Is it a tough nut to crack IATA Exam?[ Tips for success]

It is not tough to crack the IATA exam if you have prepared thoroughly. Your preparedness is what makes the exam tough or easy. IATA coaching centers in Dubai can be your guide, mentor, supporter, and motivator.

Joining an IATA course would help you find a progressive career. As IATA has unchallenged supremacy in global air traffic. They own more than 80% of the total air traffic. You can imagine the job opportunities presented by IATA courses in Dubai, with such a large majority in the air industry.

What are the Requirements for Joining an IATA Course?

IATA offers an array of courses in the air travel and tourism industry. You may check out the IATA courses in Dubai and pick the course as per your interest.

You need to qualify 10+2 or a degree course for joining the regular courses at IATA. Once you have this educational qualification, the next thing is to have good proficiency in the English language. Improving your knowledge and awareness of geographical specifications, countries around the world, oceans, etc is also vital.  

There are further specifications concerning different IATA courses. You may ping us to discuss in detail the IATA course in Dubai.

Courses Offered by IATA

IATA courses in Dubai include:

  • Foundation Course in Travel and Tourism: Candidates with 10+2 qualifications can join this course. Basic concepts about travel and tourism are taught in this foundation course.
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism: You can join this course if you have graduated in tourism, or are working as a travel agent, or sales and reservation executive. The course is 154-hour duration. One of the highly opted IATA courses in Dubai, the course will make you capable to offer guidance on tourism products, ascertain and understand IATA resolutions, etc.
  • Aviation Security Screening Diploma: Once you complete the aviation security screening diploma course successfully, you are ready to perform a security screening and surveillance ops. Normally opted by security staff, security agents, and other members of the security team, this course helps in gaining better positions.
  • Advance Cargo Rating and Marketing Course: You can opt for this course if you have a graduation degree. A comprehensively designed course would aid in undertaking all the duties relevant to air travel, tourism, and freight forwarding.
  • Ground Operations Diploma: Knowledge, awareness, and practical experience can be gained through this diploma course. It is another IATA course in Dubai that you can consider.

Benefits of IATA Courses

The benefits offered by the IATA course include:

  • It would provide you with comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the world geography, tourism industry, air travel sector, and so on. Thus, you would be able to perform the duty meticulously, enhancing your job and promotion prospects.
  • Improving your capability in the facility management sector is another important advantage.
  •  Increased job opportunities
  • Good salary package
  • Option to get a job anywhere in the world

We reiterate that it is not at all tough to crack the IATA exam. Nonetheless, you must:

  • Join a professional academy for the IATA course
  • Work diligently
  • Be confident
  • Continue with a focussed approach

All the best.

IATA Cabin Crew Training Course in Dubai

Are you a dreamer? Do you yearn to travel the world and imbibe the essence of diverse cultures? Are you a go-getter desirous of becoming an integral part of the aviation sector?

Cabin crew courses in Dubai are the right option if “yes” is your answer to the above questions.   IATA course in Dubai is the entryway to this mesmerizing, as well as, rewarding career. We have been offering advanced aviation and cabin crew courses and guiding aspirants to the world of aviation.

It is a highly demanded profession, requiring skills, knowledge, and talent. Our professional tutors will provide you with guidance and coaching that will help you grab a job at the top entities in the aviation sector. 

So, are you ready to leap into growth and prosperity?

Get in touch with us right away to know more about the cabin crew course in Dubai, the qualification requirements, the details of the IATA courses in Dubai, etc. We are offering you a brief intro to the course.

