Unlocking Your Career Potential: CMA Certification Career Opportunities

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the realm of financial management, especially within the vibrant hub of global commerce that is Dubai. Esteemed for its global recognition, the CMA credential is far more than an acronym; it’s a testament to an individual’s mastery of financial analysis, strategic planning, and decision-making prowess.

The CMA curriculum isn’t just a collection of courses; it’s an immersive journey that instills profound insights into financial planning, performance, and analytics, delving deep into the intricacies of financial analysis, budgeting, cost management, risk assessment, and strategic foresight.

What sets CMA apart is its commitment to continual learning, ensuring that professionals holding this esteemed certification are perpetually aligned with the ever-evolving landscape of financial practices and industry standards. In a Global business environment, the CMA certification isn’t merely a qualification; it’s a mark of distinction that opens doors to unparalleled opportunities and positions individuals as key decision-makers capable of steering organizations toward financial success in an increasingly competitive market.

Key highlights of the CMA certification course :

  • Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics:
  • Financial Analysis: CMAs gain expertise in analyzing financial statements, assessing financial performance, and providing insights for decision-making.
  • Budgeting: The certification delves into the creation, execution, and monitoring of budgets, crucial for effective financial management.
  • Cost Management: Understanding and managing costs efficiently are pivotal skills, emphasizing cost control, reduction, and optimization.
  • Risk Assessment: CMAs learn to identify and mitigate financial risks, crucial in navigating uncertain economic environments.
  • Strategic Planning: The certification equips professionals with strategic planning skills, enabling them to align financial goals with organizational objectives.

Rigor and Relevance:

  • Rigorous Curriculum: The CMA program is known for its comprehensive curriculum, designed to impart in-depth knowledge and practical skills.
  • Ongoing Education Requirement: CMAs are required to engage in continual learning, whether through courses, seminars, or other educational activities. This requirement ensures that professionals remain abreast of the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices in financial management.
  • Adaptability to Industry Changes: The emphasis on ongoing education ensures that CMAs adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape, staying equipped to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

The CMA certification’s coverage of diverse financial domains and its commitment to a rigorous curriculum and ongoing education ensures that professionals possess a comprehensive skill set and stay updated with the latest industry practices, making them adept at handling the multifaceted demands of financial management in today’s dynamic business environment.

Global significance of the CMA certification:

Global Business Landscape:

  • Cross-Border Relevance: In a world interconnected through global trade, the CMA certification transcends borders, holding significance across diverse industries and geographical locations.
  • Universal Financial Skills: The skills obtained through CMA certification are universally applicable, offering professionals a global perspective on financial management practices.

Employer Demand on a Global Scale:

  • Multinational Corporations: Across the globe, multinational corporations value CMAs for their ability to provide critical financial insights that drive strategic decision-making at both regional and global levels.
  • Business Expansion: Companies expanding internationally seek CMAs to navigate complex financial scenarios and ensure seamless operations in various markets.
  • Consistency in Standards: The certification’s adherence to globally recognized financial principles ensures a standard level of expertise in financial management regardless of location.

Competitive Edge:

  • Global Credential: Holding a CMA certification elevates professionals to a global standard of competence and expertise in financial management.
  • Career Mobility: CMAs enjoy increased career mobility, as their skills are recognized and sought after in diverse industries and geographical locations around the world.

CMA Certification Career Opportunities

Diverse Career Paths:

  • Financial Analysis and Planning: CMAs are well-equipped for roles in financial analysis, where they analyze financial data, trends, and performance to guide strategic decisions.
  • Management Accounting: They play crucial roles in budgeting, cost management, and internal financial reporting, ensuring efficient resource allocation.
  • Strategic Planning: CMAs contribute to long-term organizational goals by aligning financial strategies with business objectives.

Industry Versatility:

  • Corporate Sector: CMAs find opportunities in corporate finance, working for companies of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations, managing financial operations.
  • Consultancy: Many CMAs work as consultants, offering financial expertise to various clients, advising on financial strategies, and optimizing processes.
  • Public Sector and NGOs: Governments, nonprofits, and NGOs seek CMAs for financial management and compliance with regulations.

Career Progression:

  • Leadership Positions: CMAs often ascend to leadership roles, such as CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) or controllers, due to their strategic financial expertise.
  • Global Opportunities: The global recognition of CMA certification offers opportunities to work internationally, contributing to global business operations.

