Facility management course – Is facility management a promising career?

Facility management is the mainstay for the flawless functioning of an organization. The operations, maintenance requirements, man management, etc. would turn haphazard without an efficient facility manager. Due to this reality, companies, businesses, and organizations have been choosing qualified and skilled facility managers. A facility management course in Dubai is the first step for joining this promising sector. If you have been looking for a field with optimal job opportunities.

Basic Requirements to Become a Successful Facility Manager.

A facility manager would be handling multiple operations simultaneously. He or she should be capable, knowledgeable, and qualified to undertake the tasks without any errors or confusion. In a responsible position, employers choose well-qualified facility managers only. A prominent institution for years, Your Own has been offering facility management courses in Dubai besides many other courses that offer extensive career opportunities.

The basic requirements to become a successful facility manager include:

  • Knowledge: The facility manager should have knowledge and information regarding different aspects related to the field. Then only s/he will be able to manage the team, allot work, and plan activities. A facility management course in Dubai will help in understanding the factors relevant to this field.
  • Management: Time, material, and man management are essential for obtaining optimal outputs. The facility manager cannot achieve success in the job without these management traits. Facility management courses in Dubai, or any other place, will be useful in gaining knowledge regarding management theories and understanding the practical scenario.
  • Stress Handling: The facility manager is one of the persons responsible for the effective functioning of the organization. With such a workload, there are possibilities of stress. Therefore, those who are planning to choose this field should be capable of stress handling.

Is Facility Manager a Promising Career?

The single-word answer to this question is “yes”. Facility management is definitely a promising career. The increasing number of aspirants itself indicates that youngsters also have understood the job prospects of a facility manager. Our facility management course in Dubai has been witnessing a rise in students joining the course.

Every company, organization, and business needs a facility manager for handling day-to-day maintenance, housekeeping, man management, and other related operations. It is not possible to use an automated system for the job. Only a qualified, knowledgeable, and efficient person can handle the activities meticulously.

In the case of large organizations, there would be a facility management team for managing different tasks. The raised level of competition has forced every company to be highly competent. And efficient facility management is an unavoidable factor for competency.

Imagine a client visiting an industrial facility, office, or commercial space. What would be the client’s reaction if a particular machinery is not working, or the office space is not maintained properly? It will create a negative image of the company. Consequently, the client may discontinue the association, leading to bad word-of-mouth publicity that would impede the company’s growth. Facility management has a strong role in the success of a company.

The above-mentioned facts underscore the importance of facility management. Now you can decide for yourself whether facility management is a promising career or not.

The Conclusion

Facility management is a promising career option nowadays. Joining a facility management course in Dubai can open the gates of a great career. Further, the qualification has career options across the world. Therefore, you can have boundless options to choose from.

We would be happy to help you with the best facility management course in Dubai. If you are looking for a facility management course, do contact us now. We wish you all the best for a great career.

The Benefits of the CPIM (Certified in Planning & Inventory Management) Certification for Supply Chain Professionals.

Supply chain management systems have been under constant evolution. The increasing customer demands, increased global connectivity, the availability of advanced digital technology, and augmented online shopping subsequent to the pandemic have been the core reasons behind this phenomenon. Logistics and supply chain management courses have been the gateway for joining this field.

A leading academy in Dubai, we have been offering Certified in Planning and Inventory Management or CPIM certification to individuals aspiring to join this sector. Extensive career prospects have been the basic factor for more youngsters picking CPIM courses in Dubai. Our target has been to educate and train our students to shoulder higher responsibilities and perform tasks meticulously. So that, they can grow in their career and become successful in life.

How Does CPIM (Certified in Planning & Inventory Management) Certification Benefit the Candidates?