General Info – Cabin Crew Course in Dubai

The curriculum for IATA approved cabin crew course in Dubai would comprise:

  • The airline industry, an overview
  • Extant aviation regulations
  • Airlines organization
  • Topics on air transport, flight operations, and general theories that form the basics of flying
  • Responsibilities and authorities of a cabin crew
  • Organizational structure on board
  • Communication inside an aircraft
  • How to act during an emergency?
  • Management during unforeseen, abnormal, and emergency scenarios
  • Firefighting procedure
  • Cabin evacuation drill
  • Medical emergency procedure
  • Training in medical first aid
  • Training in medical procedures including CPR, AED, and Heimlich Manoeuvre
  • Flight and cabin crew incapacitation
  • Handling and management of dangerous goods
  • Procedure and precautions for transportation of dangerous goods
  • Aircraft security and safety measures
  • Coordination of security methods with ATC and aircrew’
  • Handling unruly passengers who may turn into a threat to co-passengers or to the aircraft
  • Controlling unlawful acts of people on board
  • Interaction with passengers
  • Communicating positively and creating an air of positivity
  • Organizing aircraft catering
  • Marketing products in an optimistic manner
  • Serving meals on board
  • Professional development
  • Key aspects for career growth
  • Detailed knowledge of cabin crews’ origin, evolution, and the latest pursued practices

The comprehensive IATA courses in Dubai would ensure that you are capable of serving the airline and the clients efficiently. Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance to pick the right academy for a cabin crew course in Dubai.

To know more about cabin crew courses in Dubai, contact us now.

20 Essential Skills Needed to Become a Cabin Crew Member

Cabin crews are normally the epitome of pleasantness and elegance. Becoming a cabin crew is a step towards riches and growth in life. Cabin crew courses in Dubai will teach etiquettes and traits to be possessed, impart training on various aspects related to aviation, basic technical knowledge on aircraft, etc. IATA courses in Dubai are advisable to become a successful cabin crew member.

Here are listing of the 20 essential skills to become an efficient, optimistic, and sought-after cabin crew.  

#1.    Communication Skill

You must be able to convey messages clearly, interact with the passengers optimistically, and communicate effectively in every circumstance. Of course, this is the most important skill you must possess as a cabin crew. The cabin crew course in Dubai would have tailored coaching to infuse communication skills.

#2.    Amiable Attitude

A cabin crew must reflect approachability always. There might be passengers who may be apprehensive to talk. You should help them in the most positive manner.

#3.    Adaptability

A crewmember must be adaptable to every climate, lifestyle, culture, and custom. You would be traveling to different countries. Hence, this skill is a vital one.

#4.    Flexibility to Adapt

Flexibility to adapt to the situation is also an important quality for a crewmember. IATA courses in Dubai would be useful in imbibing this skill.

#5.    Skill to Manage Stress

Even though it appears colorful externally, the crewmember job is highly demanding. You must handle stress positively and should not surrender to it.

#6.    Team Spirit

Work in tandem with others and act towards a common objective. Personal differences should not affect the team spirit. This is another skill a crewmember must possess.

#7.    Management Skill

Tome, man, and material management skills would aid you in performing the duty diligently.

#8.    Customer Support

Help the customers even when you are under stress or tired. A cabin crew course in Dubai would offer insights regarding extending customer support and service in every scenario.

#9.    Control on Self

Irritating passengers can test your patience at times. Self-control skills would help you overcome the urge to react and act normally.

#10.  Knowledge about Culture and Customs

Vast knowledge of culture and customs would help you perform your duty impeccably. People from around the world would be boarding the flight. Knowing the specialties of the country they belong to is a worthy skill. IATA courses in Dubai are formulated in such a way to help you grasp this skill as well.

#11.  Organizational Skill

Organizing the activities meticulously can aid you in avoiding ambiguities.

#12.  Leadership Trait

Guiding the juniors, directing the members efficiently, and controlling the situation requires you to possess leadership traits.

#13.  Problem Solving

You must be able to solve issues without causing hullaballoo. Problem-solving and decision-making skills can be acquired through cabin crew courses in Dubai.

#14.  Assertive Attitude

Be able to assertive to passengers who disobey abide by the safety rules and regulations.

#15.  Stamina and Strength

This is not a skill, but a physical capability to function tirelessly throughout the working hours.