Salary and Compensation:

  • Competitive Salaries: CMAs often command competitive salaries due to their specialized skill set and the value they bring to organizations.
  • Potential for Earning Growth: With experience and expertise, CMAs can expect steady growth in their earning potential.

Continued Relevance:

  • Adaptability: The skills acquired through CMA certification remain relevant in changing economic climates, ensuring long-term career viability.
  • Continual Learning: CMAs are required to engage in ongoing education, allowing them to stay updated with industry trends and advancements, enhancing their career prospects.

The CMA certification unlocks a world of possibilities, offering professionals diverse career paths, industry versatility, prospects for career progression into leadership roles, competitive salaries, and continued relevance in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

CMA Industrial Roles:

  1. Management Accountant: It involves analyzing financial information, preparing budgets, monitoring costs, and ensuring effective financial management within an organization.
  2. Financial Analyst: Evaluating financial data, trends, and market conditions to provide insights for investment decisions, mergers, acquisitions, and forecasting.
  3. Cost Accountant: Focusing on calculating and managing costs within a company, analyzing cost trends, and optimizing cost-effective strategies.
  4. Corporate Controller: Overseeing financial reporting, accounting operations, and compliance with regulations within a corporation.
  5. Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Leading the financial strategy of an organization, making high-level financial decisions, managing financial risks, and guiding investments.
  6. Financial Manager: Supervises financial health, oversees financial reporting, and ensures financial compliance within an organization.
  7. Finance Director: Directing financial planning and strategy, aligning financial goals with overall business objectives.
  8. Consultant: Offering expertise and advice to organizations or individuals on financial matters, providing strategic solutions.
  9. Risk Manager: Identifying and managing potential risks that could negatively impact an organization’s financial health.
  10. Auditor: Evaluating financial records and statements for accuracy and compliance with regulations or standards.
  11. Educator/Trainer: Training and educating aspiring accountants or professionals on financial management principles and practices.
  12. Entrepreneur: Using financial expertise to start and manage businesses, making strategic financial decisions for business growth.
  13. Government Roles: Involving in financial management, budgeting, auditing, or policy-making within government agencies or departments.Ensuring financial compliance and effective resource allocation in the public sector.

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How to Improve Time Management During the CMA Exam

Knowledge and practice alone cannot help you clear the CMA exam. Effective time management is key in attending to maximum questions correctly. And qualifying for the CMA exam. Experts at leading academies like YourOwn, offering CMA courses in Dubai, will guide you on time management and exam strategies. Nonetheless, we are discussing time management during the CMA exam here.

This article is intended to give you an insight into the importance of time management. Further, if you are looking to join the CMA course, talk to us today.

Structure of MCQ in the CMA Exam

Practice sessions during the CMA course in Dubai will give you enough experience regarding MCQ in the CMA exam. Nonetheless, we are offering you the details regarding it, for you to have an understanding. The CMA MCQ section has two parts. They are namely:

  • Part 1: MCQs on Financial Reporting, Planning. Performance and Control
  • Part 2: Financial decision-making

One good thing is that there are no negative marks for wrong answers in the CMA exam, which is a different aspect compared to other competitive exams. Candidates can make intelligent moves, like examining the answers to rule out the possibly wrong ones to reach a decision on the right answer. Experienced academies offering CMA courses in Dubai offer guidance in this regard as well.

Essay Section in CMA Exam

Candidates must have a thorough understanding of the concepts and in-depth knowledge of the topics to answer questions correctly and precisely. How well the candidate understood the theories and explanations will be evident from the answer. Clarity of expression is of paramount importance. To score the best in the CMA exam essay part. CMA course expert tutors provide guidance on grasping the crux of the topic, which would be useful in answering the questions in an appropriate manner.

While attending essay questions, make sure that:

  • Well-structured answers that elaborate on the point must be there in the essay.
  • Answer to the point. Relevance of the answer is important.
  • The answer should be clear and precise. Do not dilute the answers with irrelevant factors.

