  • The efficient functioning of SCM and logistics is essential for ensuring a competitive advantage over the rivals.
  • The services involve the flow of goods and services from producers and suppliers to customers.
  • Geopolitical or climatic uncertainties can affect SCM and logistics. Therefore, companies in this field must have well-connected networks around the globe for maintaining consistent services.

The Conclusion

The brief aspects of SCM and logistics are:

  • More often than not, clients use SCM and logistics interchangeably, even though they are intended for different activities, which appear similar.
  • Logistics simply pick a product or cargo from a specific location and deliver it to another location as directed by the client. It does not have any role in the procurement of raw materials or the production of goods.
  • Supply chain management comprises the entire activity, from the production of items to the delivery of the same to the end user.
  • Supply chain management and logistics are the lifelines of companies around the world. Even a small error can cause cascading effects and may lead to company failure.

Logistics and supply chain management courses are formulated with the intention of offering the best professionals to firms around the world. A team of knowledgeable professionals is the mainstay of every organization. This has led to an increase in demand for candidates with the requisite qualification. Offering better career options to aspiring candidates.

You can join logistics and supply chain management courses to have a bright and promising future. For more info, call us now.

The Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Management and Logistics Careers

A career in the logistics sector is the new buzz in town. Obviously, the increase in global trades and well-established global connectivity has created several opportunities. Aspirants with skills and qualifications can join the logistics industry and scale the summits of success in a relatively more minor time. Of course, logistics and supply chain management courses are the first step to entering the world of logistics and shipment.

Job Options in Logistics Services

Acquiring the qualifications in the field can open a spectrum of opportunities for you. Logistics and supply chain management courses in Dubai are one such course. It would impart knowledge about the logistics field and train you to be capable of joining the top logistics services in the UAE and other countries.

The career options in logistics include:

  • Operations and management executive
  • Warehouse executive
  • Documentation executive
  • Transportation and shipment executive
  • Vendor management executive
  • Fleet management executive
  • Logistics executive
  • Planning and procurement executive
  • Inventory executive
  • Customer support executive

These are a few of the promising jobs in the logistics industry. Once you perform well, you can rise in your career in a short span.

Skills Required to be Successful in the Logistics Jobs

Logistics and supply chain management courses are the stepping-stone to a progressive career. You must possess the skills to succeed and get promoted to the top echelons. Some of the skills you need to have are:

  • Fundamental Aspects of Supply and Demand Chain: The logistics and supply chain management course in Dubai will instill knowledge regarding the intricate elements of logistics services. Understanding the core concepts is instrumental in planning, forecasting, scheduling, and managing the services. You can earn appreciation and grow up in the career path only if you are able to deliver the services diligently.
  • Business and Marketing Skills: Logistics requires individuals who can market their firm, attract prospective clients and turn them into permanent customers. The logistics and supply chain management courses would teach you the subtle factors of business and marketing. It is for you to imbibe the concepts and put those into practice.
  • Communication Skills: Soft skills like effective communication, relationship management, establishing public relations, and negotiations for the company’s benefit are also vital for becoming successful in the logistics field.

Advantages of Supply Chain Management and Logistics Careers

Logistics and supply chain management courses in Dubai will equip you to succeed in your career path. Below mentioned are some of the advantages of choosing this career:

  • Plenty of job opportunities
  • Career options around the globe
  • Progress in life with good pay and benefits
  • Rise in career by delivering prompt services
  • Job satisfaction

You can join logistics and supply chain management courses and make your future bright. To know more, contact us now.

Career opportunities of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses programme gives deep insight into the logistics and supply chain industry. The course is extremely suitable for those professionals or fresh graduates who intend to build an entry-level managerial career in the logistics and supply chain industry. The prime duties of logistic managers include making sure that the manufacturers are receiving the requisite raw materials and the supply of finished goods and services to end consumers is promptly and timely.

Of late, effective logistics and supply chain management have become vital for organizations in various sectors, namely e-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing, retail and more, hence it is imperative for big corporate organizations to have logistics and supply chain management departments. Well-trained and qualified logistics and supply chain management professionals are in huge demand in sectors like e-commerce, hospitals, hospitality, aviation, shipping and more. 

The manufacturing sector provides the largest job opportunities for professionals with 

certification in logistics and supply chain management. The professionals are entitled to claim jobs as consultants, logistics analysts, customer service managers, international logistic managers, inventory control managers, logistics engineers, logistics managers, logistic service salesmen, supply chain managers, and more.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai offered by YourOwn Institute are recognised worldwide across all countries. The faculty of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Dubai at YourOwn helps the students develop the highest standards and qualifications and deliver valuable professional recognition around the globe.

YourOwn’s training provides logistics students with individual solid growth and helps them climb ladders in their careers. Development. We offer various levels of qualification courses, which can be taken at a flexible place and at your own pace.

YourOwn’s courses enable the students to develop in-depth knowledge, skills, and competencies in logistics, warehousing, shipping, and supply chain management, which will further help them manage resources, processes, and people.

Best Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Dubai

The global pandemic has changed how businesses are looking at the procurements teams within organizations and they are leaving no stones unturned to reallocate their supply chain networks and apprising their databases to respond as fast as possible to the predicaments. When the business world is turning dynamic on a daily basis one should have an inclusive understanding of the operational procedures and that’s where Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses arrive.  Going by definition- Supply Chain Management & Logistics is an area that concentrates on the process of sourcing raw materials and components needed by companies to manufacture their products.  One of the key responsibilities of those who work in this particular area is enhancing the overall performance of the supply chain, to make sure that the fastest possible delivery is done.

Laying out a few benefits offered by Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Dubai.

Expand the profitability of the organization

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Dubai offers various job opportunities within the supply chain management department of several organisations. Organisations are in search of dynamic professionals who have completed Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Dubai and who are efficient in analyzing the cost and helping the company in decreasing the operational expenses.

As a supply chain manager, you are responsible for increasing sales, filtering the new manufacturers as well as making a key difference in the company.

Provide the best possible solution for the company

Business ventures always continue to experience major changes and the global supply chain undergoes vast changes regularly. Businesses have to adapt to these ever-evolving changes in manufacturing locations and bring in cost-effective methods.

The companies are always in search of individuals who have completed Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses as they can identify any existing and potential complications and bring in the best possible solutions.

Keep pace with challenges and trends

When you opt for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses you are getting an opportunity to handle and experience the latest trends in the industry. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Dubai by YourOwn Institute equips the students with knowledge on the ways in which clients are managed and company books are calculated.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course teaching experts at YourOwn Institute helps the students to understand the latest technology and trends that will help them to spearhead the organization in smoother ways.  YourOwn also equips the students with excellent communication skills which will help them to build great rapport with international clients, vendors, and associates.

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