Know Everything About IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma and its Job scope

Expand your horizons, soar to the sky and live your dream life with IATA courses!

IATA courses are one of the most choices if you want to have a fulfilling career. Out of the many courses IATA offers, the travel sales, and operations diploma renders you an opportunity with customers, sharpens your interpersonal skills, and augment financial and social growth. Now you can join IATA courses in Dubai under expert professional teachers.

IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma

IATA travel sales and operations diploma enable you to be a successful travel agent or become a travel agency manager. IATA courses in Dubai will strengthen your communication capabilities and aid you to become a strong professional. This qualification would be useful in obtaining jobs at renowned travel agencies in the air tourism/ travel sector. 

What Does the IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma Course Include?

The IATA courses in Dubai are aimed at introducing the student to the wide world of air travel. S/he will be taught all the required aspects related to the aviation industry. The subject course curriculum has topics that would:

  • Teach you intricate details about planning, organizing, scheduling, and selling trips, air tickets, travel products, etc.
  • Fortify your knowledge so much so that you can guide the clients on the ideal travel options, preparation of travel itineraries, offer insights on various travel products, and so on.
  • Infuse skills for managing the team of travel agents and other associated professionals.
  • Induce decision-making capabilities, strategizing deals, marketing tactics, and many more.

Who All Can Benefit from the IATA Travel Sales and Operations Diploma Course?

We suggest the following to attend this course for reaping the best results. There are different types of IATA courses in Dubai that can be beneficial to people from varying fields related to aviation. This course is advantageous for travel agents, air travel consultants, air travel customer service executives, owners of air travel agencies, accountants in travel agencies, etc. You may talk to us for more to confirm whether this course is for you or not. We can also provide you with suggestions regarding the best IATA course in Dubai for you.

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Destination Geography
  • Logistics and related documentation
  • Travel products, product development, and exclusive features
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer service and customer retention tact
  • Administrative processes and accounting
  • Knowledge of air travel pricing and ticketing
  • Laws and regulations pertaining to the air travel industry

To know in detail regarding this course or any other IATA course in Dubai, connect with us now.

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