Things to Note During the CMA Exam

Proper preparation and coaching at a prominent academy offering CMA courses in Dubai are vital for clearing the exam. Note the following when you are attending the CMA exam. These points would be useful in scoring excellently:

  • Never hurry through the questions, it can result in you picking the wrong answer
  • Read each question patiently and understand it correctly before answering. You need to practice fast reading to reduce the time needed for reading questions.
  • Key elements in the questions must be picked. It would give you the intention behind the question.
  • Read the questions with a clear mind and never rush to respond.
  • Ruling out possible incorrect answers will help you in finding the right answer when you are not sure about the answer.
  • Analytical skills must be improved. For it would be useful in answering even difficult questions.
  • There are no negative marks in the CMA exam. Make optimal use of this fact.

Time Management Strategy for the CMA Exam

Pursue the following points to improve your time management during the CMA exam:

  • Answer questions from the topics that you are more confident with first.
  • Do not waste time on difficult questions.
  • Set a specific time limit for each question from MCQ. Do not exceed the time limit, come what may. You can come back to the question at the end if time permits.
  • Have an exam strategy prepared in advance, with the help of tutors at the CMA course in Dubai.
  • Mark the questions that you find difficult and return to them at the end.
  • Quickly read the questions completely. Practicing fast reading during CMA exam preparation would be helpful.
  • An ordered response would help you score better in the essay section. It would be useful to make an order in mind or roughly outline the sections before answering the essay.
  • Planning the CMA exam would be useful in answering the questions optimally.

For more guidance on the CMA exam and to join the CMA course in Dubai, talk to us today.

Importance of CMA for Working Professionals in the UAE for Better Salary and Job Security

In the rapidly advancing financial landscape of the UAE, the importance of possessing relevant certifications and qualifications cannot be overstated.

One such sought-after qualification is the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification from IMA (Institute of Management Accountant-US). For many professionals in Dubai, the CMA Course in Dubai has proven to be a gateway to a plethora of opportunities and advancements in their careers.

This course holds a promise of proficiency, enhances career trajectories, and most importantly, ensures that individuals are in sync with global standards.

As we delve deeper into the myriad benefits and the overarching significance of this course, it becomes evident why it is rapidly becoming the gold standard for professionals in the UAE.

What is Management Accounting and Why CMA?

Management accounting is about providing relevant information primarily to internal stakeholders to make essential business decisions.

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification from IMA (Institute of Management of Accountant-US) is the gold standard in this domain.

Recognized across the globe, the CMA certification is a testament to one’s expertise and commitment to the management accounting profession.

Importance of CMA for working professionals in the UAE

Some of the advantages of getting a CMA course in Dubai is as follows:

Better Salary and Job Security

The primary allure of the CMA Course in Dubai for many is the promise of a better salary. On average, CMAs earn a staggering 50% more in total compensation than their non-CMA counterparts. This difference in earning potential is a testament to the high regard industries have for CMAs.

Provides an entrance into the management world.

The CMA certification targets management and executive-level duties. Those who acquire this certification are well-prepared to delve into corporate financial accounting and strategic management settings.

So, not only does it offer you an edge in your current role, but it paves the way for you to take on higher managerial positions.

Not only for Accountants

One might think the CMA Course in Dubai is strictly for accountants, but that’s far from the truth. Any professional aiming to work in strategic management settings, regardless of their background, can benefit immensely from this course.

Its expansive curriculum, from financial reporting to risk management, is crafted to equip professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the corporate financial world.

Additional Benefits

Beyond the tangible career benefits, the CMA certification also adds value by validating your expertise, thereby enhancing your credibility and confidence.

Once certified, the doors to global career opportunities swing wide open, allowing professionals to navigate their career path confidently.


The CMA Course in Dubai is more than just another certification. It’s a career accelerator, a global passport to opportunities, and a validation of one’s commitment to professional excellence.

Whether you’re just beginning your career or are an established professional looking for that competitive edge, the CMA certification offers unmatched value.

Given its flexibility, ranging from 6 months to 4 years, and its comprehensive curriculum, there’s no better time than now to embark on this journey to professional ascension in the dynamic UAE market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal candidate for the CMA Course in Dubai?
The ideal candidate holds a Bachelor’s degree, has professional experience, and aspires for roles in corporate financial accounting and strategic management.

How long does it typically take to complete the CMA course?
The course duration is flexible, ranging from 6 months to 4 years, depending on a candidate’s dedication and pace of study.