#16.  Observation

Observation and attention to detail are the skills necessary for a cabin crew. IATA courses in Dubai are designed to educate and train you to gain these skills.  

#17.  Maths and Calculation

In-flight selling and other financial services would need you to be good in maths.

#18.  Be Secretive

At times, you are required to be secretive regarding the conditions. So that you don’t end up sharing sensitive info with the passengers. A cabin crew course in Dubai will teach you which are the circumstances, wherein you may have to be secretive.

#19.  Problem Solving

Quick problem-solving skill is another valued skill in the case of a crewmember.

#20.  Basic Swimming

You must know swimming to become an efficient crew member.

Get in touch with us for IATA courses in Dubai, and to know more about the other courses related to aviation.  

Know Everything About IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma and its Job scope

Expand your horizons, soar to the sky and live your dream life with IATA courses!

IATA courses are one of the most choices if you want to have a fulfilling career. Out of the many courses IATA offers, the travel sales, and operations diploma renders you an opportunity with customers, sharpens your interpersonal skills, and augment financial and social growth. Now you can join IATA courses in Dubai under expert professional teachers.

IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma

IATA travel sales and operations diploma enable you to be a successful travel agent or become a travel agency manager. IATA courses in Dubai will strengthen your communication capabilities and aid you to become a strong professional. This qualification would be useful in obtaining jobs at renowned travel agencies in the air tourism/ travel sector. 

What Does the IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma Course Include?

The IATA courses in Dubai are aimed at introducing the student to the wide world of air travel. S/he will be taught all the required aspects related to the aviation industry. The subject course curriculum has topics that would:

  • Teach you intricate details about planning, organizing, scheduling, and selling trips, air tickets, travel products, etc.
  • Fortify your knowledge so much so that you can guide the clients on the ideal travel options, preparation of travel itineraries, offer insights on various travel products, and so on.
  • Infuse skills for managing the team of travel agents and other associated professionals.
  • Induce decision-making capabilities, strategizing deals, marketing tactics, and many more.

Who All Can Benefit from the IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma Course?

We suggest the following to attend this course for reaping the best results. There are different types of IATA courses in Dubai that can be beneficial to people from varying fields related to aviation. This course is advantageous for travel agents, air travel consultants, air travel customer service executives, owners of air travel agencies, accountants in travel agencies, etc. You may talk to us for more to confirm whether this course is for you or not. We can also provide you with suggestions regarding the best IATA course in Dubai for you.

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Destination Geography
  • Logistics and related documentation
  • Travel products, product development, and exclusive features
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer service and customer retention tact
  • Administrative processes and accounting
  • Knowledge of air travel pricing and ticketing
  • Laws and regulations pertaining to the air travel industry

To know in detail regarding this course or any other IATA course in Dubai, connect with us now.

Gear Up For FIFA World Cup 2022, As Aviation Industry Is Back

We are a few months away from the most loved and viewed extravaganza, the FIFA World Cup 2022. The football world cup, to be held in November this year in Qatar, is being awaited by millions around the globe. All became one heart and one soul, irrespective of their age gaps and other differences when it comes to football.

Qatar has already spread out the red carpet and prepared itself for the mass event. With an expected influx of millions of global football fans, the aviation sector is expecting a mass boom. Experts in the IATA industry are predicting an unparalleled growth in the number of international travelers in the months preceding, during, and after the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Statistics indicate that the FIFA world cup 2018, held in Russia, registered 3 million viewers.  This number is going to be multiplied several times in the forthcoming world cup. We are almost certain about it, viewing the enthusiasm in people to attend such a gala after winning over the unseen enemy, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The energy around is palpable. Every industry including the aviation industry is prepping itself. You can expect a rise in IATA jobs as well, owing to the increased requirement of employees. IATA industry may need several qualified workforces to meet the risen requirements.

