What are the job opportunities after the completion of the IATA course in Dubai?

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada- the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a global trade organization for air transport. With over 250 member airlines in both passenger and cargo sector- this association leads, represents and serves the aviation industry. Apart from this, the association also runs several courses in the field of travel and tourism which are globally accepted and give an added advantage while in search of job opportunities. An IATA-certified professional can claim employment at the front line or entry-level operations of airlines and travel agencies across the world.

Employment opportunities after the completion of IATA Courses in Dubai

IATA qualified professionals have enormous employment opportunities even at the entry-level and airlines and travel agencies’ front level operations. Once you complete an IATA Course in Dubai from a renowned IATA Training institute in Dubai like YourOwn, it is easy for you to grab a job as ground handling staff, travel agency officer, airline city office representative, reservation and ticketing officer, international ticketing officer, and more. The Graduates and postgraduates who complete the IATA course in Dubai from YourOwn can directly enter mid-level management and choose job roles as operations manager, billing and settlement officer, travel agency manager, etc. Highly efficient professionals can rake in salary up to Rs 2,00,000 per month depending on their performance and capability.

The IATA Course structure in Dubai by YourOwn contains a broad range of topics that educates students about the benefits of ascending customers’ expectations and equips them with practical knowledge about the industry. Professionals by equipping themselves with extensive knowledge after getting trained in the course can widen their professional scope in several other domains namely Airlines, Ticketing Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines, Tour Operators, Car Rentals, and Hotels. The global acceptance of the IATA Training Course makes it the most sought after course for professionals who are aspiring to climb professional ladders in the travel and tourism industry.

IATA Courses in Dubai by YourOwn

The aspirants who like to build a strong career in the travel and tourism industry should also choose the right institute which inculcates all the basic and advanced knowledge about the industry. That’s where IATA Courses in Dubai by YourOwn plays a major role, apart from the curriculum-based course structure, the IATA training experts at YourOwn equips the students with deep knowledge of the English language and do a specialised personality training session. YourOwn offers IATA Courses in Dubai both online and offline.

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