What topics are covered in the CMA certification exam?
The exam has two parts: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance & Control, and Financial Decision Making, each with varied subtopics like risk management and ethics.

The Importance of CMA Course in the UAE: Elevating Salary and Ensuring Job Security

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) credential is a mark of excellence in the world of professional certifications. It gives people access to the fast-paced world of management and finance. CMA Course is a certification that is known all over the world and gives people the skills and knowledge they need to do well in accounting and financial management. Enter the Business and Financial Management World

Through rigorous training and comprehensive examinations, the CMA Course Dubai hones the skills required to navigate the complex financial landscape of modern businesses. Individuals who earn the CMA designation are equipped to contribute strategically to their organizations, becoming valuable assets in shaping financial policies, managing risks, and driving overall success.

Kick-start a Career in Finance – CMA course is for every graduate!

The CMA course isn’t solely tailored for accountants. While it undoubtedly caters to accounting professionals seeking to enhance their expertise, it also extends its arms to graduates from various disciplines.

Bachelor’s graduates aspiring to enter the realms of finance and business management find the CMA certification immensely valuable. The course provides individuals with comprehensive skills that allow them to understand corporate governance and financial management.

You can become a Financial Analyst, Management Accountant, Senior Accountant, Cost Accountant, Financial Risk Manager, Corporate Controller, and even a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with a CMA course certification.

Extra Benefits – That’s not all!

The CMA course offers several additional advantages that make it an attractive option for ambitious individuals. One notable aspect is its relatively low cost when compared to other advanced degrees. This affordability makes it an accessible choice for those seeking to elevate their career prospects without incurring exorbitant educational debts.

The CMA course is designed to be completed within a relatively short period of time, typically spanning 6 to 12 months. This accelerated timeline enables professionals to swiftly acquire the necessary skills and knowledge while minimizing their time away from their current employment.

Dubai’s Thriving CMA Landscape

Within the bustling business landscape of Dubai, the importance of the CMA certification becomes even more pronounced. Numerous institutes offer CMA courses in Dubai, catering to the ever-growing demand for qualified management accountants. As the job market in the UAE becomes increasingly competitive, possessing a CMA certification provides a distinct advantage, aligning individuals with lucrative opportunities and pathways to career progression.


In a world where industries are constantly evolving, and career paths are ever-shifting, investing in one’s professional growth has never been more crucial. The CMA course presents itself as a valuable asset, propelling individuals into the management echelons of their chosen industries. Its universal applicability, coupled with the benefits of affordability and expedited completion, make it an attractive option for both accountants and non-accountants alike.

FAQs – CMA Course Dubai

1. What is the significance of pursuing a CMA course in Dubai?

Pursuing a CMA course in Dubai holds immense significance due to the city’s status as a global financial hub. With a CMA certification, individuals position themselves as adept management accountants, aligning with the demands of Dubai’s thriving business landscape.

2. How does the CMA course contribute to job security?

The CMA course enhances job security by equipping individuals with versatile skills in management accounting and financial analysis. These skills are highly sought after by companies seeking professionals capable of making strategic financial decisions in dynamic markets.

3. Can non-accounting graduates benefit from the CMA course?

Absolutely, the CMA course is not restricted to accounting graduates. Non-accounting graduates aspiring to enter finance and business management can greatly benefit from the program, as it provides a comprehensive understanding of financial analysis and strategic planning.

Exploring the Different Career Paths for CMA Certification Holders in 2023

A Certified Management Accountant represents expertise in finance and accounting. CMA Certification gives credibility to the person and guarantees that the person has knowledge of financial matters. For any organization, it is important to manage its finances. The CMA provides the comprehensive financial knowledge necessary for financial management. The CMA certification is one of the fastest-growing global certifications.

Overview of CMA Certification

The Certified Management Accountant course is a professional certification program specifically designed for management accountants. It is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and is globally recognized as a mark of excellence in the fields of management, accounting, and financial management.

Eligibility for CMA Certification Requirements

  • To get a CMA certificate, the basic eligibility requirement is to have a degree from an accredited institution.
  • Professional experience, as mentioned by IMA.

Growing Demand for CMA Professionals

  • CMA is advantageous for anyone looking for a skill update and who is ready to expand their career options in financial accounting.
  • The expansion in business transactions and the evolution of the world economy into a more complex and complicated one broaden the scope of CMA professionals.
  • For handling dynamic managerial roles to develop a sustainable business.
  • CMAs play a vital role in shaping the financial strategy of companies.