Logistics and supply chain management courses, especially CPIM, offer a promising career path to youngsters. They can gain exceptional acceptance around the world by getting the CPIM certification or any other relevant qualification from the logistics and SCM sectors. The benefits that a CPIM-certified candidate can have, include:

  • Inventory management is a key element in the SCM perspective. Maintaining a proper track of items available, the details of the incoming and outgoing inventory, etc. are essential for keeping seamless supply support. A person with the CPIM certification would have a keen knowledge, understanding, and ability for effective inventory management and planning.
  • Supply Chain Management is a constant process that necessitates the implementation of measures to maintain the momentum of supply. Delays due to unforeseen circumstances can affect the image of the logistics company. Therefore, the person handling the section, as well as, the team should have the skills and efficiency. The logistics and supply chain management courses have been a key element in ensuring the availability of qualified individuals for the job.
  • Operation of a logistics entity is an intricate thing, with several activities going on simultaneously. Those in the management should have a focused approach, along with the ability to multi-task. Supply and distribution of items, monitoring of transportation, keeping a record of the inventory, and recruiting new manpower are some of the tasks assigned to those in responsible positions. The Certified in Planning and Inventory Management course will instill capability, knowledge, and efficiency in aspirants to perform well while on the job.
  • Poor material, time, and man management are detrimental to the logistics business. The CPIM course would cover topics that would impart comprehensive management skills that would aid the candidate professionally.
  • Procurement and planning are two integral parts of supply chain management, as well as, logistics operations. Imagine an erroneous procurement process or planning that does not predict possible roadblocks. The business is going to doom if the management is unable to undertake these two activities properly. Logistics and supply chain management courses at Your Own instill knowledge and insights, besides teaching the advisable techniques, to the students.
  • Forecasting and a foresighted approach are necessary to shine in the logistics and SCM sector. The Certified in Planning and Inventory Management certification will make the aspirants capable enough to forecast the tasks and proceed accordingly. A person not undergone the coaching or qualified in the CPIM course may not be able to organize or coordinate the intricate logistics activities including procurement, planning, transportation, distribution, manpower planning, and inventory management.
  • Logistics and supply chain management courses, as well as, CPIM have finance and accounting included in the curriculum. The students will also be given practical training that would aid them in facing real situations.

The Observation

CPIM and logistics and supply chain management courses are essential for those looking to build a career in this sector. A prominent coaching center can assure you methodical coaching that would be useful in obtaining the CPIM and SCM certifications. By offering advanced courses, Your Own has become the torch bearer for many aspirants.

For joining logistics, SCM, and CPIM courses in Dubai, call us now.

IATA Airline Cabin Crew Training: What to Expect and How to Prepare.

IATA airline cabin crew training pursues a comprehensive theoretical and practical syllabus. Those who complete the IATA courses in Dubai can expect great career options anywhere in the world. That is the value and recognition the IATA courses have got. 

Unlike courses and training offered by other agencies, IATA has a properly devised curriculum. The individual would be highly competent in the successful completion of the course. Making it possible to assign tasks and responsibilities from the field.

We are giving you insights regarding that IATA airline cabin crew training in this post. So that you can decide upon joining an IATA course in Dubai.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an airline cabin crew?

This is the basic thing every cabin crew member should know. The IATA course in Dubai, as well as, worldwide would comprise a detailed brief on the roles and responsibilities of a cabin crew member. A detailed understanding of the aircraft, safety aspects, interacting with the passengers, medical first aid, emergency evacuation procedure, etc. are included in this part of the course.

Knowing about the aircraft

The IATA airline cabin crew training will have topics covering the complete details of the aircraft. Every crew member is expected to know about the in and out of the aircraft. Further, the aircraft configuration, aircraft specifications, interior and exterior features, layout, and other relevant subjects will be taught. Knowing the aircraft completely is vital for doing duties properly. The subject is designed in such a way as to infuse the right knowledge to a person for whom the aircraft had been an alien thing. An object they have seen only from a distance.

How to act in an emergency condition?

Cabin crew members are supposed to handle emergency conditions efficiently. Their way of approach during such a scenario is of paramount importance. The passengers will be worried and panic-stricken. The cabin crew should maintain calm and behave in a composed manner, guiding the passengers and calming them down. Emergency procedures, evacuation plans, safety measures, fire fighting, first-aid, and other relevant topics are taught in the IATA airline cabin crew training. You can reach out to us if you want to know in detail about the IATA courses in Dubai. It would help you in picking the course suitable for you.

How to operate and handle safety and emergency equipment?