Receiving the guests, ushering them to the right desk, keeping the aircraft ready, assisting in frequent flight requirements, continuous flight operations, etc would want more personnel. It may not be surprising if the IATA industry encounters a scarcity of trained workforce.

Unlike other sectors, IATA jobs necessitate adequately trained knowledgeable candidates. Even those with qualifications under short-term courses also may find it easy to get an IATA job due to the increased manpower needs.

The IATA industry had been down, like most of the other commercial sectors, owing to the pandemic and the regulations succeeding that. The FIFA world cup 2022 should act as an antidote for overcoming the issues caused by it.

Qatar has been undergoing massive transformation for a couple of decades. The country has diversified its investments and targeting to become a digital hub. Aiming to strengthen the economic base, the regime has been implementing policies to promote investments. Most of the industries including the IATA industry received energy from the regulations intended to boost the businesses in the country.

The aviation industry is back and it is roaring ahead with the infused energy. Of course, this is also the right time for aspirants to try IATA jobs. 

How YourOwn became the Best IATA Training Institute in Dubai

If you are someone who aspires to travel around the globe as part of your job, then IATA Courses can help you choose the best career option. The International Air Transport Association or IATA- the global trade organization for air transport headquartered in Montreal in Canada provides a broad range of courses in travel and tourism. The IATA-certified courses offered by IATA are accredited and honored by all the airlines and travel offices across the world.

Several institutes offer IATA Courses in Dubai. YourOwn Education stands out for the unique proposition they offer students.

Let us see some of the top courses IATA Courses in Dubai offered by

Foundation course in travel and tourism- This course is perfect for students who are keen on acquiring deep knowledge in travel and tourism, for airline reservation agents, for tour operators, and sales and marketing staff of travel agencies. The course duration is 177 hours.

Diploma in travel and tourism consultant- The course is designed for travel and tourism Graduates, travel agents, reservations, and salespersons, and the duration of this course is 154 hours.

Upon the completion of the course, you will be to consult on international travel and Tourism destinations provide advice on travel and tourism products; interpret IATA resolutions that apply to accredited travel agencies, etc.

Apart from this YourOwn offers courses namely Travel Sales & Operations Diploma, Passenger Ground services, IATA cargo Introductory Diploma, and more.

How YourOwn became the Best IATA Training Institute in Dubai

IATA-certified courses from YourOwn allow a candidate to work in any part of the world. The Courses offered which are taught by well-experienced teaching faculties at YourOwn lay a strong foundation and in-depth knowledge and insights into the tourism and the travel industry.

The IATA certification courses in Dubai by YourOwn help the students to broaden their will professional scope in different domains like hotels, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, airlines, ticketing travel agencies, car rentals, etc.

The IATA courses in Dubai by YourOwn cover IATA city codes, World geography, Flight bookings, and PNR creations, Airfare, and ticketing fare constructions, Facilitation management. Within a short period of time, YourOwn has risen to become one of the sought-after IATA training institutes in Dubai. What makes YourOwn unique is the teaching methods and the individual attention given to the students. Apart from providing deep knowledge about the travel and tourism industry, YourOwn takes a special interest in inculcating English speaking skills.

What makes YourOwn unique?

  • Well Structured classroom training up to 60 hours covering the entire syllabus depending on the course
  • Full-time IATA Certified and Industry Experienced instructors
  • Online and On-site classes
  • Regular practice tests
  • Personalized doubt clearing sessions with the Trainer
  • Mock tests
  • Free seminars and workshops by industry experts

Call us today to know more about IATA Courses in Dubai

What are the job opportunities after the completion of the IATA course in Dubai?

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada- the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a global trade organization for air transport. With over 250 member airlines in both passenger and cargo sector- this association leads, represents and serves the aviation industry. Apart from this, the association also runs several courses in the field of travel and tourism which are globally accepted and give an added advantage while in search of job opportunities. An IATA-certified professional can claim employment at the front line or entry-level operations of airlines and travel agencies across the world.