A few of the most common career paths for which CMA-certified individuals can apply are listed below. There is a high demand for CMA professionals in various financial segments, especially in this era of ever-expanding business.

Management/Accountant: Management accountants are employed in a variety of settings, including public companies, private businesses, and government agencies. Their responsibilities encompass a range of tasks such as recording and analyzing financial data, assisting in investment selection and management, risk assessment and management, budgeting, strategic planning, and decision-making support.

Financial Analyst: Another area that is promising for people with CMA certification is the role of a financial analyst. A financial analyst is responsible for making investment strategies and investment decisions.

Cost Accountant: A cost accountant oversees the smooth operation of an organization’s finances. They concentrate on creating and maintaining adequate budgets that account for operational costs like employee benefits and marketing initiatives.

Accounting Manager: Accounting managers design, oversee, and assess financial systems for their companies. In order to document businesses’ financial performance and put them in a position to make wise financial decisions, they gather, analyze, verify, and report financial information.

Corporate Controller: Corporate controllers oversee each organization’s accounting and financial operations. They create and carry out financial policies, assess financial risks, and create annual forecasts and budgets.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): The chief financial officer’s responsibilities include monitoring cash flow, planning the company’s finances, identifying its financial strengths and weaknesses, and making recommendations for improvement. A CFO performs similar duties as a treasurer.

To do CMA certification there are enough reasons for a finance professional, from a good salary to possibilities in several sectors of finance and to divergent options in career. To understand the course structure, syllabus, and exam pattern and to get thorough training to write the exam and prepare for the exam, Yourown Institute can ensure proper guidance to get successful in CMA exam and get CMA Course course in Dubai(secondary).

The Future of CMA Career Paths: Trends and Predictions

A Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is the backbone for the financial planning of a business. The knowledge, experience, and skill of the CMA are of paramount importance. For that matter, all the financial planning, strategic decision, expansion prospects, and risk assessment directly depend on the CMA. A mistake or an erroneous decision can land the company in peril. That is the reason why companies look for candidates with CMA certification only. Proper CMA training, practical coaching, and guidance on theoretical concepts are vital.

The responsibilities of a CMA include:

  • Pursuance of governmental orders regarding financial reporting and compliance with the extant regulations. The CMA certification syllabus comprises all the topics related to the aforesaid.
  • Tax analysis, tax return calculation, financial planning, and financial decision-making.
  • Formulation of financial strategy and determining the way forward to implement it. 
  • Analytical skills of a CMA help the company or organization in determining the way forward.
  • A qualified CMA would be a leader guiding, motivating, and leading the team.

Comprehensive CMA training is what would make the person capable enough to handle multifaceted responsibilities. The CMA certification would be offered post-proper coaching and examination only.

Requirements to Become a CMA

The ICMA has established eligibility criteria for one to become a CMA. Accordingly, a CMA should:

  • Possess an active membership in IMA
  • The CMA certification exam comprises two parts and the CMA should qualify in both
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is compulsory
  • Two years of professional training in the field

The reputed academy like Your Own where you undergo CMA training and CMA certification exams will help you in obtaining the qualification.

Career Path of a CMA – Qualified Professional

CMA training and certification opens a sea of opportunities for you. The CMA will be handling many responsible positions, making him or her an important person in the organization. In turn, the value, status, and salary also go up. A few of the career prospects of a CMA are elaborated subsequently.

