UAE Corporate Tax Certification Course – Know more about the Opportunities

The world is undergoing a massive transformation, and so is the UAE. Aligning itself with the global business and investment sectors, the UAE is introducing a corporate tax. This new tax regime is scheduled to come into effect from 01 June 2023 or after that. System amendment, tax procedure, etc. should be finalized well before that. Post the subject date all the businesses that have a net annual profit of above AED 3,75,000 will have to pay the corporate tax. The corporate tax rate is planned to be 9%.

Although this is going to dent the profit earned by businesses in UAE, it is going to open up a career possibility for aspirants from the field. Since it is a newly introduced tax program, career probability is going to be high. Even if you lack an idea about taxation, laws regulating taxes, processes of tax filing, etc, you can join Your Own to learn about it. We offer comprehensive UAE corporate tax training in Dubai that begins from the basics.

Our faculties comprise experts from the tax and finance sector with exhaustive knowledge and experience. Learning under their guidance is going to be highly productive. It would make you capable to calculate and process corporate tax and undertake related formalities. With the relevant qualification, you can expect a job in the corporate sector as well.

Who can Benefit from the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai?

The UAE corporate tax training in Dubai would be of utmost benefit to all the higher

echelons, management teams, and financial experts. You must join the course if you are:

  •   A financial professional with a company
  • Working as a service freelancer in the tax sector
  •  Professionals involved in direct and indirect tax
  •  Candidates looking for career opportunities in the tax sector
  •  Financial advisors to management, and directorial boards of companies

Our UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai

Your Own has been providing methodically designed courses relevant to different sectors. We already have launched a comprehensively formulated UAE corporate tax training in Dubai. The course at our institute comprises:

  •  Introduction to federal laws governing the taxation of businesses and corporate entities
  •  Classes in the Internal Revenue Code
  •  Topics on how to file corporate tax, what are the corporate tax filing requirements, etc
  • Basics, taxation origin and evolution, the hierarchy of tax regulations, and all the related sessions
  • Lessons and practice on Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and calculation of corporate tax, with practical sessions on corporate tax filing
  • Methods for minimizing tax liability, using the provisions in the tax laws
  •  All the associated topics that would help you become a confident and successful employee in the field
  • You may connect with us to know more about the UAE corporate tax training in Dubai by Your Own.

Why Choose Your Own?

Your Own is the right institution for learning about taxation and related aspects. Our UAE corporate tax training in Dubai consists of topics prepared by experts from the field. We endeavor to infuse in-depth knowledge on the subject we teach. To enable the aspirant to join the best firm and take up higher responsibilities confidently.

The successful alumni of Your Own itself are the evidence that states the quality of our training and teaching. Be the frontrunner in the race to grab a well-paid job in the tax sector by joining UAE corporate tax training course at Your Own. Approved as a genuine academy, certifications from us have a distinctive value wherever you go in the UAE. After all, the efficacy of teaching and practical training would reflect in the performance of the employee.

For more info on UAE corporate tax training in Dubai and joining, call us now.

Future Opportunities of Cabin crew certification

The aviation sector is one of the highest growing industries in the world. The number of air travelers is witnessing a quantum leap in the post-pandemic period. Relocations are happening more than ever. The requirement for flights and constant air operations has increased owing to this.

Consequent to those above, most of the airlines, air logistics companies, and other firms associated with the aviation sector have been recruiting more manpower. In the present scenario, cabin crews have a vivid and promising future. They can expect exceptional pay packages and receive increments well above most of the other fields. Qualifying cabin crew course in Dubai is the primary step for entering this promising career path.  

What is the Job profile of a Cabin Crew?

The cabin crew is the crucial member of a flight. They assist pilots during critical situations when they are asked by the captain, they interact with passengers, serve them, provide first aid in the case of a medical emergency, and handle the situation confidently in the case of an emergency.

A cabin crew member is supposed to be strong mentally and physically. S/he should be able to handle stress and remain calm in every situation. The job profile of a cabin crew is:

  • Ushering the passengers
  • Helping and supporting elderly passengers
  • Serving the passengers food, refreshments, and beverage
  • Checking the condition of passengers throughout the flight
  • Maintaining an orderly atmosphere inside the flight
  • Demonstration of emergency procedures and operation of safety equipment
  • Administering first aid in the case of a medical emergency
  • Handling emergency situations maturely·        
  • Preparation of post-flight reports

What are the Skills Expected in a Cabin Crew?

Cabin crew members have to play multiple roles simultaneously. They must interact politely with the passengers, and act in a strict manner if anyone creates havoc on the flight. They must maintain a serene expression reflecting confidence and pleasantness. The cabin crew course in Dubai offered by Your Own would help you accomplish a successful career through the well-formulated training at our institute.

The skills and capabilities a cabin crewmember must have are:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Optimistic attitude
  • Confident approach
  • Capable of asserting ideas
  • Medically and physically fit
  • No color blindness
  • No hearing problems
  • Interpersonal traits·        
  • Stress management

We are here to help you with the best cabin crew course in Dubai. The coaching and practical training by our professional tutors would instill you with all the skills you are required to have.  

