Cracking the CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) Exam on the First Try: Key Tips for Success

To become an anti-money laundering specialist one has to clear the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist exam. The CAMS certification exam is a tough exam that can be cracked only by dedicated learning and proper practice. Money laundering is a criminal practice that involves tampering with funds or using proceeds from illicit or criminal activity to clean up money. One needs a thorough understanding of how various financial systems operate to identify such a complex financial crime, especially in the complicated era of digital transactions. To get the CAMS certification you must apply online and can schedule your exam online.

If one intends to clear CAMS on the first try, then one should get proper guidance, from expert trainers from this field. The only way to crack an exam on the first try is clearly make a study plan. The syllabus of the exam should be made familiar and then should understand the question pattern. Moreover, it is necessary to understand the objective of the exam. This basic idea can help to clear the exam on a first try. YourOwn provides expert CAMS training in Dubai.

Understanding the CAMS Exam

Exam format, structure, and duration

  • The CAMS certification is given to applicants who register and pass the test by the ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists).
  • The duration of the CAMS exam is 3.5 hours and there will be 120 questions.
  • To pass the exam the candidate should score 75/120.
  • The exam will be conducted online at Pearson Vue Center globally.
  • On completion of 3.5 hours, the exam gets automatically submitted.
  • Each question has 1 mark and there is no negative mark.

Preparing for the CAMS Exam

Develop a study plan

To crack the exam on the first try, a clear plan is necessary. To understand the nature of the exam and to get an overall idea, go through the ACAMS study guide. It can give a comprehensive idea about the approach you have to develop for the exam.

Gather study materials

The most important resource to be used is ACAMS official study guide. After going through the study material do a detailed search for related content. For CAMS Training in Dubai, YourOwn Institute provides exemplary training.

Utilize effective study techniques

The key to cracking an exam on the first try is completely understanding the concept of the exam and applying a study technique that can help to approach the exam with a high chance of success. According to person the way to approach the exam varies.

Mastering the CAMS Exam Content

Key concepts and terminology

There are lots of concepts and terminology related to CAMS. The terms have to be mastered to understand different concepts. A vivid search on topics given in official study material has to be made and a glossary of the jargon has to be kept handy for learning and revising. CAMS Training from YourOwn can give you unparalleled mentorship which can unburden the process of self-preparation.

Test-Taking Strategies

Effective exam preparation and taking the mock test is the proven way to clear the exam. Making notes, revising them in frequent intervals, and taking mock exams is the way to systematically prepare and clear exams on the first try.

While answering multiple-choice questions, time management is one important factor that should be focused on. As mentioned in the above section there are 120 questions that have to be completed within 3.5 hours, which means only 1.75 minutes should be dedicated for each question. That level of pace in answering can be achieved only by continuous practice.

Final Tips and Conclusion

If you are planning and approaching the exam systematically, and with a daily study routine and determination, the exam can be easily cracked on the first try. Understanding, preparing, revising, and practicing mock tests is the simple way to clear the exam.

Start your CAMS certification journey today with YourOwn Institute training in Dubai by ensuring expert training. With proper guidance, the process can be made easy and simple.

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