UAE Labour Law Certification: Your Path to Professional Growth and Advancement

The UAE labor laws are dictated by Federal Decree 33/2021. Promulgated to prevent disparity among workers, ensure justice to all those employed in the UAE, and stipulate a guideline for both employees and employers, the labor laws are to be abided mandatorily.

The HR managers, HR professionals, and the team involved in HR activities in a firm or organization must be aware of the UAE labour laws thoroughly. Making UAE labor law training courses in Dubai of paramount importance. Companies also look for professionals with UAE labour law certification.

Your Own academy has been at the forefront of providing UAE labour law certification courses for those who complete the course successfully. Our meticulously prepared course program has been effective in guiding the candidates and imparting professional knowledge regarding UAE labour laws.

Amendment to Labour Laws of the UAE

The UAE authorities have amended the extant labour law and promulgated new changes. In fact, this has been the first time labour laws have been amended significantly. In a move intended to make the labor sphere more supportive of the workforce, the authorities have directed the employers to implement the regulations properly

Consequent to the amendment, the employment contracts, working models, working hours, payment structure, gratuity, and mode of termination have been changed. HR professionals with UAE labour law certification are required for undertaking the procedures as per the new labour law in force. Thereby elevating the relevance of the UAE labor law training course.

Those looking to start a career in the HR sector or HR professionals who want to be more proficient must join the UAE labour law training course in Dubai. It would give them a leading edge over their competitors and other fellow professionals. You must remain updated about the changes in the HR sector, to be an important person in the team or to head a team of professionals.

Key Topics of UAE Labour Law Course

The topics covered in the UAE labour law certification include:

  • What are the objectives of the new labor law in the UAE
  • The regulations and policies are to be complied with by the employers in the country. Analysis of the activities and aspects related to them.
  • Actions to be taken to prevent discrimination among the employees. Procedure to control it if discrimination or disparity is observed. The UAE labour law training course in Dubai, conducted by Your Own, will teach the professionals and aspirants in detail about it.
  • Introduction to new work categories introduced by the UAE authorities.
  • New terms of employment added to the UAE labour law.
  • How to proceed with the termination of the employment contract. Dos and don’ts regarding the same.
  • How to go ahead with disciplinary actions against an employee? Things to consider whilst proceeding with it.

Course Benefits of UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai

The course benefits of UAE labour law training course in Dubai are:

  • UAE labour law certification opens career opportunities across the country, in leading companies and organizations.
  • A thorough understanding of all the aspects, principles, and subtle elements of UAE labour law in force.
  • Regulatory characteristics and enforcement of rules promulgated by the UAE ministry of labour.
  • Dispute resolution as per the extant policies.
  •  Assessment of disputes and handling of the same according to the right method.
  • Proper adherence to the UAE labour laws during the process of recruitment.
  • Preventing errors in procedure when terminating an employee, which may lead to legal complications. 

The Tail End

The UAE labour law certification would provide you with an upper hand in the professional field. A proper UAE labour law training course in Dubai offered by Your Own is what you need. This is the best course for both in the HR field and those looking to enter the HR sector.

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The Increasing Relevance of CAMS Course Certification in the Present-Day Financial Industry

The importance of CAMS-certified professionals is increasing day by day. Consequent to the uncontrolled increase in online fraud, companies are looking for experts with adequate knowledge to protect their financial assets. By using CAMS-certified professionals, entities around the globe have been successful in curbing financial crimes online to a great extent. Boosting the value of CAMS certification. Evidently, the number of candidates opting for CAMS training and certification also increased phenomenally.

What is CAMS?

A Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) is a trained and qualified professional skilled in monitoring and finding financial frauds. Swindlers use intricate methodologies for laundering money. It would be an uphill task to trace the source of money and unearth the laundering channel. Only a professional with CAMS certification can identify and prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.

A CAMS specialist is an expert in detecting and investigating financial crimes. The CAMS training and certification offered by ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-money Laundering Specialists), a widely recognized body, enables the professionals for this task. 

