UAE Labour Law Certification: Your Path to Professional Growth and Advancement

The UAE labor laws are dictated by Federal Decree 33/2021. Promulgated to prevent disparity among workers, ensure justice to all those employed in the UAE, and stipulate a guideline for both employees and employers, the labor laws are to be abided mandatorily.

The HR managers, HR professionals, and the team involved in HR activities in a firm or organization must be aware of the UAE labour laws thoroughly. Making UAE labor law training courses in Dubai of paramount importance. Companies also look for professionals with UAE labour law certification.

Your Own academy has been at the forefront of providing UAE labour law certification courses for those who complete the course successfully. Our meticulously prepared course program has been effective in guiding the candidates and imparting professional knowledge regarding UAE labour laws.

Amendment to Labour Laws of the UAE

The UAE authorities have amended the extant labour law and promulgated new changes. In fact, this has been the first time labour laws have been amended significantly. In a move intended to make the labor sphere more supportive of the workforce, the authorities have directed the employers to implement the regulations properly

Consequent to the amendment, the employment contracts, working models, working hours, payment structure, gratuity, and mode of termination have been changed. HR professionals with UAE labour law certification are required for undertaking the procedures as per the new labour law in force. Thereby elevating the relevance of the UAE labor law training course.

Those looking to start a career in the HR sector or HR professionals who want to be more proficient must join the UAE labour law training course in Dubai. It would give them a leading edge over their competitors and other fellow professionals. You must remain updated about the changes in the HR sector, to be an important person in the team or to head a team of professionals.

Key Topics of UAE Labour Law Course

The topics covered in the UAE labour law certification include:

  • What are the objectives of the new labor law in the UAE
  • The regulations and policies are to be complied with by the employers in the country. Analysis of the activities and aspects related to them.
  • Actions to be taken to prevent discrimination among the employees. Procedure to control it if discrimination or disparity is observed. The UAE labour law training course in Dubai, conducted by Your Own, will teach the professionals and aspirants in detail about it.
  • Introduction to new work categories introduced by the UAE authorities.
  • New terms of employment added to the UAE labour law.
  • How to proceed with the termination of the employment contract. Dos and don’ts regarding the same.
  • How to go ahead with disciplinary actions against an employee? Things to consider whilst proceeding with it.

Course Benefits of UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai

The course benefits of UAE labour law training course in Dubai are:

  • UAE labour law certification opens career opportunities across the country, in leading companies and organizations.
  • A thorough understanding of all the aspects, principles, and subtle elements of UAE labour law in force.
  • Regulatory characteristics and enforcement of rules promulgated by the UAE ministry of labour.
  • Dispute resolution as per the extant policies.
  •  Assessment of disputes and handling of the same according to the right method.
  • Proper adherence to the UAE labour laws during the process of recruitment.
  • Preventing errors in procedure when terminating an employee, which may lead to legal complications. 

The Tail End

The UAE labour law certification would provide you with an upper hand in the professional field. A proper UAE labour law training course in Dubai offered by Your Own is what you need. This is the best course for both in the HR field and those looking to enter the HR sector.

For more info regarding the course, call us now.

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