5 Time-Tested Ways to Improve Your CMA Exam Score

Scoring the best grade in the CMA course is what every aspirant aims for. Although wholehearted preparation is the right approach, following tips, tricks and tested ways can improve your preparedness. Being an experienced academy offering CMA courses in Dubai for years, we can help you succeed in the exam scoring the best marks.

Here are 5 time-tested ways to improve your CMA exam score. We tabulated these techniques after evaluating the changing scenarios, exam patterns, and growing popularity of the CMA course keenly.

1. Understand the Concepts and Imbibe Those, Rather than Just memorizing

The CMA exam consists of 75% of multiple-choice questions. Viewing this exam pattern, many students believe it would be better to memorize the questions. It is not. Memorizing the answers is not going to help you score. The CMA exam evaluates the candidate’s understanding of the core concepts. Therefore, you may not find the same or similar questions as in the practice materials. The experts preparing the exam questions can change the format or style to trick the students. To assess their capability.

If you are a CMA aspirant, dreaming to score the best marks, you must learn each topic thoroughly. The tutors offering CMA courses in Dubai also would be reiterating the same thing to you. A complete and thorough knowledge of the subject is what can get you exemplary grades.

2. Practice is the Mainstay of CMA Preparation

360 out of 500 is the pass mark for CMA. That means you should get at least 72% of the marks even to qualify for the exam. This is not possible without having a deep knowledge of the subject. As you might know, the CMA question paper consists of 75% of multiple-choice questions and 25% of essay-type questions. One can attend the essay part only if he or she scores a minimum of 50% of the marks in the MCQ section.

Considering this factor, students normally give more priority to multiple-choice questions. Eventually missing out on preparing properly for the essay part. Note that, both sections are equally important. You need to practice previous years’ question papers, attend mock tests, and undertake repeated revisions to ensure perfect preparation for the CMA exam.

3. Attend All the Questions

You might be wondering reading this point. The first concern one would have would be about the negative marks on the exam. There is no negative marking in the CMA exam! You can answer all the questions, even if you are not sure about their accuracy. Go ahead and attend all the questions.

Instead of attending to the questions blindly, we suggest you think and try to recall the answers. For all those questions, for which you are not sure about the answers.

4. Attend Difficult Questions at the End

Attend the questions that you are not sure about, at the end. Do not waste time trying to remember the answers. Return to those difficult questions only when you have covered all the questions. Moreover, you are free to change the answers if your instinct says that the answer you picked the first time is not correct.

We would like to add another important thing. You must read all the questions carefully before answering. Never hurry through the questions. You might end up doing a blunder.

5. Utilize Time Effectively

Strategize the CMA exam, with the help of your tutors offering CMA courses in Dubai. Utilize the time effectively and attend to all the questions. Mock tests would be useful for ascertaining the time required, as well as, planning it effectively.

For more guidance on the CMA course and CMA exam, call us.

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