What is the Importance of CAMS Certification?

A CAMS certification is the stepping stone to becoming a successful financial analyst. The CAMS training is formulated in such a way as to equip the aspirants with all the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their duties.

The factors that increase the relevance of CAMS certification are:

  • Learn in-depth about money laundering and related regulations – CAMS training comprises topics elaborating on anti-money laundering acts, methodologies adapted by money launderers, federal acts, trends observed worldwide, and current scenarios. The CAMS certification course will provide in-depth knowledge and experience in the field. A financial analyst, banker, or aspirant can enhance his or her capabilities significantly through CAMS training.
  • Updated info on the fraudulent activities – Swindlers and money launderers are trying new techniques for escaping the eyes of the authority. The classes for CAMS specialization cover the latest trends and techniques. Helping the students to become highly capable in handling the situations quite efficiently. With advanced CAMS coaching, they can be experts with complete control of the financial system.
  • Extensive job opportunities – CAMS training and qualification will offer you extensive job opportunities. Candidates with CAMS certification are preferred by banks and other financial institutions around the globe. That is the reason for more people choosing to undergo CAMS coaching in Dubai and other locations. In turn, Your Own has also been witnessing increasing enrolment for CAMS coaching. 

What are the Career Benefits of CAMS Certification?

The career benefits of CAMS certification include:

  • With a widely recognized certification around the globe, CAMS specialists can find a career anywhere he or she wants. Both public and private sector organizations look for CAMS specialists. Moreover, you can expect phenomenal career growth with this additional qualification.
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) professionals have a higher professional stature than financial specialists with the subject qualification. Money laundering has become a headache for banks and other firms in the financial sector. Hence, AML specialists have a prominent position.
  • CAMS specialization has become a highly demanded portfolio. The specialists with CAMS certification are preferred over others.
  •  The promotion and growth prospects of CAMS-trained professionals are higher than other financial professionals in an organization.

The Tail End

The future of CAMS specialists is bright with more firms across the world seeking AML professionals. It would be difficult for financial entities to exist without the support of CAMS professionals. With the increase in money laundering and financial crimes at an alarming rate. This has also led to the increasing relevance of CAMS courses and certifications.

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Key Characteristics of Effective Cabin Crew Members for Success

Cabin crew courses offer boundless job opportunities. The phenomenal increase in airline operators and air travelers has increased job prospects significantly. Pleasant, positive, and serene cabin crew members are the sole of every aircraft. They are the interface between the passengers and the airline company. The way the cabin crew members behave, interact, and communicate with the passengers will have a direct implication on the performance of the company.

The cabin crew courses in Dubai offered by Your Own understand this very fact. All our cabin crew certification courses are derived with this as the core element. We are one of the leading academies providing IATA courses in Dubai. And aiding aspirants to achieve prospective careers.

Key Characteristics of Effective Cabin Crew Members

Listed here are some of the essential characteristics a cabin crew member must possess. A candidate with these traits will have phenomenal career growth, with the airline company recognizing his or her skills and talent. Do not worry if you lack these qualities. Our cabin crew course in Dubai is formulated in such a way as to infuse these characteristics in our students.

1. Interaction with the customers/ passengers

A pleasant and positive interaction with the passengers or customers is expected. The cabin crew may be at stress, due to personal or professional reasons, at times. However, it should not affect his or her performance during duty.

2. Effective communication

Communication skill is a vital trait for every cabin crew member. They must communicate the messages clearly to the passengers. Consider each individual as a first-time traveler and pass down the instructions and messages clearly. Moreover, listening attentively is a vital aspect of better communication. The crewmember should listen to the customer carefully before answering. Even if she or he is in a hurry. IATA courses in Dubai have topics for improving communication skills.

3. Teamwork

There would be more than one cabin crew member in each aircraft. Flying the aircraft, maintaining the passenger/ crew rapport, and passing the info, every activity is handled by a group of members. The cabin crew members should be open-minded and should work as a team to deliver the best services on board. Our cabin crew course in Dubai would guide the candidates and impart the positivity of teamwork in them to perform well during the job.

