The Role of IELTS Training in Enhancing Communication Skills.

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a globally accepted evaluation process for checking the English language proficiency of candidates. It is conducted mainly for applicants from non-English speaking countries applying for jobs, higher education, etc. Speaking test is one of the segments included in IELTS. Those appearing for the IELTS exam should be able to speak fluently, using the correct pronunciation, and appropriate words.

Speaking tests, as part of the IELTS exam, comprise three sections. It is too difficult to score well to excellent grades without proper IELTS preparation. Especially in the speaking test. Coaching under experts at renowned academies offering IELTS training in Dubai is the only way to prepare meticulously. Undertaken to scrutinize English proficiency, the IELTS exam has an all-encompassing testing process. The proper IELTS training in Dubai would enhance the communication skills of the individual. Consequently, he or she will be able to speak to anyone in English confidently, and with clarity. The flow of thoughts and information would be precise with proper pronunciation.

How IELTS Training Helps in Improving Communication Skills.

Speaking test is an important segment of the IELTS exam. The candidate must have a proper hold of the English language to perform well during this test. The IELTS speaking test has three parts. Those are:

  • Part 1 of IELTS Speaking Test: Part 1 of the IELTS speaking test lasts 4 to 5 minutes. This is the simplest part of the test. The examiner will be asking about the individual, his or her details, and general questions to assess the basic language skills.
  • Part 2 of IELTS Speaking Test: The candidate should speak on a random topic in this test. The overall duration of Part 2 of the speaking test of the IELTS exam is 3 to 4 minutes. The candidate will pick a card from the set of cards offered. He or she will have a minute for preparing for the topic mentioned in the card. The individual should speak on the topic for about 2 minutes. The top academies providing IELTS training in Dubai will prepare the student to speak fluently on several diverse topics. Thus improving the skills and capability. So that he or she can talk on any subject, even if unaware of the same.
  • Part 3 of IELTS Speaking Test: Part 3 of the speaking test is a continuation of the part and it is of 3 to 4 minutes duration. The examiner will ask questions based on the topic on which the candidate spoke in Part 2 of the speaking test. This section is tougher than the previous two.

Now imagine the effort one must put in and the preparation to be undertaken, for the IELTS preparation. The language of the person preparing for the IELTS exam will automatically improve. At the same time, it is important to choose a leading academy like Your Own for IELTS training in Dubai. Systematic IELTS coaching under expert tutors is essential for scoring an excellent grade.

From the moment a person joins IELTS training in Dubai, he or she will be under constant guidance from the IELTS teachers. In addition to standards IELTS coaching, scheduled examination, and random assessments, there would be additional suggestions. The suggestions from IELTS tutors in Dubai would include:

  • Reading: The aspirant appearing for the IELTS exam would be directed to read English newspapers really. Besides that, the tutors will suggest English books, magazines, and other journals. This would improve language skills, knowledge about current affairs, grasping power, and word power.
  • Watching: Watching English movies is another method suggested for IELTS aspirants. This would not only help in enhancing pronunciation, help the individual to follow and understand the conversation, and aid in communicating concepts easier than before.
  • Talking: All the students will be asked to communicate in English only. IELTS training in Dubai would be more effective if all the candidates converse with each other in English, instead of their mother tongue.

These all improve the communication skills of the persons undergoing IELTS exam preparation. Therefore, IELTS preparation will not just help in qualifying for the exam but will be helpful in life as well.

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Top 10 IELTS Writing Tips and Tricks to get 8 Band score

Scoring an 8-band score in the IELTS exam can amplify your chances of getting selected into renowned abroad universities. Joining us for IELTS training in Dubai can help you imbibe the skills for scoring an excellent grade. Our experienced tutors share exclusive tips that would benefit you in IELTS writing.

Tips and Tricks to Get 8 Band Score in the IELTS Exam

Before we discuss further IELTS writing, let’s look into the structure of the exam. The IELTS training in Dubai would offer you a thorough insight into the exam. Nonetheless, the points elaborated here would provide a brief insight.

The IELTS exam is divided into tasks under Task 1 and Task 2. You must have amply prepared for all 8 types of tasks. To score a band of 8 or 8.5. Task 1 consists of Academic Report Writing or Letter Writing (for general students). Task 2 has Essay Writing. 

  • Improve Your Vocabulary – Reading books and watching English movies are good for improving your vocabulary. It will help you use the right words and create impressive sentences.
  • Sentence Formation – Your answers should contain various types of sentences viz. simple, complex, compound, conditional, etc. Limiting the answers to simple sentences can affect the score.
  • Read the Question Properly – Read and understand the question, before you start answering. Candidates, many a time, go off the topic and elaborate. That may not be fruitful in the IELTS exam. Stick to the question asked and provide the answer.
  • Content Matters – Wide reading will help you generate ideas and concepts. It is beneficial for performing in IELTS writing as well. The flow of information and the correct usage of words is essential.
  • Time Management – Attend mock tests and improve your speed. Further, use time management to answer all the questions properly. Proper planning and preparation are required for effective time management. Our center for IELTS training in Dubai guides and trains students for productive time management in the IELTS exam.
  • Formal Language – Stick to formal language in the IELTS exam. The IELTS writing is for ascertaining your English language proficiency. Hence, it is better to avoid idioms and phrases. Contractions like don’t, can’t, etc and personal pronouns should not be used.
  • Handwriting – You must write in readable handwriting. Difficulty in reading itself can hamper the possibility of scoring high in IELTS writing.

These tips would be helpful in getting an 8-band score on the IELTS exam. IELTS training in Dubai can aid you in understanding the exam thoroughly and preparing well.