The scope of AML certification like CAMS in the bullion market

Money laundering has always been existing. People searched for means and ways to avoid paying taxes and converting wealth amassed illegally into legal. It has become more advanced with digital technology available. Unheard-of methods are now being used by miscreants for money laundering. Making anti-money laundering a necessity of present times. Consequently, CAMS training and CAMS certification courses have become widely popular.

Are you here for knowing more about CAMS certification? Do you want to join a well-paid and prestigious career? Do you have the skill and passion to become an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) specialist?

CAMS courses are the answer if you are one of those aspirants, who are eager to become a specialist in this field. Read on to have more insight into AML.

What is Money Laundering?

As we have stated in the beginning, Money Laundering is the method to make illegal money legal. The person or the firm might have earned the money through dirty means or legally unauthorized transactions. Such funds cannot be reflected in the turnover of the entity. That’s when they turn towards money laundering.

Money laundering is done through three processes. The individual or the company that does this want to show the financial system of the country that the money came through proper means. Confusing the system and authority is the major step in this activity. For this, they would initially introduce the money into the financial structure of the company.

The swindler would undertake several transactions, once the fund is included in the system. Creating a state of ambiguity for those undertaking the audit. It would be an arduous task to identify the foul play in the account. Eventually, the amount is integrated into the legal system. Ensuring that the account and all the transactions appear genuine.

The CAMS expert is supposed to analyze these intricate processes, delve deep into the subtle elements, and identify the misdeed. CAMS training and an exhaustive CAMS certification course would equip you to analyze financial transactions, accounts, and deals.

What is the Scope of AML Certification like CAMS in the Bullion Market?

Every genuine firm needs AML experts in its team. You have a fair chance of getting selected into the elite team if you possess CAMS certification. The detailed CAMS training and renowned CAMS coaching make the qualification a highly accepted one.

  • AML-certified professionals would be the mainstay for the reputation and highly reliable financial data of a firm. Making those with CAMS certification the first choice
  • Knowledge and expertise make the CAMS certified professional ideal for Anti-money Laundering tasks and preventing terrorist funding
  • Proper implementation of regulations and policies for maintaining a transparent financial process
  • CAMS  certification assures at least 20% more payment than an employee without the said qualification

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Money laundering has always been existing. People searched for means and ways to avoid paying taxes and converting wealth amassed illegally into legal. It has become more advanced with digital technology available. Unheard-of methods are now being used by miscreants for money laundering. Making anti-money laundering a necessity of present times. Consequently, CAMS training and CAMS certification courses have become widely popular.

How to pass the CAMS Exam: 10 Tips for Success

Congratulations on deciding to advance your career and life. Qualifying in CAMS is the way to join the elite group of AML professionals. As with any competitive exam, exhaustive preparation is the key to passing CAMS. Definitely, joining CAMS training is the first step in gearing up for this. It is best if you can join centers like ours which offer exclusive CAMS training in Dubai.

Our professionals teach tips, tricks, and strategies to crack the exam without any hassles. For those planning to prepare by themselves, without any CAMS training, the tips we discuss here would be helpful.

10 Tips for Passing the CAMS Exam

Academies have been offering proven CAMS training in Dubai and other emirates in the country. Choosing to undergo coaching would have a remarkable effect on the preparation. The customized pedagogical methods and feedback to improve performance would be pivotal in enhancing preparedness.

  • Formulate a schedule of preparation. A timetable is necessary for pursuing a systematic preparation process. Without having a firm and fixed schedule, the CAMS preparation can become haphazardly.
  • Start today, right now if possible. You should not wait for the right time for joining CAMS training or commencing the preparation. It is advisable to be an early bird, rather than waiting until the last moment to start studying.
  • Identify the best learning method for you. The centers providing CAMS training in Dubai might suggest you various methodologies for studying and imbibing the concept. You can read, re-read and memorize. Alternatively, make use of flashcards for the CAMS preparation
  • Understand the keywords and make a keyword connection. Explore the techniques available online for keyword connection.
  • Audio recorded sessions are available for those who are busy with jobs or any other activities. It is of immense help to learn the topics without spending time reading. You may read the topics when you get time.
  • Practice question papers for making yourself comfortable with the pattern, understand important topics and improve your speed.
  • Mock tests are essential for enhancing your confidence and identifying your exact preparedness. Corrective measures can be instituted based on the guidance from the professional tutors at CAMS training in Dubai. Going straight for CAMS is not at all advisable. You must attend as many mock tests as possible.
  • Never answer any question without reading it completely. Proper reading and understanding of the question are crucial for preventing mistakes.
  • Generate a positive attitude and confident mindset. Both these traits are essential for cracking competitive exams.

Hope these tips will help you in cracking the CAMS exam. Join us for CAMS training in Dubai. We assure you of the right kind of coaching and guidance.

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How do I prepare for the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) Exam?