4. Professional approach

You cannot expect everything to go smoothly always. There would be occasions wherein the cabin crewmember has to act diplomatically and handle the situations. There are possibilities of altercations between passengers or complaints from the passengers regarding the cabin crew service. Let it be any occasion, the crewmember should manage it professionally and resolve it. IATA courses in Dubai are designed in such a way as to instill such qualities in cabin crewmembers.

5. Optimistic and committed

Optimism is a trait that every individual must possess. However, it is one of the most difficult characteristics to carry. We may lose our temper or start thinking pessimistically when things go out of control. Or the events that are happening are not as expected. A cabin crewmember should always be optimistic and committed to the passengers as well as the airline company. The airline industry flies high on the shoulders of cabin crew members. That is why cabin crew certification is given only after a thorough evaluation.

6. Presentation

How you present yourself matters a lot. Especially in the airline industry. Air travel is an entirely different experience compared to any other mode of transport. Therefore, all those working in the sector should present themselves in an elegant manner. The cabin crew member’s presentation directly affects the airline company’s reputation. The company will not hire a person who is not concerned about personal presentation.

7. Caring attitude

The cabin crewmember should have a caring attitude. There would be travelers of different ages and different medical conditions. Rather than just complying with his or her duties, it is the cabin crew members’ responsibility to interact in a positive and caring manner.

Are you looking for the best cabin crew course in Dubai?

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Future scope and opportunities of CMA in 2023

Certified Management Accountants (CMA) have been the mainstay of multinational companies and prominent organizations. The job prospects of candidates with CMA certification have been increasing over the years. The year 2023 brings bright career opportunities for CMA candidates. Perhaps many students have understood this fact, those joining CMA courses in Dubai have shown an increasing trend.

You might require comprehensive preparation for the CMA exam. Otherwise, it would become a herculean task to qualify for the intricate CMA certification process. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a CMA course in Dubai. Let’s look into the future scope and opportunities of CMA in 2023 if you are ambiguous about joining the CMA course.

What is the Role of a CMA in a Company?

CMA is a highly responsible professional dealing with the financial aspects of an entity. The CMA’s performance has direct implications on the company’s economic development, decision-making, and strategy planning. Therefore, the management would handpick a CMA-certified professional only after meticulous evaluation. Nevertheless, once he or she becomes part of the company the Certified Management Accountant has a prominent role to play.

Accounting and Cost Management – A CMA professional is entrusted with the responsibility of planning the budget, forecasting expenditures and receivables, and controlling the budget overhead. A CMA would focus on increasing profit by reducing expenditure and instituting productive measures.

Guiding the Team for Better Productivity – Performance management in other terms is a prime responsibility of a CMA in the company. Identifying the processes that consume more energy, time, and money would introduce corrective actions. Similarly, the performance of the team members would be evaluated based on the established yardsticks. Corrective actions would be taken to eliminate the lacunae.

Decision-making for Investments and Expansion Plans – A CMA would study the investment options and identify the one that would yield the best return. The guidance based on the analysis would aid the company in decision-making on the investment plans. Further, the entity can also go ahead with expansion plans with the accurate budget data provided by the CMA. CMA courses in Dubai would enable the aspirant to qualify for the CMA exam and shoulder such higher responsibilities.

The other roles of a CMA-certified professional in a company include profitability analysis and reporting, internal controls, investment decisions, financial controls, planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Career Prospects of CMA in 2023

The CMA course is undoubtedly one of the best career paths in 2023. The demand for CMA graduates has been increasing in the domestic and international sectors for quite some time. The fact to note here is that companies or employers are facing an acute shortage of well-qualified CMA professionals. That is why CMA courses in Dubai and other regions have been witnessing a high influx of students.

