IATA Certification in 2023: Opportunities and Future Scope

Youngsters looking for jobs are often confused about the career they should opt for. As a result, they would start joining some random courses, which may not be useful. If you are one among them, IATA courses in Dubai might be the one you must opt for. The IATA certification opens opportunities to join a highly successful path. Moreover, those with the certification can choose to work anywhere else in the world.

What is IATA Certification?

IATA is the biggest body in the airline sector. It has a strong presence in different sectors related to aviation, from ground handling to pilot training. Well above 260 airline companies around the world are associated with them, claiming above 80% of air traffic. IATA plays a pivotal role in the seamless and consistent functioning of the aviation industry.

IATA Courses in Dubai

IATA certification is a vital element in the applicant’s resume. The hirer or the employer would take note of that, and the candidate will have more weightage than a person without the subject certification, as well as, the one with certification from any similar body. There is an array of aviation-related courses available. The academic qualification required varies from 10+2 to graduation and above.

The IATA courses in Dubai include:

  • Foundation course in travel and tourism
  • Diploma in travel and tourism
  • Advanced cargo rating and marketing course
  • Ground operations diploma
  • Cabin crew courses
  • Aviation security screening diploma

What are the Benefits of IATA Certification?

IATA certification is the entryway to the prospective world of aviation. It will give you wings to fly in this promising sector. The benefits of undergoing the IATA course in Dubai and IATA certification include the following:

  • You will get to know thoroughly on world geography, which would be instrumental in performing the duties
  • Learn about IATA city codes, necessary for booking purposes and other needs
  • Study the process of flight booking and creation of PNR
  • Knowledge of airline ticketing and CRS
  • Ticketing fare constructions and other related elements
  • Become capable in facility management, with exclusive topics taught during the IATA courses
  • Know  how to plan an itinerary
  • Learn about rendering customer service
  • Gain interpersonal skills
  • Improve communication skills

What are the Career Prospects of IATA Courses in Dubai in 2023?

You are entering into a world of opportunities by earning the IATA certification. The prosperous career path has been the reason behind most youngsters opting for jobs in this sector. At the same time, IATA courses do not require you to have high academic qualifications. One can join the course even with a minimal 10+2 qualification.

The IATA certification courses are designed in such a way as to induce knowledge in the candidates. The methodically formulated courses would strengthen the aspirants to shoulder responsibilities and enhance their confidence to perform their best. There are a number of job options available in the aviation industry including ground handling staff, ticketing executive, travel agency officer, cabin crewmember, airline city office representative, reservation and booking specialist, international ticketing officer, and air tourism agency executive.

You are going to be appointed in middle-level management if you are a graduate or post-graduate with IATA certification. Becoming a responsible person, normally an operations manager or any other position of similar stature, you will earn a decent income per month. Besides having a praiseworthy status in society.

2023 is expected to be an excellent year for the airline sector. With the dark clouds of the pandemic clear, more people are opting for air tourism. Thus increasing the requirement for airlines and aviation services. Job opportunities would increase tremendously, as per the current trends.

It would be a wise decision to join the IATA course in Dubai and make optimal use of this opportunity.  

5 things to know about UAE corporate tax

The UAE is all set to commence the corporate tax system with effect from 01st June 2023. The orders in this regard have already been promulgated. Further, the systems for monitoring, calculating, and analyzing corporate tax collection are being established across the board. Every change in the socioeconomic environment brings new opportunities. Successful are those, who can identify the change coming and act accordingly. In line with the expected rise in job prospects, aspirants have been joining UAE corporate tax training in Dubai since the announcement of the UAE corporate tax.

Note that, the UAE is not the first country to introduce the corporate tax, but the 4th one it is. The 9% corporate tax is expected to strengthen the economy of the country and maintain the fiscal condition in the coming times

There are a few basic questions that every business person, start-up owner, and the person thinking to establish a business in UAE has been asking. This blog would help aid in getting a clear idea about the UAE corporate tax concept. We suggest you join UAE corporate tax training in Dubai, to use the new tax regime to your benefit.