As the direct contact point for a passenger, the cabin crew member would be instructing them regarding the actions during an emergency. The operation and handling of safety and emergency equipment are done by the crew members. Besides that, they should help the passengers by donning gloves, goggles, oxygen masks, etc. in case required. It would be difficult to perform the duty well if the airline cabin crew member lacks clear understanding and expertise. The IATA course in Dubai has both theoretical and practical segments for handling, operating, and control of safety equipment and devices.

Interaction with Passengers

The airline cabin crew members are expected to be pleasant all the time. Even if they are under stress, the crew members should meet and greet the passengers with a positive attitude. Their personal issues should not be reflected on their face or while conversing with the passengers. Training on stress management, effective customer interaction, maintaining a highly optimistic spirit, and managing multiple tasks simultaneously are provided in the IATA course in Dubai. This not only helps the cabin crew member while performing duties but also in their personal life. They would be able to remain serene and optimistic when issues occur in their life.

The Conclusion

The IATA airline cabin crew training in Dubai is the stepping stone to a successful career. Youngsters around the globe have been opting for IATA courses due to the boundless opportunities they offer. You can reach out to us if you are among those dreamy youngsters who want to do great in life.

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The Future of CMA Career Paths: Trends and Predictions

A Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is the backbone for the financial planning of a business. The knowledge, experience, and skill of the CMA are of paramount importance. For that matter, all the financial planning, strategic decision, expansion prospects, and risk assessment directly depend on the CMA. A mistake or an erroneous decision can land the company in peril. That is the reason why companies look for candidates with CMA certification only. Proper CMA training, practical coaching, and guidance on theoretical concepts are vital.

The responsibilities of a CMA include:

  • Pursuance of governmental orders regarding financial reporting and compliance with the extant regulations. The CMA certification syllabus comprises all the topics related to the aforesaid.
  • Tax analysis, tax return calculation, financial planning, and financial decision-making.
  • Formulation of financial strategy and determining the way forward to implement it. 
  • Analytical skills of a CMA help the company or organization in determining the way forward.
  • A qualified CMA would be a leader guiding, motivating, and leading the team.

Comprehensive CMA training is what would make the person capable enough to handle multifaceted responsibilities. The CMA certification would be offered post-proper coaching and examination only.

Requirements to Become a CMA

The ICMA has established eligibility criteria for one to become a CMA. Accordingly, a CMA should:

  • Possess an active membership in IMA
  • The CMA certification exam comprises two parts and the CMA should qualify in both
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is compulsory
  • Two years of professional training in the field

The reputed academy like Your Own where you undergo CMA training and CMA certification exams will help you in obtaining the qualification.

Career Path of a CMA – Qualified Professional

CMA training and certification opens a sea of opportunities for you. The CMA will be handling many responsible positions, making him or her an important person in the organization. In turn, the value, status, and salary also go up. A few of the career prospects of a CMA are elaborated subsequently.

  • Financial Analyst: The financial analyst would be monitoring the financial statements, expenditure patterns, various financial reports, etc. An analytical report would be prepared subsequently and submitted to the management suggesting the way ahead. Observing the market and ascertaining the market trends and prospects are also the responsibility of the financial analyst. The CMA training curriculum will enable the aspirant to undertake these intricate duties efficiently.
  • Accounting Manager: This is another prominent responsibility assigned to a CMA. Those with CMA certification can become accounting managers at leading organizations and business entities. Unlike a normal accountant or a financial manager without CMA certification, the CMA would be handling all the higher responsibilities. Examining various accounts and reports, formulating accounting procedures, finalizing financial policies, and so on are assigned to account managers.
  • Cost Accountant: The cost accountant will be recording the expenditures and costs incurred by the firm. All the expenditure data will pass through the cost accountant. Then he or she would take note of the expenses and examine them for correctness. It is the responsibility of the cost accountant to identify irregularities and report the same to the management. In a short sense, the cost accountant will prevent any possible fraud in the company.
  • Financial Risk Manager: Risk alleviation is one of the important requirements of any company. At the same time, it is not possible to avoid risky decisions, if the company wants to grow. The financial risk manager would assess the conditions and study the scenario, to propose the possible steps. The business strategies would depend on guidance from the financial risk manager. Now you can imagine how valued a financial risk manager would be. Meticulous CMA training is essential to perform well in this duty. Mere CMA certification may not suffice.
  • Financial Controller: Financial controller would normally be controlling and leading the financial department. Performing the duties of a manager the financial controller will head the team and assign them with different tasks.