The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist certification, abbreviated as “CAMS,” is the global gold standard in AML certifications.40,000 CAMS graduates worldwide. At present, CAMS is available in 12 languages, including Spanish. CAMS is considered the gold standard in anti-money laundering certifications by various financial institutions, governments, and regulators across the globe. The certification is widely recognized for the serious commitment it initiates in protecting the financial system from money laundering.CAMS is a well-paid and well-respected anti-money laundering professional. The candidates who are able to score 75% or more on the exam become certified CAMS. Apart from that, the CAMS-certified professional can investigate possible money laundering risks in banks and other financial institutions. It’s their job responsibility to make sure of the efficient identification, monitoring, and documentation of suspicious financial transactions.

The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMs) certification exam is for authenticating the candidates’ expertise in becoming professionals in anti-money laundering and curbing malfunctions in the financing sector. This certification is offered by the ACAMS, which is the largest international membership organization that is dedicated to improving the knowledge and expertise of financial crime detection.

Reportedly, the salary of CAMS-certified professionals can range between $10,000 and $12,000 on average.

Preparation for the CAMS Exam

Preparing for all the certification courses is not always the same. Exams like CAMS require thorough preparation and the best strategy to crack the exam. The exam duration is 3.5 hours and there are 120 questions. The format will be multiple-choice and multiple-response questions.

Before starting the CAM exam preparation, take a look at the official Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist study guide. This is an imperative process as ACAMS will checkboxes and to attend the exam, one has to be a member of ACAMS. The website provides a calculator to check the candidate’s eligibility to attend the exam. One needs to have 40 ACAMS credits.

That’s where YourOwn comes into the picture. The institute offers the best CAMS Training in Dubai. The CAMS training in Dubai by YourOwn is preparatory training to pass the CAMS exam, and complete coverage of the CAMS guide will be covered with a practical approach. The well-trained teaching faculty at YourOwn gives detailed training in exam preparation. The practical test or mock test of the Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist Exam practice tests at YourOwn makes the candidates familiar with the actual exam conditions, which also boosts their self-confidence.

What are the benefits of doing CAMS certification?

The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) is a prominent, international organization, that provides various certifications courses in the fields of anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF). Abbreviated as CAMS- the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist is the highest-profile certification in the field of management accounting which offers a greater value and acknowledgments for accountants and financial professionals around the globe. Once you successfully complete CAMS Training in Dubai, you would be awarded certification which will help you to explore career opportunities in the management accounting profession. 

The CAMS training and test is not an easy task, the course curriculum and CAMS training methods in Dubai are frequently updated to address upcoming issues, threats, and the potential key solutions to reduce these threats. This certification is not exclusively aimed at employees of financial institutions. Professionals from law enforcement, regulatory bodies, and a broad range of other industry sectors afflicted by the practice of money laundering and terrorist financing are suitable candidates for CAMS Training in Dubai. 

As mentioned earlier, the CAMS training and exam covers many exclusive topics related to anti-money laundering (AML), countering the financing of terrorism (CFT), and sanctions. The topics are further broken down into sub-classes namely compliance standards,  criminal methods, detection methods, and more. In general, CAMS specialists should be expert sources on understanding criminal activities and should be thorough on the prevention systems and how they will work. The candidates of CAMS training in Dubai normally should be exceptional detectives and defense strategists. 

At the bottom line, the CAMS training in Dubai provides professionals a clear understanding of the problem sources and will be able to defend it professionally by using or following the established compliance rules and other defense strategies. As spoken earlier the money laundering and financial terrorism are evolved, the risks and rules change from time to time, the CAMS specialists must re-certify themselves every three years and earn ACAMS credits through their training period.

Scope and job opportunities of CAMS course in Dubai?

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist abbreviated as CAMS is the universal standard in Anti-Money Laundering certifications. CAMS training in Dubai by YourOwn is approved by government regulators and financial institutions globally. The CAMS Training in Dubai by YourOwn is accredited by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

The CAMS training at YourOwn is approved by both private and government sectors and is recognized by regulators and law enforcement authorities. The extensive CAMS in Dubai by YourOwn offers students deep knowledge in discerning and preventing money laundering. The CAMS training equips the professionals with practices and game plans that are needed to meet the global standards in the detection and prevention of money laundering activities, terrorist financing, and more. The CAMS training in Dubai at YourOwn also equips the students with broad knowledge which in turn help them in certifying them to be employed at several professional organizations namely banks, government regulators and law enforcement agencies. Also in private and public financial and non-financial institutions require the services of well-qualified professionals.

The advanced CAMS program offered by YourOwn helps and benefits the professionals who want to follow a career in AML Compliance or for those who are already AML professionals and want to secure a senior position.

 The CAMS training in Dubai by YourOwn includes a detailed section on Money Laundering as a crime, several regulations, and the different genres of an AML Compliance Program. It also includes the processes to be followed for AML investigations. The CAMS training at YourOwn also equips the students for the CAMS certification, which is considered as the most imperative after international approval for AML professionals.

The course objectives include:

  • Understanding the various aspects of money laundering and different practices.
  • Realizing the structure of an efficacious system for fighting the AML
  • Steps and processes to be taken in financial institutions on AML
  • Investigating and reporting dubious activities.

Professionals who are aspiring to prepare for the CAMS exam, professionals employed in AML, employees at banking and financial institutions, professionals at regulatory bodies can attend the CAMS training in Dubai YourOwn.