8 Things you need to know about IATA courses!

IATA courses are the entryway to joining the prospective aviation sector. The top authority accredited by numerous aviation firms IATA has been the number one in the field. Established in 1945, it has over 280 member airlines and aviation firms on board. All the courses offered by the agency are ISO certified and recognized across the world. Joining IATA courses in Dubai is the best step forward for a progressive life.

We are listing here the 8 things you need to know about IATA courses.  It would be helpful for you to take a decision on whether to enroll in an IATA course in Dubai or not.

#1. IATA is the major shareholder in air traffic

You may be surprised to know that IATA has a lion’s share in world air traffic. The organization has well above 80% representation, achieved through the 280+ airlines from countries around the globe. This widespread association keeps IATA ahead of others in information gathering, course curriculum enhancements according to varying concepts, and implementation of advanced coaching methods. Consequently, IATA courses in Dubai and other places offer a trained and knowledgeable workforce for the aviation industry.

#2. The maximum students, course programs, and diplomas

IATA touches every spectrum of the flight sector. Beginning from ground handling and air ticketing to aircrew education and training. The availability of such a large number of courses and diplomas makes IATA courses ideal for every type of aspirant thinking of joining the airline industry. There are more than 350 courses and about 50 diplomas offered by IATA. They are able to educate, train, and qualify well above 1 lakh students every year. The majority of qualified professionals are able to find jobs in the aviation sector.

#3. Desirable salary package

Salary and allowances are the first thing most of the aspirants check out. The airline industry has been one of the most paid sectors for decades. Perhaps, it has been the prime factor attracting candidates to IATA courses in Dubai and elsewhere. The job opportunities including ground support team members, air ticketing staff, airline customer support, ticketing agent, travel agency, aircrew, and so on assure enviable salaries, compared to almost all the other fields.

#4. No need for big academic qualifications

You can join the IATA courses in Dubai if you have qualified 10+2. Decent English language skills and a fair understanding of geography are pluses for completing the course successfully. Leading aviation academies like ours offer meticulous education and training for making you successful. By pursuing the IATA curriculum methodically. We have also formulated exclusive pedagogical techniques to ensure the best result.

#5. IATA topics

IATA courses comprise a number of topics, chosen to improve the skills and knowledge of the candidate. The topics include:

  • World Geography
  • IATA city codes
  • Airline ticketing
  • Flight booking and creation of PNR
  • Facility management
  • Customer relationship·        
  • Itinerary planning and preparation

#6. Secured Digital Award (SDA)

Gone are the days when printed certificates are awarded by IATA. The agency has embraced digitization, moving with time, in every aspect. Secured Digital Award (SDA), which could be printed by the individual is awarded nowadays. The certificates are secured by blockchain technology to prevent any misuse.

#7. Specially designed courses

Each of the IATA courses is designed by veterans from the sector. Besides offering an in-depth understanding of the concepts, the topics derived from the experience of the experts are also included. Therefore, a candidate with IATA certification would be capable of shouldering the responsibility easily.

#8. Online IATA courses in Dubai

IATA courses are offered online as well, for those who are unable to attend the classes at the coaching center. The specially designed online classes by Your Own will be advantageous for those wishing to join the airline industry.

For more info regarding IATA courses in Dubai, contact us now.

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