Scope and job opportunities of UAE labor law training course in Dubai

The new Labor Law which concerns the regulation of labor relations came into effect on 2 February 2022. Though it is the first of its type of amendment that has been brought into the Labor law since its establishment in 1980, the New Law and the Executive Regulations will not apply to employment relations in the Dubai International Financial Center or the Abu Dhabi Global Market as they have their labor law regimes.

The establishment of the new law and the ever-evolving workplace culture makes it very important to large, small businesses and even start-ups to be experts in UAE Labour Law. With an objective to educate the executives and business owners with the changed regulations, YourOwn Education offers UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai.

YourOwn’s UAE Labor Law Training Course in Dubai helps the professionals to understand deep knowledge in the fundamental principles of UAE Labor Law, key articles of the labor laws of the UAE, and the regulatory and enforcement trends at the Ministry of Labor. UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai by YourOwn helps in attaining a better understanding of the employment disputes and the resolution process involved through the local court from the Ministry of Labour.

UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai by YourOwn provides the professionals with in-depth knowledge about different government organizations namely Tas-heel, Taw-teen, Amer, Visa-Medical, Taw-jeeh etc. With the in-depth knowledge and skills acquired through the UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai by YourOwn- professionals can exhibit advanced professional talents and strategies which will help them to obtain a unique positioning among the other professionals of their level. Thinking of who can enroll for the UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai? HR Managers, Project Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Legal Managers, CAs, CFAs, Accountants, managing the contractors and contract laborers, and managers handling contract and implementation etc. With the labor law certificate course in Dubai by YourOwn, the candidates get high job opportunities to work with top-level companies in Dubai.

In short, by pursuing YourOwn’s UAE Labour Law Training Course in Dubai one can expect to attain deeper knowledge and expertise in labor, industrial and employment laws, Obtain an accurate understanding of contemporary perspectives in the existing and upcoming laws, Expand the skill set to interpret the Law in a suitable way to resolve day to day issues, and more.

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