Employment opportunities after the completion of IATA Courses in Dubai

IATA qualified professionals have enormous employment opportunities even at the entry-level and airlines and travel agencies’ front level operations. Once you complete an IATA Course in Dubai from a renowned IATA Training institute in Dubai like YourOwn, it is easy for you to grab a job as ground handling staff, travel agency officer, airline city office representative, reservation and ticketing officer, international ticketing officer, and more. The Graduates and postgraduates who complete the IATA course in Dubai from YourOwn can directly enter mid-level management and choose job roles as operations manager, billing and settlement officer, travel agency manager, etc. Highly efficient professionals can rake in salary up to Rs 2,00,000 per month depending on their performance and capability.

The IATA Course structure in Dubai by YourOwn contains a broad range of topics that educates students about the benefits of ascending customers’ expectations and equips them with practical knowledge about the industry. Professionals by equipping themselves with extensive knowledge after getting trained in the course can widen their professional scope in several other domains namely Airlines, Ticketing Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines, Tour Operators, Car Rentals, and Hotels. The global acceptance of the IATA Training Course makes it the most sought after course for professionals who are aspiring to climb professional ladders in the travel and tourism industry.

IATA Courses in Dubai by YourOwn

The aspirants who like to build a strong career in the travel and tourism industry should also choose the right institute which inculcates all the basic and advanced knowledge about the industry. That’s where IATA Courses in Dubai by YourOwn plays a major role, apart from the curriculum-based course structure, the IATA training experts at YourOwn equips the students with deep knowledge of the English language and do a specialised personality training session. YourOwn offers IATA Courses in Dubai both online and offline.

Know Everything about IATA Courses in Dubai

There is rarely anyone in this world who doesn’t want to pursue a career in the aviation and travel industry, and the courses offered by International Air Transport Association abbreviated as the IATA courses in Dubai will let you explore your passion which will turn into a career opportunity for you.

The International Air Transport Association is a global trade organization for air transport and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It runs several courses in the travel and tourism sector which are internationally recognized globally. Because of this global acceptance, the professional who has an IATA recognized and accredited course certificate can easily earn a job at the front line or entry-level operations of airlines and travel agencies around the world. The IATA courses in Dubai by YourOwn Education- which are one of the most trusted prominent institutes which offer IATA courses in Dubai would add some extra merits to your resume. 

Few of the IATA course in Dubai offered by YourOwn includes,

  1. Foundation course in travel and tourism
  2. Diploma in travel and tourism consultant
  3. Diploma in Advanced Cargo rating
  4. IATA Aviation Security Awareness
  5. Air Cargo Advanced Marketing Course
  6. Airport Operations Fundamentals
  7. Airline Revenue Management

One of the major benefits offered by IATA courses in Dubai by YourOwn offers enormous job and career opportunities to aviation students. Once the candidates get the IATA accredited certificate they can work with Domestic and International Airlines. The candidates can also choose to work at the Reservation Desk, as airport check-in staff, in Airline Offices across the world. They have vast job options in multi-national travel companies, Travel Agencies, tour operators, and more.

The IATA course in Dubai by YourOwn makes the students eligible for worldwide recognition. The IATA courses in Dubai by YourOwn also offer the students rewarding careers which in turn give them glamorous and luxurious high paying jobs. They have endless scope to grow and also get to travel and work with global offices of the airlines. It also helps you in availing of special offers or discounts for their family members while travelling. Aspiring entrepreneurs can start a business venture of their own with the experience they garnered all over the world.

What makes YourOwn’s IATA Courses in Dubai Unique?

  • Well Structured classroom training up to 60 hours covering the entire syllabus depending on the course
  • Full-time IATA Certified and Industry Experienced instructors
  • Online and On-site classes
  • Regular practice tests
  • Personalized doubt clearing sessions with the Trainer
  • Mock tests
  • Pass guarantee (based on full-attendance)
  • Free seminars and workshops by industry experts
  • Free CV Writing and Interview Technique Classes