  • Financial Analyst: The financial analyst would be monitoring the financial statements, expenditure patterns, various financial reports, etc. An analytical report would be prepared subsequently and submitted to the management suggesting the way ahead. Observing the market and ascertaining the market trends and prospects are also the responsibility of the financial analyst. The CMA training curriculum will enable the aspirant to undertake these intricate duties efficiently.
  • Accounting Manager: This is another prominent responsibility assigned to a CMA. Those with CMA certification can become accounting managers at leading organizations and business entities. Unlike a normal accountant or a financial manager without CMA certification, the CMA would be handling all the higher responsibilities. Examining various accounts and reports, formulating accounting procedures, finalizing financial policies, and so on are assigned to account managers.
  • Cost Accountant: The cost accountant will be recording the expenditures and costs incurred by the firm. All the expenditure data will pass through the cost accountant. Then he or she would take note of the expenses and examine them for correctness. It is the responsibility of the cost accountant to identify irregularities and report the same to the management. In a short sense, the cost accountant will prevent any possible fraud in the company.
  • Financial Risk Manager: Risk alleviation is one of the important requirements of any company. At the same time, it is not possible to avoid risky decisions, if the company wants to grow. The financial risk manager would assess the conditions and study the scenario, to propose the possible steps. The business strategies would depend on guidance from the financial risk manager. Now you can imagine how valued a financial risk manager would be. Meticulous CMA training is essential to perform well in this duty. Mere CMA certification may not suffice.
  • Financial Controller: Financial controller would normally be controlling and leading the financial department. Performing the duties of a manager the financial controller will head the team and assign them with different tasks.

A CMA has an undeniable role in the strong existence of a company. Therefore, they possess high value. CMA certification is the way to join this promising career. You may connect with us for CMA training in Dubai. Your Own has been the guiding force behind numerous CMAs who are working in the UAE and abroad.

For more info on CMA training, call us now.

Future scope and opportunities of CMA in 2023

Certified Management Accountants (CMA) have been the mainstay of multinational companies and prominent organizations. The job prospects of candidates with CMA certification have been increasing over the years. The year 2023 brings bright career opportunities for CMA candidates. Perhaps many students have understood this fact, those joining CMA courses in Dubai have shown an increasing trend.

You might require comprehensive preparation for the CMA exam. Otherwise, it would become a herculean task to qualify for the intricate CMA certification process. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a CMA course in Dubai. Let’s look into the future scope and opportunities of CMA in 2023 if you are ambiguous about joining the CMA course.

What is the Role of a CMA in a Company?

CMA is a highly responsible professional dealing with the financial aspects of an entity. The CMA’s performance has direct implications on the company’s economic development, decision-making, and strategy planning. Therefore, the management would handpick a CMA-certified professional only after meticulous evaluation. Nevertheless, once he or she becomes part of the company the Certified Management Accountant has a prominent role to play.

Accounting and Cost Management – A CMA professional is entrusted with the responsibility of planning the budget, forecasting expenditures and receivables, and controlling the budget overhead. A CMA would focus on increasing profit by reducing expenditure and instituting productive measures.

Guiding the Team for Better Productivity – Performance management in other terms is a prime responsibility of a CMA in the company. Identifying the processes that consume more energy, time, and money would introduce corrective actions. Similarly, the performance of the team members would be evaluated based on the established yardsticks. Corrective actions would be taken to eliminate the lacunae.

Decision-making for Investments and Expansion Plans – A CMA would study the investment options and identify the one that would yield the best return. The guidance based on the analysis would aid the company in decision-making on the investment plans. Further, the entity can also go ahead with expansion plans with the accurate budget data provided by the CMA. CMA courses in Dubai would enable the aspirant to qualify for the CMA exam and shoulder such higher responsibilities.

The other roles of a CMA-certified professional in a company include profitability analysis and reporting, internal controls, investment decisions, financial controls, planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Career Prospects of CMA in 2023

The CMA course is undoubtedly one of the best career paths in 2023. The demand for CMA graduates has been increasing in the domestic and international sectors for quite some time. The fact to note here is that companies or employers are facing an acute shortage of well-qualified CMA professionals. That is why CMA courses in Dubai and other regions have been witnessing a high influx of students.

The CMA certification opens up boundless opportunities literally. Candidates can opt for private or public sector jobs, both in the domestic arena and abroad. The job opportunities at CMA include:

  • Costing manager
  • Cost accountant
  • Junior finance associate
  • Finance Analyst
  • Financial controller·        
  • Corporate controller

The areas where a professional with CMA certification is necessary are finance, management, accounting, and research. As evident, these are the key areas for the sustenance and growth of a firm or organization. Making CMA candidates a vital part.

The Conclusion

You are at the right place if you are thinking to pursue a CMA course in Dubai. Your Own has been successful in helping students to qualify for CMA courses quite excellently. We are proud to be the instrumental factor behind their growth as an individual. You would find Your Own alumni at significant positions in many prominent firms.