The five (05) things to know about UAE corporate tax are elaborated on here.

1. What is the UAE corporate tax?

UAE corporate tax is a direct tax on profit-making organizations and businesses. It is also called a business profit tax. Companies in the UAE have to pay 9% of their net profit as UAE corporate tax in every fiscal. At the same time, the subject tax is applicable to businesses that earn a net profit of AED 3, 75,000 and above only. The CT is scheduled to commence on 01st Jun 2023.

2. What is the law governing corporate tax in UAE?

The Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 stipulates the regulations regarding corporate tax. The policies and specific directives as per the subject law were publicized on 09 December 2020. It is also available on the official website of the Ministry of Finance of the UAE. People wanting to know more about the tax regulations according to CT can download and go through it. The UAE corporate tax training in Dubai would cover all the aspects concerning the said tax.

3. Is the UAE corporate tax binding on all businesses in the country?

No, the UAE corporate tax is not a carpet regulation that has to be followed by all businesses in the country. The threshold for the net profit is AED 375000 annually. Only those businesses that receive a profit of AED 375k or above need to pay the tax. Even then, the following exemptions are there:

  • No corporate tax for individual earnings, even if it is from trading or business.
  • Ex-pat investors not involved in business in the UAE do not have to pay corporate tax.

4. How much is the corporate tax in UAE for free zone companies?

The corporate tax incentives offered to free zone companies will continue after 01st June 2023 as well. It is an advantageous thing for businesses in the free zone jurisdiction.

5. Are capital gains and dividends from shares subject to corporate tax?

No, there is no corporate tax for capital gains and dividends from shareholdings in companies. Even if the dividend or capital gain is credited to the business’s account, the same is exempted from corporate tax.

The Tail End

Even though the authorities have clearly promulgated the regulations and policies regarding UAE corporate tax, still ambiguities exist concerning many elements of the law. It would require in-depth study and analysis for people to understand how CT works and which way they can reduce the liabilities. UAE Corporate Tax Training in Dubai covers all these concepts comprehensively. Therefore, the training is useful for both corporates and job seekers.

Facilities Management Innovations: Top 08 Trends to Watch in 2023

An efficient facility manager is of paramount importance for every organization. The lack of coordination in varying activities, inappropriate allotment of manpower, irregular maintenance schedules, etc. can not only impact productivity but also affect growth prospects adversely.

Companies look for qualified facility managers and facility management specialists with adequate qualifications and experience. A facility management course in Dubai is crucial for gaining access to this rapidly growing career sector. 2023 is expected to induce momentum in different sectors including facility management. We are discussing facility management innovations and the top 08 trends to watch in 2023.

1. Digitization and Integration of Futuristic Technology

Facility management is not like the earlier days anymore. The availability of digital resources, including facility management software, has transformed the scenario entirely. The functioning of the organization can be systematically streamlined with advanced technology. The facility managers must have adequate knowledge to operate the systems and obtain the intended results. The trend is expected to peak in 2023. The facility management courses in Dubai have also been modified accordingly.

2. Smart Management of the Systems and Manpower

Expenses are increasing day by day. Conflicts between nations and adverse geopolitical conditions are heavily impacting the healthy functioning of companies. The facility management team must understand the scenario and act accordingly. A seamless supply chain, meticulous usage of man and machinery, and incorporation of state-of-the-art methods are essential to steer healthy through the testing time. 2023 might witness modifications in the facility management functionalities to meet the requirements.

3. Versatility is the Key

The facility management team should be adaptable to varying situations. The pandemic that shook the world had been devastating for every sector across the world. Introducing changes with such conditions and maintaining the momentum necessitates versatile facility managers. The coaching offered through facility management courses in Dubai by renowned academies like Your Own includes both theoretical and practical aspects to handle the situations professionally.

4. Effective Usage of Hybrid Work Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many things. Hybrid work culture is one among those. The workspace can be used effectively by adhering to hybrid work conditions. People can work in shifts or opt to work in the time slot convenient. The facility management has to be agile to meet the requirements of both the employees and the management. It should not happen that workspace, machinery, or equipment is not ready. The year 2023 will see more companies changing hybrid work cultures.

5. Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance practices must be induced by all the firms. The facility manager has an undeniable role in ensuring that the team is following proactive maintenance practices.

6. Digitized Facility Management Services

Both the company and the employees must have access to digitized facility management services. A proper channel of communication and transparent setup is vital for meeting this objective. Companies are slowly, but steadily, shifting to this functioning methodology. Facility management courses in Dubai have included this in the syllabus.

7. Sustainability

Every entity eyeing optimal growth must incorporate futuristic concepts. Otherwise, let alone growth, even sustainability would become difficult. The methods chosen must be helpful for meeting the production and business requirements cost-effectively.

8. Upskilling of the Team

Every sector necessitates constant learning and integration of the latest techniques. Companies are also considering this possibility seriously. Many firms have turned to upskilling their employees instead of hiring or recruiting manpower. Upskilling is crucial for remaining in competition in this highly competitive world. For the same reason, we suggest aspirants join only proficient academies for facility management courses in Dubai. No use in undergoing a facility management course that follows an obsolete syllabus.

Do you have any queries regarding the facility management course in Dubai?

We can help you. Call us now.

Know Everything About CDCS Certification course in Dubai

Certificate for Credit Documentary Specialists (CDCS) is a globally recognized course intended for trade practitioners. The qualification enhances the career prospects and promotion possibilities of professionals in the subject sector. It is considered the yardstick due to the skills and knowledge the course imparts. Documentary practitioners will receive practical guidance and tact to deal with even the most intricate scenarios on pursuing the course.  

We have been providing widely accepted CDCS training in Dubai. Our expert professional tutors offer comprehensive guidance, methodical coaching, and in-depth knowledge of the diverse aspects of CDCS. Aiding the aspirants to achieve thorough knowledge and matchless capabilities that would be pivotal in their career path. 

Benefits of CDCS Coaching

CDCS is undoubtedly a highly advantageous professional qualification. It would be your stepping-stone to a prolific job. The benefits of Certificate for Credit Documentary Specialists (CDCS) training in Dubai include:

  • It helps you to become an expert in the documentary credit sector.
  • Recognized across the world, you can get a job anywhere you wish.
  • Boosts your capabilities as a professional documentary credit specialist and aids you in joining leading organizations.
  • The course is pivotal for improving performance on the job.
  • An all-encompassing understanding of the regulations is useful for complying with those meticulously.
  • It creates a positive image for you in front of the clients as well as the company management.·         The suffix CDCS in your name, post-successful completion of the course, offers you a distinctive identity and status.

Joining an accomplished academy providing CDCS training in Dubai is the only thing you need to do, for accomplishing this great feat. You may call us if you want to discuss the course in detail.  

Topics Covered in CDCS Training in Dubai

The CDCS training in Dubai includes the following topics. Nonetheless, new topics may be added with time. Hence, it is advisable to connect with us regarding the course details:

  • History of documentary credits
  • How to use documentary credits
  • The role of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • Development of the UCP
  • What is a documentary credit
  • What are the other methods of settlement
  • Definitions of different concepts associated with documentary credit
  • Sales contract preparation
  • How to issue a documentary credit
  • How to confirm a documentary credit
  • Pre-issuance consideration and the requirements associated with it
  • Advising a documentary credit
  • Amendments with respect to the issuing bank’s perspective
  • Examination of all associated documents
  • The role of the nominated bank
  • Honoring or negotiating
  • Rejection of documents
  • Credit-related concepts
  • eUCP
  • Standby letter of credit
  • Dispute resolution

Who All Should Join CDCS Course

We suggest all the professionals, management experts, and financial echelons of organizations join CDCS training in Dubai. It would be beneficial while dispensing the responsibilities.