Future Opportunities of Cabin Crew Certification

The opportunities that await the candidates with cabin crew certification include:

· Cabin crew members in leading airlines: Many airline companies are short of qualified manpower. They all are looking for candidates with cabin crew certification from approved centers.

· Crew member in air logistics companies: Air logistics is a different field, which is not part of the passenger airline sector. that too seeks qualified cabin crew for maintaining seamless operation consistently. Only certified candidates with all the knowledge about the field can opt for this job.

· Domestic airline cabin crew: New members are joining the domestic airline sector. All are in the race for reaping optimal profit from the increased number of air passengers. A qualified cabin crew can get a job in the domestic airline sector as well.

Airline companies and other firms from the aviation sector are always on the lookout for qualified candidates. A critical field, it is difficult to hire a non-qualified employee in aviation. This guarantees great career opportunities for aspirants with adequate qualifications.

For more info on the cabin crew course in Dubai, call us now.  

Scope and Career Opportunities of Travel & Tourism Consultant Diploma Program – IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has been the prime agency in the aviation sector. With a strong membership of more than 250 key airlines around the globe, IATA remains the strongest body in the field. They serve both cargo and passenger aircraft segments. And provide different courses and qualifications for professionals aspiring to join the aviation industry.

Certifications based on IATA courses have been the foremost-considered eligibility for jobs in aviation. Candidates aspiring to construct a career in aviation, including in the coveted travel and tourism sector, can consider joining IATA courses in Dubai. Here we are looking into the scope and career opportunities of the travel and tourism consultant diploma program.

Eligibility Criteria for IATA Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma Program

You can join IATA courses in Dubai if you have the below-mentioned educational qualifications. Consult us if you have any further queries regarding the IATA courses on need guidance in this regard.

  • Qualified 12th standard (You must be a graduate to join a regular course)
  • Good reading, writing, and speaking skills in English
  • Basic understanding of the geography of this world

The eligibility requirements for advanced courses would depend on the type of course. Hence, you may connect with us for obtaining exact info on those.

IATA Courses in Dubai

IATA conducts different courses in Dubai and other parts of the world. You can choose the field that attracts you. The most popular IATA courses are:

  • Foundation Course on Travel and Tourism
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma
  • Cargo Rating and Marketing Advance Course
  • Aviation Security Screening Diploma
  • Ground Operations Diploma

The courses include comprehensive training on all the aspects related to the aviation industry. Since everything related to the sector is new for the student, the syllabus is formulated in such a way as to infuse all the info.  We have been successful in placing our students in leading airlines’ around the world, through comprehensively designed IATA courses in Dubai.

Topics Covered in the IATA Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma Course

This diploma course would cover topics including:

  • Geography covering the whole world
  • City codes by IATA, which is used by the airline industry
  • Flight booking procedure
  • PNR creation
  • Airline ticketing process
  • Airfare and ticketing calculations
  •  Itinerary planning
  • Customer service
  • Facility management
  • Relationship management

Benefits of the IATA Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma

The benefits offered by the travel and tourism consultant IATA course in Dubai include:

  •  A promising career is the first benefit of an IATA course
  • Candidate can get a job anywhere in the world where s/he wishes to work
  • Wide scope of jobs
  • Extensive growth prospects
  • Earn a decent income from the initial stage itself

The Conclusion

A sea of opportunities await you with the IATA course in Dubai. Choose to work in one of the most advanced industries in the world; aviation. Offering glamor, financial benefits, and opportunities to visit around the globe, countless youngsters opt for the IATA course. Nonetheless, you must choose the right academy for the travel and tourism consultant course or any other course from IATA.

The accreditation, experience, and placement prospects of the academy where you are joining for the IATA course are of paramount importance. Check out the track record and career possibilities before you pick the academy.

Supply Chain Management Vs Logistics: Key differences & similarities

Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics appear similar. Making many misconstrues between the two. They are services focussing on procurement and supply of goods. Requiring meticulous planning, management, and coordination, the services require skilled manpower and technical support.

We are looking into this article’s key differences and similarities in logistics and supply chain management. At the same time, if you are an aspirant looking for a career in the field, you can consider joining logistics and supply chain management courses.

What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Supply chain management is a series of activities including manufacturing of products from raw materials to delivering them to the retailer or customer. It has different layers of activities like processing, planning, scheduling, managing, and procuring. Logistics and supply chain management courses in Dubai are intended to offer a better understanding of the concept and make capable employees.

What is Logistics?

Logistics is basically the process of planning and delivering cargo from point A to point B. Planning and execution are the key steps in the case of logistics services. Smooth movement of goods and seamless delivery services are vital for maintaining logistics support to the clients.

Differences Between Logistics and Supply Chain Management

For clients, both activities are the same. Nonetheless, a professional must understand the key differences, to offer the right services to them. Logistics and supply chain management courses are designed methodically to induce the correct knowledge and skills in the aspirants.

