­­Key Skills and Qualities for Excelling as a Facilities Manager

The role of the Facility Manager is vital for the smooth functioning of the built environment. The built environment can be anything from a hospital, stadium, office, or any type of functional building and its related space. For the efficient functioning of a facility, the facility manager has to make multiple-level interactions. For that, a facility manager should be efficient in problem understanding, addressing, and solving.

Especially in a Post-COVID scenario, the relevance of the Facility Manager in providing a safer space for the operation of the organization is more than ever. The area of expertise required for facility managers ranges from Infrastructural planning, and budget planning to knowledge on environmental sustainability. Facility Management requires knowledge in divergent areas and the interesting part is that each and every day as a Facility Manager, work of different nature has to be performed. The Facility Management Course in Dubai can give a detailed idea about the key skills.

The key skills for a Facility Manager

1.Technical Knowledge and Expertise

As Facility Management is getting more entangled with different services, the best way to organize the operations and work seamlessly is by using apt software. To work efficiently according to the industry trends, software applications that assist the day-to-day functioning have to be used and the knowledge of software solutions should be updated according to industry trends.

2. Problem-solving and Analytical Skills

In Facility Management, the nature of day-to-day work varies, so as the group to be interacted with. Only by developing strong leadership skills, different teams can be made to work efficiently under the facility manager. Management skills are crucial to integrate different groups. In overseeing tasks, the Facility Manager must have a strict approach.  The Facility Management Course in Dubai can provide a deeper understanding to develop analytical skills.

3. Effective communication

There are different wings in Facility management, and each one of them requires a different level and type of communication. Efficient and effective communication is an essential part of the smooth functioning of the organization. In order to put the idea in a proper framework to be conveyed effectively and effectively sound communication skill is essential. There will be intra as well as inter-organization communication and also external communication.

4. Attention to Detail and Organizational Skills

It is necessary to not miss details, to avoid any kind of mishap or malfunctioning it is essential to have an eye for details and not to miss even the minutest thing that needs attention. As a Facility Manager is answerable to any incident.

5. Adaptability and Flexibility.

Key kill is to be capable of facing any kind of threat related to the facility and most importantly there should be a knack to avoid such instances. The ability to handle emergencies, address unexpected issues, and to come out with solutions are part of this job.

6. Financial Management and Budgeting Skills

Financing is a very difficult part of Facility management. The income-expense balance is the key to a successful budget plan. But there are always chances for unexpected expenditure, for that it is necessary to keep a buffer. A tactical approach to managing money is the key responsibility in budgeting.

7. Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Encourage a commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends.  There are different areas of work involved and there are always updates happening. so it is necessary to keep up with the changes in the system.


To understand the details of Facility Management and to develop practical as well as Theoretical knowledge yourown institute can offer training to become a Certified Facility Manager then it is necessary to take the CFM exam. To keep up with the industry standards make sure to get the right training from Youown Institute, CFM is an important certification in the facility management area provided by IFMA.

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