IATA Certification in 2023: Opportunities and Future Scope

Youngsters looking for jobs are often confused about the career they should opt for. As a result, they would start joining some random courses, which may not be useful. If you are one among them, IATA courses in Dubai might be the one you must opt for. The IATA certification opens opportunities to join a highly successful path. Moreover, those with the certification can choose to work anywhere else in the world.

What is IATA Certification?

IATA is the biggest body in the airline sector. It has a strong presence in different sectors related to aviation, from ground handling to pilot training. Well above 260 airline companies around the world are associated with them, claiming above 80% of air traffic. IATA plays a pivotal role in the seamless and consistent functioning of the aviation industry.

IATA Courses in Dubai

IATA certification is a vital element in the applicant’s resume. The hirer or the employer would take note of that, and the candidate will have more weightage than a person without the subject certification, as well as, the one with certification from any similar body. There is an array of aviation-related courses available. The academic qualification required varies from 10+2 to graduation and above.

The IATA courses in Dubai include:

  • Foundation course in travel and tourism
  • Diploma in travel and tourism
  • Advanced cargo rating and marketing course
  • Ground operations diploma
  • Cabin crew courses
  • Aviation security screening diploma

What are the Benefits of IATA Certification?

IATA certification is the entryway to the prospective world of aviation. It will give you wings to fly in this promising sector. The benefits of undergoing the IATA course in Dubai and IATA certification include the following:

  • You will get to know thoroughly on world geography, which would be instrumental in performing the duties
  • Learn about IATA city codes, necessary for booking purposes and other needs
  • Study the process of flight booking and creation of PNR
  • Knowledge of airline ticketing and CRS
  • Ticketing fare constructions and other related elements
  • Become capable in facility management, with exclusive topics taught during the IATA courses
  • Know  how to plan an itinerary
  • Learn about rendering customer service
  • Gain interpersonal skills
  • Improve communication skills

What are the Career Prospects of IATA Courses in Dubai in 2023?

You are entering into a world of opportunities by earning the IATA certification. The prosperous career path has been the reason behind most youngsters opting for jobs in this sector. At the same time, IATA courses do not require you to have high academic qualifications. One can join the course even with a minimal 10+2 qualification.

The IATA certification courses are designed in such a way as to induce knowledge in the candidates. The methodically formulated courses would strengthen the aspirants to shoulder responsibilities and enhance their confidence to perform their best. There are a number of job options available in the aviation industry including ground handling staff, ticketing executive, travel agency officer, cabin crewmember, airline city office representative, reservation and booking specialist, international ticketing officer, and air tourism agency executive.

You are going to be appointed in middle-level management if you are a graduate or post-graduate with IATA certification. Becoming a responsible person, normally an operations manager or any other position of similar stature, you will earn a decent income per month. Besides having a praiseworthy status in society.

2023 is expected to be an excellent year for the airline sector. With the dark clouds of the pandemic clear, more people are opting for air tourism. Thus increasing the requirement for airlines and aviation services. Job opportunities would increase tremendously, as per the current trends.

It would be a wise decision to join the IATA course in Dubai and make optimal use of this opportunity.  

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