UAE Labour Law: 10 facts that you need to know about working in the UAE

The UAE authorities have established an elaborate labor law to ensure a better working environment for the blue-collar and white-collar workforce. With this regulation in force, the employees enjoy a comfortable working and living atmosphere. The UAE labor law training course in Dubai would enlighten you on these factors in detail. We are providing you with a brief on the UAE labor law

1.     Annual Leave is the Right of the Employee

The employees in UAE have the right to ask for annual leave as promulgated by the authority. The holidays stipulated by the UAE are:

  • International New Year
  • Islamic New Year
  •  Eid al Fitr (02 days)
  • Eid al Adha and Arafat Day (04 days)
  •  National Day (02 days)
  • Commemoration day

The number of annual leave authorized for a worker is stipulated. Each employee can ask for paid leave for the subject number of days. The UAE labor law training course in Dubai would teach you the subtle factors of labor law in the country.

2.     Regular Payment Must be Ensured

All the workers should get the payment regularly. And the payment should be disbursed on the site. The employer should not force the workers to buy the products of the company.

3.     Maternity Leave for Female Employees

Female employees should be offered 45 days of maternity leave. Those not fulfilling the minimum service criteria should be given maternity leave with half pay.

4.     Employer Doesn’t Have the Right to Keep Your Passport in Their Custody

Employers in the UAE are not authorized to keep your passport in their custody. Even if they want to keep it, they should obtain written consent from you.

5.     Visa Costs will be Borne by the Employer

The employer should pay the visa and sponsorship fee. At no point in time, the employing firm should deduct the amount from the employee’s pay.

6.     Stipulated Working Hours

Working hours are limited to eight hours per day or forty-eight hours per week. The working hours per day is nine hours per day for some specific trades, after approval from the authority. UAE labor law training course in Dubai would give you more insight into this.

7.     Resignation is the Employee’s Choice

Resignation would solely depend on the employee’s decision. The employee doesn’t need the employer’s approval from the employer. The employer cannot force the employee to resign.

8.     Complete the Notice Period

The employee must serve the notice period, as agreed during the joining.

9.     Gratuity Entitlement

Even if you have resigned, you are entitled to gratuity.

10.    Grace Period

Post completion of the employment contract or cancellation of your work visa, you will have a thirty days grace period.

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