What is the job profile of a certified management accountant (CMA)?

The Certified Management Accountant or CMA is a professional with in-depth knowledge of accounting, business management, and strategic aspects. Renowned across the world, the CMA course is conducted by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA. You need to join professional academies offering CMA courses to crack this tough exam.

A CMA course comprises two-stage exams and post-detailed classes on subjects related to accounting and management. Extensive job opportunities sans boundaries are what makes the CMA course an attractive one. Those with CMA qualifications can opt to join any company located in any part of the world. The name and fame of CMA make it the first thing an employer looks for.

We have been offering CMA courses in Dubai for years and acting as a pivotal factor behind the success of many aspirants.

Roles of Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

A management accountant with a CMA certification has a much higher chance of getting selected by the companies. The organizations and multinational entities understand the capabilities a CMA-qualified professional possesses.

As a certified management accountant, the person will have several responsibilities. Quite naturally the payment, the status, and the position of the employee also go up. A key person in financial decision-making, the CMA will have a close association with the top management of the company.

The responsibilities of a certified management accountant include:

  • Cost Management: The complete management of finances to prevent budget overheads is the responsibility of the CMA. That is why CMA courses focus on providing detailed info on the cost accounting and management processes. Analysis of the financial status and assessment of the probable expenditure is undertaken by the certified management accountant of a company.
  • Performance Management: As a CMA, you would be ascertaining the performances of different teams and offering inputs to improve productivity. Enhanced productivity means increased profit. Therefore, the certified management accountant’s performance management has a crucial role in a firm.
  • Decision on Investments: Companies would be looking for investments, expansion, and the introduction of new features. All of these have financial implications. Therefore, a certified management accountant would be studying the prospects and guiding the management accordingly.
  • Financial Control & Reporting: Controlling the expenses and reporting necessary measures to minimize the expenditure are the duty of a certified management accountant. If you join a CMA course in Dubai or any other place, one of the most important topics taught is financial control and reporting.
  • Planning & Budgeting: The company can face unforeseen setbacks if it is going ahead without a proper plan. A definite plan along with an accurate budget calculation is vital for the existence as well as the growth of a firm.

Becoming a CMA is the best way to change your life and become successful. Connect with us for CMA courses in Dubai.

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