Best Spoken English Classes in Dubai

English is a universal language, from science to aviation to diplomacy to tourism, it is used everywhere on a daily basis. Being an expert in English upsurges the probabilities of getting a good job in a multinational company within the home country or of finding work abroad in places like Dubai. If you are planning to get into the next level of your career growth, the English language is inevitable for this purpose.

Lack of knowledge in the English language should never stop you from dreaming about a secured career in a foreign country. Learn English at your own pace through YourOwn’s Spoken English Classes in Dubai. There is a myth that English is a very difficult language to grasp and master, but through the Best-Spoken English Classes in Dubai offered by YourOwn, one can effectively speak and write in English.

Spoken English Course is required by students, parents, professionals, blue-collar working force and anyone interested to communicate in English. YourOwn Institute offers different levels of English classes according to the student requirements. The language experts at YourOwn- the Best-Spoken English Classes in Dubai conducts an extensive assessment of the student’s current level of English Speaking and Writing skills before suggesting the Course level.

 As one of the Best-Spoken English Classes in Dubai, YourOwn offers three levels of Spoken English Classes in Dubai- the primary level which is offered for the students who are unable to speak or understand the basic English language. During this course, the students are taught the language in the most systematic and practical methods. The duration of this Spoken English Class in Dubai is 8 weeks.

The level 2 or intermediate level Spoken English Classes in Dubai are for students who speak English at an intermediate level. During these Spoken English Classes in Dubai, students will be taught conversational skills in a very systematic and practical way with a lot of group discussion with pre-decided situations. The duration of this Best- Spoken English class in Dubai is 8 weeks.

Level 3 also known as Advanced Conversation or Business Conversation  Spoken English in Dubai is and requires you to interact with business people and native speakers. This will cover the advanced vocabulary and speaking skills. Various situations in management will be covered as case studies and group discussions. Presentations will be conducted on management case studies.

Step in now and give us a call now to know more about the Best- Spoken English Classes in Dubai by YourOwn.

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