The CMA certification opens up boundless opportunities literally. Candidates can opt for private or public sector jobs, both in the domestic arena and abroad. The job opportunities at CMA include:

  • Costing manager
  • Cost accountant
  • Junior finance associate
  • Finance Analyst
  • Financial controller·        
  • Corporate controller

The areas where a professional with CMA certification is necessary are finance, management, accounting, and research. As evident, these are the key areas for the sustenance and growth of a firm or organization. Making CMA candidates a vital part.

The Conclusion

You are at the right place if you are thinking to pursue a CMA course in Dubai. Your Own has been successful in helping students to qualify for CMA courses quite excellently. We are proud to be the instrumental factor behind their growth as an individual. You would find Your Own alumni at significant positions in many prominent firms.

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Instantly Boost Your IELTS Listening Score: 6 Expert Tips

The IELTS listening test is aimed at assessing the candidate’s capability to understand things by listening. A person living in an English-speaking country needs to converse with people fluently and be able to comprehend things. It is also a vital quality required to follow classroom lectures. Hence, the IELTS listening test is of paramount importance. Meticulous IELTS preparation is required to ensure the best score in IELTS listening.

Your Own IELTS training in Dubai follows an exclusively designed coaching process for IELTS listening test preparation. Our training intends to instill ample knowledge and skill to understand the concepts being discussed or the topic being narrated. We are enlisting 6 expert tips here that would be useful for you in IELTS preparation, especially for IELTS listening. You might enroll in our IELTS training, in Dubai if you are aspiring to score the best grade in IELTS.

Expert Tips to Enhance IELTS Listening Score

As you have understood the main objective of the IELTS listening test, it would be easy to derive the right approach. It would be great if you can get guidance from professional institutions like Your Own offering exceptional IELTS training in Dubai.

Tip #1. Familiarize Yourself with the Test Format

This is the basic thing. You must know how the competition is, how strong is the opponent, and which way he or she is going to trouble you. Before entering a challenge or competition. The IELTS examination is definitely not for troubling you. But, only those with adequate training and IELTS preparation can expect the best grade. Scoring a lower grade in the IELTS is not acceptable, right? Before commencing the IELTS preparation, familiarize yourself with the test format.

Tip #2. Practice Listening to Different Accents

The speaker’s access is the main factor that troubles the candidates. Asians are observed to be the most confused lot, unable to understand the words pronounced in an entirely different accent than they have been hearing. Familiarizing yourself with different accents is essential if you want to boost your IELTS listening score. Leading academics providing IELTS training, Dubai provides discussions, conversations, and audio on diverse topics, by speakers using different accents. Such a practice during IELTS preparation would help the students to get a clear idea about the pronunciation of words and different accents.

Tip #3.  Focus on Understanding the Main Ideas

The questions in the IELTS listening test would be around the main concept or idea discussed in the voice clip. Generating a skill to grasp the main content of the topic and understanding the core perfectly is vital. Then only you can expect a good score on the subject test. Listen to as many tests as possible and practice methodically. IELTS preparation under the guidance of prof professional tutors will help you immensely.

Tip #4. Use Context Clues to Help You Understand

It may not be possible to memorize everything. Only very few become experts in remembering the whole thing discussed by the speaker. Your IELTS preparation must be in such a way that you should be able to use context clues to reach the right answer. Get in touch with Your Own tutors if you need further guidance in this regard. We are proud to be one of the top academies offering IELTS training, in Dubai.

Tip #5. Improve Your Note-taking Skills

You must be fast in writing as well. Listening to the conversation and writing down the points must be done simultaneously. The speaker will not wait for you to complete the writing. Practice during IELTS preparation can help you improve upon this aspect.

Tip #6. Build Your Listening Skills Outside of the Test

Do not limit your IELTS listening preparation to IELTS test topics only. Listen to everything around you. Listen to talks, motivational speeches, lectures on different topics, and so on. It would improve your vocabulary and understanding of different accents.

Your Own – For IELTS Training in Dubai

Your Own follows a systematic IELTS coaching and preparation process. It has been instrumental in ensuring optimal grades for our students. Our specialist IELTS tutors are dedicated to ensuring the best.

We invite you to Your Own for IELTS training in Dubai.