How to Improve Time Management During the CMA Exam

Knowledge and practice alone cannot help you clear the CMA exam. Effective time management is key in attending to maximum questions correctly. And qualifying for the CMA exam. Experts at leading academies like YourOwn, offering CMA courses in Dubai, will guide you on time management and exam strategies. Nonetheless, we are discussing time management during the CMA exam here.

This article is intended to give you an insight into the importance of time management. Further, if you are looking to join the CMA course, talk to us today.

Structure of MCQ in the CMA Exam

Practice sessions during the CMA course in Dubai will give you enough experience regarding MCQ in the CMA exam. Nonetheless, we are offering you the details regarding it, for you to have an understanding. The CMA MCQ section has two parts. They are namely:

  • Part 1: MCQs on Financial Reporting, Planning. Performance and Control
  • Part 2: Financial decision-making

One good thing is that there are no negative marks for wrong answers in the CMA exam, which is a different aspect compared to other competitive exams. Candidates can make intelligent moves, like examining the answers to rule out the possibly wrong ones to reach a decision on the right answer. Experienced academies offering CMA courses in Dubai offer guidance in this regard as well.

Essay Section in CMA Exam

Candidates must have a thorough understanding of the concepts and in-depth knowledge of the topics to answer questions correctly and precisely. How well the candidate understood the theories and explanations will be evident from the answer. Clarity of expression is of paramount importance. To score the best in the CMA exam essay part. CMA course expert tutors provide guidance on grasping the crux of the topic, which would be useful in answering the questions in an appropriate manner.

While attending essay questions, make sure that:

  • Well-structured answers that elaborate on the point must be there in the essay.
  • Answer to the point. Relevance of the answer is important.
  • The answer should be clear and precise. Do not dilute the answers with irrelevant factors.

Things to Note During the CMA Exam

Proper preparation and coaching at a prominent academy offering CMA courses in Dubai are vital for clearing the exam. Note the following when you are attending the CMA exam. These points would be useful in scoring excellently:

  • Never hurry through the questions, it can result in you picking the wrong answer
  • Read each question patiently and understand it correctly before answering. You need to practice fast reading to reduce the time needed for reading questions.
  • Key elements in the questions must be picked. It would give you the intention behind the question.
  • Read the questions with a clear mind and never rush to respond.
  • Ruling out possible incorrect answers will help you in finding the right answer when you are not sure about the answer.
  • Analytical skills must be improved. For it would be useful in answering even difficult questions.
  • There are no negative marks in the CMA exam. Make optimal use of this fact.

Time Management Strategy for the CMA Exam

Pursue the following points to improve your time management during the CMA exam:

  • Answer questions from the topics that you are more confident with first.
  • Do not waste time on difficult questions.
  • Set a specific time limit for each question from MCQ. Do not exceed the time limit, come what may. You can come back to the question at the end if time permits.
  • Have an exam strategy prepared in advance, with the help of tutors at the CMA course in Dubai.
  • Mark the questions that you find difficult and return to them at the end.
  • Quickly read the questions completely. Practicing fast reading during CMA exam preparation would be helpful.
  • An ordered response would help you score better in the essay section. It would be useful to make an order in mind or roughly outline the sections before answering the essay.
  • Planning the CMA exam would be useful in answering the questions optimally.

For more guidance on the CMA exam and to join the CMA course in Dubai, talk to us today.

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