Is it a tough nut to crack IATA Exam?[ Tips for success]

It is not tough to crack the IATA exam if you have prepared thoroughly. Your preparedness is what makes the exam tough or easy. IATA coaching centers in Dubai can be your guide, mentor, supporter, and motivator.

Joining an IATA course would help you find a progressive career. As IATA has unchallenged supremacy in global air traffic. They own more than 80% of the total air traffic. You can imagine the job opportunities presented by IATA courses in Dubai, with such a large majority in the air industry.

What are the Requirements for Joining an IATA Course?

IATA offers an array of courses in the air travel and tourism industry. You may check out the IATA courses in Dubai and pick the course as per your interest.

You need to qualify 10+2 or a degree course for joining the regular courses at IATA. Once you have this educational qualification, the next thing is to have good proficiency in the English language. Improving your knowledge and awareness of geographical specifications, countries around the world, oceans, etc is also vital.  

There are further specifications concerning different IATA courses. You may ping us to discuss in detail the IATA course in Dubai.

Courses Offered by IATA

IATA courses in Dubai include:

  • Foundation Course in Travel and Tourism: Candidates with 10+2 qualifications can join this course. Basic concepts about travel and tourism are taught in this foundation course.
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism: You can join this course if you have graduated in tourism, or are working as a travel agent, or sales and reservation executive. The course is 154-hour duration. One of the highly opted IATA courses in Dubai, the course will make you capable to offer guidance on tourism products, ascertain and understand IATA resolutions, etc.
  • Aviation Security Screening Diploma: Once you complete the aviation security screening diploma course successfully, you are ready to perform a security screening and surveillance ops. Normally opted by security staff, security agents, and other members of the security team, this course helps in gaining better positions.
  • Advance Cargo Rating and Marketing Course: You can opt for this course if you have a graduation degree. A comprehensively designed course would aid in undertaking all the duties relevant to air travel, tourism, and freight forwarding.
  • Ground Operations Diploma: Knowledge, awareness, and practical experience can be gained through this diploma course. It is another IATA course in Dubai that you can consider.

Benefits of IATA Courses

The benefits offered by the IATA course include:

  • It would provide you with comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the world geography, tourism industry, air travel sector, and so on. Thus, you would be able to perform the duty meticulously, enhancing your job and promotion prospects.
  • Improving your capability in the facility management sector is another important advantage.
  •  Increased job opportunities
  • Good salary package
  • Option to get a job anywhere in the world

We reiterate that it is not at all tough to crack the IATA exam. Nonetheless, you must:

  • Join a professional academy for the IATA course
  • Work diligently
  • Be confident
  • Continue with a focussed approach

All the best.

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