What is the job scope of the cabin crew course in Dubai?

The cabin crew possesses a broad range of skills and their prime responsibilities include ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers on board. They oversee the different needs and interests of the passengers. The other duties include preparing and serving in-flight meals, and executing and assisting with the safety procedures during the time of emergencies. The cabin crews are also responsible for maintaining the cabin’s cleanliness and taking care of the in-flight sales activities. At first sight, you might feel the cabin crew profession is an attractive and lucrative one, indeed they are, but it also comes with a certain number of responsibilities and level of maturity.

Let us discuss the duties and responsibilities of the cabin crew, the skills required, and the pay scale. 

Duties & Responsibilities

The airline cabin crew is responsible for the safety, well-being, and comfort of the onboard passengers in both short and long flight journeys. The cabin crew are also known as flight attendants and help the passengers in finding their respective seats, create awareness of the safety procedures, and offer food and beverages, and other amenities. Their common duties and responsibilities include:

  • Attending pre-flight training and meetings along with the pilots to attain flight information for each trip. 
  • Performing inspections on the condition of emergency equipment before each flight. 
  • Making sure the airline cabin is stocked with food and beverage, also ensures the cleanliness of the cabin. 
  • Greeting the passengers as they board and leave the flight 
  • Make sure that the passengers on board are all prepared for take-off and landing. 
  • Helping the elderly and the passengers with special needs 
  • Providing first aid, and more.

As the law directs all airlines to hire cabin crew or flight attendants, there is high demand for highly skilled and experienced applicants. The Flight attendants who have undergone Cabin Crew Course in Dubai or Cabin Crew training in Dubai along with industry knowledge and high professional skills will be able to fetch greater hourly salary than those candidates with less experience or qualifications. Reportedly, the national average salary for a flight attendant is over $3000 per month.

Acquire industry-relevant skills from the best cabin crew training in Dubai by YourOwn. The training methods of the Cabin Crew Course in Dubai at YourOwn are focused on career-oriented education. Apart from the regular curriculum, the cabin crew course in Dubai by YourOwn also focuses on language training and product knowledge that includes Food & Beverage, grooming, and more. 

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