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Import-export course covers the ways in which businesses transport goods over international boundaries. An introductory course in trade operations, involves the buying and selling of products internationally, covers practical topics related to importing & exporting.

This course covers the theory of international merchandise trade. Participants get a chance to explore payment methods, risk analysis, & import-export documentation.
International markets offer huge opportunities for UAE and MENA region businesses.
Finding and developing new markets for products is a hugely valuable avenue for expansion and in some sectors in particular, global demand for international brands and products makes international trade an excellent means of growth. Selling internationally is very complex but as with most things – easy with help and appropriate training.
The Introduction to Exim course covers all the basic key areas that a person would need to become a much more effective exporter or importer.
The course will explain the requirements for documentation, what content is required and why? Plus, an overview of country of origin,
Incoterms and what you need to keep as proof of export for potential audits