Let’s look into the differences between SCM and logistics:

  • SCM is a comprehensive activity that comprises planning, labor management, material management, provision of facilities, and supply activities. Logistics is a part of SCM.
  • Logistics function with the sole intention of fulfilling customer requirements. On the other hand, supply chain management looks at improving the methods and procedures to ensure more effective customer service. Besides gaining a competitive advantage over the opponents.
  • Logistics has a single aim, i.e. to deliver the cargo efficiently in a budget-friendly manner.
  • SCM process begins with raw materials that undergo production processes at the entity and finishes at the end customer.

Similarities Between Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Even though different, they both share some common characteristics as well. The logistics and supply chain management courses would teach you about both in detail. The elaborative classes would offer insights into the subtle aspects of SCM and logistics. The similarities between SCM and logistics are:

  • Cargo service, procurement, and product support are common features of SCM and logistics.
  • The services aim to maintain the availability of raw materials, goods, and products. To keep the firm functioning as per the schedule.
  • The efficient functioning of SCM and logistics is essential for ensuring a competitive advantage over the rivals.
  • The services involve the flow of goods and services from producers and suppliers to customers.
  • Geopolitical or climatic uncertainties can affect SCM and logistics. Therefore, companies in this field must have well-connected networks around the globe for maintaining consistent services.

The Conclusion

The brief aspects of SCM and logistics are:

  • More often than not, clients use SCM and logistics interchangeably, even though they are intended for different activities, which appear similar.
  • Logistics simply pick a product or cargo from a specific location and deliver it to another location as directed by the client. It does not have any role in the procurement of raw materials or the production of goods.
  • Supply chain management comprises the entire activity, from the production of items to the delivery of the same to the end user.
  • Supply chain management and logistics are the lifelines of companies around the world. Even a small error can cause cascading effects and may lead to company failure.

Logistics and supply chain management courses are formulated with the intention of offering the best professionals to firms around the world. A team of knowledgeable professionals is the mainstay of every organization. This has led to an increase in demand for candidates with the requisite qualification. Offering better career options to aspiring candidates.

You can join logistics and supply chain management courses to have a bright and promising future. For more info, call us now.

Know Everything About UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai

Dubai has one of the highest ex-pat labor forces in the world. With citizens from around the globe working together, there are chances of altercations and disputes. The probabilities of friction between employees and management are also high. Viewing these prospects, Dubai has formulated a comprehensive labor law.

A Labour law training course in Dubai would educate you on extant labor policies, regulations, and laws. Understanding the subject laws would be necessary for formulating HR policy that does not contradict them.

We have been offering meticulously formulated labor law training courses in Dubai for HR managers, officers from the HR department, the management teams at multinational companies, and personnel handling man management in various firms. Choosing a labor law training course in Dubai and obtaining the qualification would be useful for those looking for jobs as well. Offering extensive career opportunities, labor law training has become a trending course in Dubai, UAE.

What is the Importance of Labour Law Training in Dubai, UAE?

Every organization operating in the country has to follow labor laws judiciously. Any diversions from the extant regulations can invite stringent actions from the authorities. Monitoring human resource activities, including recruitment, labor management, the promulgation of orders, and termination, human resource managers and the HR team is responsible for this.

It is the responsibility of the firm to ensure all the rights of the employees are maintained. Besides providing facilities and benefits stated by the HR laws. Hiring people with ample knowledge of labor law is of paramount importance for a company to continue business operations in UAE.

The importance of labor law training courses in Dubai is:

  •  It helps the professionals to understand the labor laws thoroughly and prepare the HR policies accordingly
  • Handle and manage conflicts or issues with the employees
  • Maintain a healthy employee-employer relationship
  • Observe HR regulations without spending on the same exorbitantly

Features of Labour Law Training Course Offered by Your Own, Dubai

Your Own provides labor law training for aspirants in Dubai, UAE. The features of the course offered by us include:

  • Accredited training team with extensive experience. They not only understand the labor laws in UAE but also knows how to provide training on them.
  •  Training programs are tailored to suit the needs of the students. You can reach out to us for discussing the scope of training vis-à-vis your objectives. We can offer you the best training on labor laws in Dubai based on that.
  • Practical solutions-based training is also offered by us. The real-time scenario will help the student understand different cases better and institute measures to resolve crises.
  • Complete training material is also given to the students.
  • Certification in labor law training would be useful for obtaining a job.

Benefits of Labour Law Training in Dubai

Benefits offered by labor law training in Dubai include:

  • A clear understanding of the laws would help in formulating HR policies
  • Preventing enforcing HR regulations that may not be in line with the labor laws of Dubai
  • Easily formulate the employment process, working hours, HR orders, etc as per the laws of the land
  • Gain more info about the various government organizations and their functionalities
  • Use of laws while recruiting new employees, payment negotiations, and terminating their service

Career Opportunities for Those with UAE Labour Law Training

Different firms and organizations like manpower recruitment firms, private companies, legal entities, HR service providers, schools and other educational institutions, and so on look for labor law-qualified candidates. Having employees with a keen understanding of labor laws in the country eases recruitment and other manpower-related activities for the country.

If you are a labor law qualified person, you can apply for:

  • HR jobs
  • Company Secretary
  • Jobs at legal firms

Join Your Own for a comprehensive labor law training course in Dubai. Call us for more details regarding the course.