We invite you to join us for CMA Coaching in Dubai. We assure you of the best coaching. For more info, call us now.

4 Key strategies to Prepare for Your CMA Exam Day

The CMA exam requires focused preparation and practice. Instead of thinking to study everything by yourself, you must join the CMA course in Dubai at a proven academy. This is the most productive method to perform well in the exam. Here are the 4 key strategies to prepare for the CMA exam.

You are welcome to discuss the strategies, coaching, and preparation methods for CMA with our expert tutors. Offering CMA courses successfully for years, we have been one of the most chosen CMA coaching centers in Dubai.

1. Prepare a timetable for CMA exam preparation

A systematic approach is what distinguishes a successful person from an unsuccessful one. Rather than just studying day and night, you must prepare a CMA preparation schedule. The time allotted for each topic should be based on the importance and difficulty level. Feedback from the tutors providing the CMA course would be useful in identifying the area where you lag.

The preparation schedule should not cause stress to you. Therefore, it has to be prepared with due consideration for relaxation. The timetable may be divided into small segments. Long hours of sitting will make you tired and may cause laziness.

2. Choose the Best Guides and References

Do not go for all the textbooks and references for CMA. It can only add to your confusion. The professional tutors providing CMA courses in Dubai would suggest the right books for the exam. Preparing from those would be ideal for cracking the CMA exam with the best grades.

You may think referring to as many books might be useful. In fact, the confusion elevates when you are surrounded by more books than required. Consequently, you may lose confidence, which might affect your performance in the CMA exam negatively.

3. As many revisions as possible

Beginning the CMA exam preparation at the earliest, undergoing the CMA course meticulously, and completing the studies well before the exam is important. Then only you can expect enough time for revisions. The topics would get cemented into your brain with the revisions. A schedule has to be formulated for revisions as well. That would be of great use for preparing perfectly for the CMA exam.    

4.     Attending mock tests

Mock tests are of paramount importance not only for the CMA exam but also for any competitive exam. It would give a clear idea about the real exam. You can prepare the exam strategy with the help of expert tutors offering CMA courses in Dubai. Thus, improving the performance during the exam phenomenally.

Moreover, mock tests would enhance confidence. Many a time, the candidates go down in performance owing to the tension and fear of failure. Mock tests are mandatory are a must for overcoming such issues.

The Tail End

CMA exam preparation needs a systematic approach, supported by proficient teachers. You can expect a massive difference when the specialized tutors are mentoring, guiding, and supporting you. We would suggest you reach out to Your Own to knowing more about the CMA exam, CMA courses, and other related aspects. We would be happy to support you with the right guidance.

To discuss more regarding the CMA exam and joining the CMA course in Dubai, call us now.

5 Time-Tested Ways to Improve Your CMA Exam Score

Scoring the best grade in the CMA course is what every aspirant aims for. Although wholehearted preparation is the right approach, following tips, tricks and tested ways can improve your preparedness. Being an experienced academy offering CMA courses in Dubai for years, we can help you succeed in the exam scoring the best marks.

Here are 5 time-tested ways to improve your CMA exam score. We tabulated these techniques after evaluating the changing scenarios, exam patterns, and growing popularity of the CMA course keenly.

1. Understand the Concepts and Imbibe Those, Rather than Just memorizing

The CMA exam consists of 75% of multiple-choice questions. Viewing this exam pattern, many students believe it would be better to memorize the questions. It is not. Memorizing the answers is not going to help you score. The CMA exam evaluates the candidate’s understanding of the core concepts. Therefore, you may not find the same or similar questions as in the practice materials. The experts preparing the exam questions can change the format or style to trick the students. To assess their capability.

If you are a CMA aspirant, dreaming to score the best marks, you must learn each topic thoroughly. The tutors offering CMA courses in Dubai also would be reiterating the same thing to you. A complete and thorough knowledge of the subject is what can get you exemplary grades.

2. Practice is the Mainstay of CMA Preparation

360 out of 500 is the pass mark for CMA. That means you should get at least 72% of the marks even to qualify for the exam. This is not possible without having a deep knowledge of the subject. As you might know, the CMA question paper consists of 75% of multiple-choice questions and 25% of essay-type questions. One can attend the essay part only if he or she scores a minimum of 50% of the marks in the MCQ section.