A CMA has an undeniable role in the strong existence of a company. Therefore, they possess high value. CMA certification is the way to join this promising career. You may connect with us for CMA training in Dubai. Your Own has been the guiding force behind numerous CMAs who are working in the UAE and abroad.

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The Role of IELTS Training in Enhancing Communication Skills.

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a globally accepted evaluation process for checking the English language proficiency of candidates. It is conducted mainly for applicants from non-English speaking countries applying for jobs, higher education, etc. Speaking test is one of the segments included in IELTS. Those appearing for the IELTS exam should be able to speak fluently, using the correct pronunciation, and appropriate words.

Speaking tests, as part of the IELTS exam, comprise three sections. It is too difficult to score well to excellent grades without proper IELTS preparation. Especially in the speaking test. Coaching under experts at renowned academies offering IELTS training in Dubai is the only way to prepare meticulously. Undertaken to scrutinize English proficiency, the IELTS exam has an all-encompassing testing process. The proper IELTS training in Dubai would enhance the communication skills of the individual. Consequently, he or she will be able to speak to anyone in English confidently, and with clarity. The flow of thoughts and information would be precise with proper pronunciation.

How IELTS Training Helps in Improving Communication Skills.

Speaking test is an important segment of the IELTS exam. The candidate must have a proper hold of the English language to perform well during this test. The IELTS speaking test has three parts. Those are:

  • Part 1 of IELTS Speaking Test: Part 1 of the IELTS speaking test lasts 4 to 5 minutes. This is the simplest part of the test. The examiner will be asking about the individual, his or her details, and general questions to assess the basic language skills.
  • Part 2 of IELTS Speaking Test: The candidate should speak on a random topic in this test. The overall duration of Part 2 of the speaking test of the IELTS exam is 3 to 4 minutes. The candidate will pick a card from the set of cards offered. He or she will have a minute for preparing for the topic mentioned in the card. The individual should speak on the topic for about 2 minutes. The top academies providing IELTS training in Dubai will prepare the student to speak fluently on several diverse topics. Thus improving the skills and capability. So that he or she can talk on any subject, even if unaware of the same.
  • Part 3 of IELTS Speaking Test: Part 3 of the speaking test is a continuation of the part and it is of 3 to 4 minutes duration. The examiner will ask questions based on the topic on which the candidate spoke in Part 2 of the speaking test. This section is tougher than the previous two.

Now imagine the effort one must put in and the preparation to be undertaken, for the IELTS preparation. The language of the person preparing for the IELTS exam will automatically improve. At the same time, it is important to choose a leading academy like Your Own for IELTS training in Dubai. Systematic IELTS coaching under expert tutors is essential for scoring an excellent grade.

From the moment a person joins IELTS training in Dubai, he or she will be under constant guidance from the IELTS teachers. In addition to standards IELTS coaching, scheduled examination, and random assessments, there would be additional suggestions. The suggestions from IELTS tutors in Dubai would include:

  • Reading: The aspirant appearing for the IELTS exam would be directed to read English newspapers really. Besides that, the tutors will suggest English books, magazines, and other journals. This would improve language skills, knowledge about current affairs, grasping power, and word power.
  • Watching: Watching English movies is another method suggested for IELTS aspirants. This would not only help in enhancing pronunciation, help the individual to follow and understand the conversation, and aid in communicating concepts easier than before.
  • Talking: All the students will be asked to communicate in English only. IELTS training in Dubai would be more effective if all the candidates converse with each other in English, instead of their mother tongue.

These all improve the communication skills of the persons undergoing IELTS exam preparation. Therefore, IELTS preparation will not just help in qualifying for the exam but will be helpful in life as well.

To join IELTS training in Dubai, do connect with us now.