Scope and Career Opportunities of Travel & Tourism Consultant Diploma Program – IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has been the prime agency in the aviation sector. With a strong membership of more than 250 key airlines around the globe, IATA remains the strongest body in the field. They serve both cargo and passenger aircraft segments. And provide different courses and qualifications for professionals aspiring to join the aviation industry.

Certifications based on IATA courses have been the foremost-considered eligibility for jobs in aviation. Candidates aspiring to construct a career in aviation, including in the coveted travel and tourism sector, can consider joining IATA courses in Dubai. Here we are looking into the scope and career opportunities of the travel and tourism consultant diploma program.

Eligibility Criteria for IATA Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma Program

You can join IATA courses in Dubai if you have the below-mentioned educational qualifications. Consult us if you have any further queries regarding the IATA courses on need guidance in this regard.

  • Qualified 12th standard (You must be a graduate to join a regular course)
  • Good reading, writing, and speaking skills in English
  • Basic understanding of the geography of this world

The eligibility requirements for advanced courses would depend on the type of course. Hence, you may connect with us for obtaining exact info on those.

IATA Courses in Dubai

IATA conducts different courses in Dubai and other parts of the world. You can choose the field that attracts you. The most popular IATA courses are:

  • Foundation Course on Travel and Tourism
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma
  • Cargo Rating and Marketing Advance Course
  • Aviation Security Screening Diploma
  • Ground Operations Diploma

The courses include comprehensive training on all the aspects related to the aviation industry. Since everything related to the sector is new for the student, the syllabus is formulated in such a way as to infuse all the info.  We have been successful in placing our students in leading airlines’ around the world, through comprehensively designed IATA courses in Dubai.

Topics Covered in the IATA Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma Course

This diploma course would cover topics including:

  • Geography covering the whole world
  • City codes by IATA, which is used by the airline industry
  • Flight booking procedure
  • PNR creation
  • Airline ticketing process
  • Airfare and ticketing calculations
  •  Itinerary planning
  • Customer service
  • Facility management
  • Relationship management

Benefits of the IATA Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma

The benefits offered by the travel and tourism consultant IATA course in Dubai include:

  •  A promising career is the first benefit of an IATA course
  • Candidate can get a job anywhere in the world where s/he wishes to work
  • Wide scope of jobs
  • Extensive growth prospects
  • Earn a decent income from the initial stage itself

The Conclusion

A sea of opportunities await you with the IATA course in Dubai. Choose to work in one of the most advanced industries in the world; aviation. Offering glamor, financial benefits, and opportunities to visit around the globe, countless youngsters opt for the IATA course. Nonetheless, you must choose the right academy for the travel and tourism consultant course or any other course from IATA.

The accreditation, experience, and placement prospects of the academy where you are joining for the IATA course are of paramount importance. Check out the track record and career possibilities before you pick the academy.

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