Considering this factor, students normally give more priority to multiple-choice questions. Eventually missing out on preparing properly for the essay part. Note that, both sections are equally important. You need to practice previous years’ question papers, attend mock tests, and undertake repeated revisions to ensure perfect preparation for the CMA exam.

3. Attend All the Questions

You might be wondering reading this point. The first concern one would have would be about the negative marks on the exam. There is no negative marking in the CMA exam! You can answer all the questions, even if you are not sure about their accuracy. Go ahead and attend all the questions.

Instead of attending to the questions blindly, we suggest you think and try to recall the answers. For all those questions, for which you are not sure about the answers.

4. Attend Difficult Questions at the End

Attend the questions that you are not sure about, at the end. Do not waste time trying to remember the answers. Return to those difficult questions only when you have covered all the questions. Moreover, you are free to change the answers if your instinct says that the answer you picked the first time is not correct.

We would like to add another important thing. You must read all the questions carefully before answering. Never hurry through the questions. You might end up doing a blunder.

5. Utilize Time Effectively

Strategize the CMA exam, with the help of your tutors offering CMA courses in Dubai. Utilize the time effectively and attend to all the questions. Mock tests would be useful for ascertaining the time required, as well as, planning it effectively.

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How to become a certified management accountant: Step-by-Step Guide

Certified Management Accountant or CMA is a reputed and widely recognized qualification that offers promising career prospects. Many think that CMA is a complex one to complete. Obviously, this (wrong) concept deters them from joining the CMA course in Dubai or any other region.

We are expecting this step-by-step guide on the CMA course to offer better insight regarding it. The 10-point guide we have prepared would be useful in understanding the exclusive aspects of the CMA course.

1. Educational Qualification to Join the CMA Course

You must be a graduate to join the CMA course in Dubai (or any place in the world).  At the same time, there are no specifications regarding the stream. Nonetheless, most of the CMA aspirants are from accounting, finance, economics, and general business. You are free to join the course even if you haven’t received your bachelor’s degree yet. Although it is a personal choice purely, we suggest you discuss it with our professionals before deciding upon the same.

2. Become an IMA Member

You need to pay a nominal fee and become an IMA member. The membership offers extensive availability of resources around the world. By exploring those, you can enhance your capabilities and knowledge level. Different types of IMA memberships are available viz. IMA Professional Membership, IMA Student Membership, IMA Academic Membership, and Staff Enrolment Discount Program.

3. CMA Program in Dubai

Joining the CMA course in Dubai is the next step in this journey. For this, you must pay the entrance fee which varies depending on the type of membership. You must be sure about the decision to join the program. The CMA course is not an easy one to complete and you are supposed to clear CMA Part I and CMA Part II in 03 years. Failing that, you will have to pay the entrance fee again.

4. Joining a CMA Review Course Program Would be Ideal

The reputed firms providing CMA courses in Dubai would offer CMA review courses as well. The comprehensive course offers excellent help in preparing for the CMA exam.

5. Plan and Prepare for the CMA Exam

Preparing a formulated timetable for CMA preparation would be useful for covering all the topics meticulously. Our expert teachers would not only provide excellent CMA coaching but also would help you in preparing the timetable.

6. Register for the CMA Exam

Once you reached the required level, register for the CMA exam. The institute where you are undergoing the CMA course would guide you in this regard. Note that the CMA exam happens three times a year. Register before the exam registration window closes:

  • January or February
  • May or June
  • September or October

7. CMA Exam

The computer-based CMA exam is of a four-hour duration. The first three hours are for multiple-choice questions and the fourth hour is for answering two essay-type questions. Even though you can choose to appear in CMA Paper I and CMA Paper II in the same exam window, it might be better to attend the exams separately.

8. Mandatory 02 Year Experience

You must have two years of professional experience for becoming an approved CMA. Completing the CMA course is not the end of the journey after all. You can gain this qualification, by joining a professional firm, within seven years of completing the CMA course in Dubai and passing the exam.

9. CMA Certification

CMA certificate is issued by IMA. The application for the CMA certificate has to be forwarded to IMA, along with all the documents proving your educational qualifications, and professional experience.

10. Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

CPE is a mandatory requirement for maintaining the CMA membership valid. CMAs should comply with at least 30 hours of CPE every year. And the document indicating the same has to be kept safe, for verification by the authority if required.

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