Tips for Effectively Speaking Fluent English in 50 Days

English is considered the universal language. As of 2019, there are 59 sovereign states and 27 non-sovereign entities where English is an official language. English is the language of diplomacy, science, aviation, and tourism—almost all sectors across the globe. You are knowing or being fluent in English increases your chances of securing your dream job within your home country or finding work abroad. Are you someone who lacks confidence in your spoken English skills? We will lay down tips to speak fluent English within 50 days effectively.

Learn phrases, not single words.

Learning words separately is a common mistake that language learners usually make. It is not the right method. Learning separate words is a very common mistake learner usually make. And of course, it’s not an appropriate method to learn any language, not just English.

When we learn phrases in a foreign language, including English, instead of single words, there is a high probability of storing and recalling what we have learned, so we can use it precisely when required. This will help to boost your confidence and articulacy in the new language faster and also help to reduce the number of mistakes you might make.

Focus on fluency, and concentrate less on grammar.

Rather than focusing on grammar, focus on fluency. According to some experts, one does not need to study or be proficient in grammar to speak English fluently, that grammar is just a part of English; there are several other aspects that are more significant in speaking.

Listen and read more.

Listening and reading can be the two best methods for learning to speak English fluently. Practice active listening in order to access meaning and to learn, not just to understand the language. It also helps to enhance your vocabulary and grammar. One can acquire more knowledge and broaden understanding if reading and listening are practiced often.

Get some study buddies.

Group learning can help you enhance your knowledge of English. Make friends with people who have the knowledge and can help you improve your speaking skills. It is always good to have a solid support group of buddies to be proficient in English.

Set realistic goals.

Setting realistic goals not only applies to your life or career, it is applicable in the case of learning English as well. Many of the learners who are aspiring to be fluent in English set unrealistic goals. Make a realistic plan, prepare a timetable, stick to it, and put in more hard work.

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