How do I start a career in UAE Corporate Tax Sector?

Tax is the main source of income for any country. Exactly for this reason, tax regulations are strict and constantly evolving in every corner of the world. With new sources of finance being introduced, countries implement amended tax policies. Tax evaluation and tax filing in the commercial and business world is a complex activity. Requiring knowledgeable professionals to properly and promptly undertake the necessary tasks. This has led to many job opportunities and resulted in academies offering UAE corporate tax training in Dubai.

The simple answer to the question, of how do I start a career in the UAE corporate tax sector, is to join coaching and obtain certification. At the same time, enrolling in any coaching program at any of the centers may not fetch you the result you expect. Only an experienced professional academy like Your Own can render you with exclusively formulated UAE corporate tax training in Dubai. Reach out to us or visit us today to know more about the opportunities that await you in the corporate tax sector.

Why Should You Join Corporate Tax Training in Dubai?

Many reasons make it a prospective way forward to join corporate tax training in Dubai. A few of them are listed here:

  • An investor-friendly business destination, Dubai is home to numerous firms including multi-national giants.
  • Tax regulations are followed strictly by the Federal Tax Agency (FTA). Any firm or individual not paying taxes properly can be penalized as per federal laws. Therefore, every entity needs a proficient tax consultant. Only a person with adequate knowledge through UAE corporate tax training in Dubai can do the needful.
  • As per the latest amendment to tax policy, which would come into force from 01st June 2023, companies and businesses have to pay a federal corporate tax of 9%. Therefore, a majority of the entities would require trained professionals in UAE corporate tax.

All these factors point to the same thing; those with proven qualifications based on UAE corporate tax training in Dubai have extensive job prospects.

Job Opportunities Post Implementation of Corporate Tax Regulations in June 2023

Tax consultation is a prominent career sector in Dubai/ UAE already. This would only go up subsequent to the incorporation of the new tax regime. The job opportunities a candidate with UAE corporate tax training in Dubai can expect are:

  • Corporate tax consultants in Dubai
  • Finance experts, advising companies and corporates on approved methodologies for reducing tax liabilities
  • Freelance tax consultation services
  • Tax Professional in the accounting team of the entity
  • Auditing experts with knowledge of tax-related evaluations

How to Start a Career in Corporate Tax Sector

Knowledge, skills, and experience are the keys to starting and succeeding in the corporate tax sector. Qualification is the main aspect that would get you into a career in the field. The steps for becoming a successful corporate tax consultant include:

  • Joining UAE corporate tax training in Dubai at an approved academy  
  • Obtaining the corporate tax consultant qualification
  • Undergoing UAE corporate tax practical training in Dubai under a tax specialist
  • Internship in any of the renowned institutions

The Tail End

Now is the right time to join UAE corporate tax training in Dubai. You can complete the course and get the certification by the time the new corporate tax comes into force. Although the course can be considered at any time, it is always good to be the first one with ample knowledge of the subject matter. Since it is a new implementation, there could be teething troubles and ambiguities while the new regulation is being adhered to. Resolving those would help you gain more experience, and to become an expert in the field. Further elevating your career growth.

To know more concerning UAE corporate tax training in Dubai, call us now. 

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