  • Those from the trade finance sector should consider joining and qualifying CDCS in Dubai. The course would render them an edge compared to the competitors. It would be quite easy to handle even the most complex documentary credit issue, after the course.
  • Banking professionals, export firm management teams, importers, trade finance specialists, etc. should enroll for the course right away. The qualification would keep them ahead of the others in the field of internal trade and finance.   
  • Start-up company owners and established entrepreneurs planning to enter international trade must obtain CDCS qualifications, to understand the subtle elements in the sector and reach productive decisions.
  • Businesspersons, senior executives responsible for company decisions, and heads of finance from entities pursuing international trade may opt for CDCS training in Dubai. It would be advantageous for them in many ways.

Your Own has handpicked professional tutors for imparting CDCS training in Dubai. We are proud to have trained numerous candidates from different companies around the country, as well as, youngsters planning to enter the international trade and finance sector.

For more info on CDCS in Dubai, call us now.  

IELTS Exam Preparation for Beginners: 2023 Guide to Achieving Success

Many aspirants feel that IELTS preparation is an uphill task. Actually, it is not! You can appear in the IELTS exam confidently and score an excellent grade by pursuing a systematic process.

It is great if you can join IELTS training in Dubai. The expert trainers and professional tutors would guide you on the right path, through methodical coaching. Talking to us might be of significant help to you in understanding the nuances and subtle aspects of IELTS.

Here we are discussing the steps for IELTS exam preparation for beginners.

Checklist for IELTS Preparation

Knowing the topics, understanding the IELTS test pattern, and strategizing the approach is key to performing well in the exam. A point-wise checklist for IELTS exam preparation is below:

  • Check the exam format and determine how you are going to prepare for it
  • The importance of sections varies depending on the marks allotted. Get to know the mark pattern
  • Enrol at a proven coaching center for IELTS training in Dubai
  • Prepare a study schedule and follow it diligently
  • Revise the topics as much as possible
  • Practice old question papers
  • Attend as many IELTS mock tests as possible. It would enhance your confidence and sharpen your skills
  • Implement corrections based on the feedback from the IELTS tutor. Register for the IELTS exam without delays

Steps for IELTS Exam Preparation in a Limited Time

Mentoring by expert tutors at the leading academies for IELTS training in Dubai would act as a boost for you. They would be there to clarify doubts, motivate, assess weaknesses, and guide.

The steps for quick IELTS exam preparation are listed here.

1.   The IELTS exam comprises Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening tests. Get yourself familiarized with the question pattern, allotted time, and marks for each segment.

2.  Reading test is the easiest among the four. Nonetheless, it also requires concerted efforts and continuous practice for scoring well in this test section. It is preferred to start the IELTS exam preparation with the reading test segment.

3.  Sharpen your comprehension skills. Read, practice, and attend to the questions towards this aim. Once you are confident, attend to the questions and check how much time is required for each question.

4.  Obtain guidance from professional tutors regarding improving your reading speed. You must be quick in reading and grasping the content to score an excellent grade on the IELTS exam. Practicing reading full-length passages is an important part of IELTS preparation.

5.  Use English podcasts, exclusive listening materials for IELTS, etc. for preparing for the listening test. You must be familiar with the pronunciation and English accent. So that you can attempt the listening test successfully. Renowned coaching centers providing IELTS training in Dubai would provide you with all the materials for listening practice. Therefore, you need not have to search online for the same.   

6.  You should stop communicating in your mother tongue or any other language with your friends, teachers, and everyone around. Switch to English completely. Use any other language only in unavoidable circumstances. Most of the IETLS training centers ask their students to follow this method. It is highly effective for improving your English.

7.  Make optimal use of cue cards for IELTS speaking test preparation. They will help you on organizing your thought, form your answers, and respond in the right way.

8. Improve word power, memorize and understand idioms and phrases, and practice English grammar. These three steps are crucial parts of IELTS preparation. IELTS training in Dubai, at the top coaching centers, formulate coaching processes consisting of these.

9.  Revise, practice old questions, and attend mock tests. Your IELTS exam preparation will not be complete without these three segments. Necessary for strengthening your confidence, make sure to revise the portions, practice the old question papers, and attend mock tests as much as possible.

For more guidance on IELTS coaching and IELTS exam preparation, reach out to us.